Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 375 Snake


As the group continued to advance deeper into the cave, the Spirit Grass grew taller as the level grew higher. This was normal in a place called a Dangerous Area, as Demon Beast often used it as a trap to lure cultivator over.

“Brother Liang, look! There is a Life Prolonging Fruit over there!” Huang Ting said suddenly.

“You are right! We will be able to raise it inside the mansion if we give it to the Old Ancestor!” Liang Yuantian said excitedly.

“Hey, leave it alone! Anything in this place could cause trouble later!” Xu Fei said knowingly.

“What are you talking about! What are you afraid of? Look at this place, it was completely silent! Forget it, I will take it myself!” Liang Yuantian said annoyedly.

“Yeah, you are a scaredy-cat, aren’t you? There is no demon beast around! Oh well, at least Brother Liang was brave enough to get it himself!” Huang Ting said with a smirk on her face.

“I advise you to obey our guide! Your greed will be your undoing!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“Shut up! If you can take it, then it is not greed!” Liang Yuantian said scornfully while proceeding to the fruit’s location.

“Please stop! This is a Dangerous Area! You couldn’t take things lightly!” Xu Fei persuaded some more, but unfortunately, they paid no heed to his words!

As soon as Liang Yuantian approached the tree that bore the Life Prolonging Fruit, a huge snake immediately appeared out of nowhere and immediately coiled Liang Yuantian’s body while swallowing his head!

Liang Yuantian struggles for a while but soon fell into the Demon beast’s strong power and stopped moving after a while.

Yi Tianyun immediately knew that the man was dead at that point, the demon beast has already crushed the poor guy’s skeleton for sure!

Huang Ting on the side screamed as she was shocked to see Liang Yuantian was completely helpless, but Xu Fei immediately reached out to her and covered her mouth while saying that she couldn’t make any noise, or more demon beast will surround them!

But he was already too late, another snake rushed towards Huang Ting and Xu Fei, completely caught Xu Fei off guard!

Fortunately, Yi Tianyun wasn’t completely heartless, he immediately trampled the snake to help the two out!


‘Successfully killed Phyton!’

‘Reward: 40.000 Exp, 3.800 CPs, 50 SPs.’

Xu Fei was surprised to see Yi Tianyun’s power as the Demon Beast was at 5th Level Spirit Core Stage and wasn’t supposed to be easy to deal with!

However, Huang Ting didn’t feel the same way about Yi Tianyun.

“You are clearly powerful, why didn’t you try to save Brother Liang earlier?” Huang Ting said with teary eyes.

“I don’t have any obligation to save him, that includes you! However, I do need my guide! Brother Xu already told you not to get near the fruit earlier, didn’t he? So, which idiot doesn’t feel the need to obey their guide’s advice?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“How could you say that!” Huang Ting said as she cried and covered her face.

“This is the Heavenly Dragon Dangerous Area! If you want to mourn the death of your lover, you’d better leave!” Yi Tianyun said with a frown on his face as he didn’t want any more unnecessary trouble.

“I am sorry!” Huang Ting said as she tried to stop crying, she was scared that she would be left behind alone.

Yi Tianyun looked at her coldly and immediately walked toward the fruit and took it for himself.

“You idiot, a rare fruit in the middle of nowhere? There is no way it wouldn’t be guarded! These idiots don’t even understand basic knowledge! Useless piece of shit!” Yi Tianyun said as he crushed the fruit in his hands. He didn’t see any value of the fruit as its effect wasn’t really that good.

“Thank you, Brother Yi! You have saved my life! I will not charge you for today’s expedition!” Xu Fei said thankfully.

“No, I should be thanking you! You are very professional and knowledgeable of this place, and I know that you wouldn’t disappoint me here!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

“It was their own fault, you already warned them of the danger, but they didn’t listen!” Yi Tianyun added sourly.

“Well, that kind of people always exists!” Xu Fei said bitterly.

“Now, you either return the same way we got here or follow us silently. Make your choice, bitch!” Yi Tianyun said toward Huang Ting.

Huang Ting hesitated for a while, but purposely came close to Yi Tianyun and threw herself towards Yi Tianyun to flirt with him a little, but Yi Tianyun already knew of this move, and it didn’t affect him even a little!

Yi Tianyun even moved away as she threw himself towards Yi Tianyun’s arm, resulting in her falling into the mud!

“Don’t you dare touch me, bitch! Or I will personally feed you to the demon beast out there!” Yi Tianyun said coldly to Huang Ting.

“You make me sick! Disgusting whore!” Yi Tianyun said with disgust on his face.

Huang Ting’s face turned white as she didn’t expect Yi Tianyun to be disgusted by her action, she hurriedly stood up and obediently walked back while looking at Xu Fei in the eyes.

“Don’t expect much from me either! If you want to survive, either you walk back out from the way we go in earlier, or quietly follow us inside!” Xu Fei said coldly to Huang Ting.

Huang Ting hurriedly ran back toward the entrance as she realized that there was nothing left for her in here. She didn’t have any more protection, if she chose to follow Yi Tianyun and Xu Fei without them caring about her, only death would await her inside!

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