Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 376


Huang Ting wanted to rely on her beauty to get more resource, but she didn’t expect that Yi Tianyun wouldn’t be swayed by her beauty, not even Xu Fei sympathized with her dilemma!

After Huang Ting left, Yi Tianyun and Xu Fei continued tracking deeper like they originally wanted, but this time it was so much quieter!

While his payment was reduced as he said it himself that he wouldn’t take Yi Tianyun’s payment, his professionalism was still spot on!

Xu Fei, guided Yi Tianyun throughout the place while choosing the safest route to go deeper, so far, Yi Tianyun didn’t even encounter any Demon Beast!

“It seems that you have entered this place for quite some time. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be this familiar with this place!” Yi Tianyun said appreciatively.

“I do get in here for many times, at first I was only here to collect Spirit Medicine, but gradually I also noticed many rare materials and treasures scattered around the place, unless it was guarded by a weak demon beast, I wouldn’t dare coming close to it!” Xu Fei said solemnly.

“Well, that was expected, safety is far more important than wealth! But you adept at exploring this place, you are sensitive to your surroundings! I guess you have some sort of Perception Type Innate Ability, don’t you?” Yi Tianyun inquired.

“Wow, you are observant! Yes, I am born with a strong innate perception of danger. I can sense danger in advance, and thus I immediately deviated to avoid it! But it doesn’t really matter on cultivation world, this innate ability won’t do me any good in a fight!” Xu Fei said with a little bit of disappointment on his tone.

“What are you talking about? With this Innate Ability, you could become an Army General with a short amount of time! Just think about it, if you could avoid a dangerous situation, you could provide your troops with ample information to lead them to glory! You are certainly a commander material!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly.

“Little Brother Yi, you’re exaggerating! Not even my family ever said anything like this!” Xu Fei said with a look of longing in his face, but he immediately snapped out of it and returned to his duty of guiding Yi Tianyun deeper into the cave.

Soon enough, they arrived at a stone formation that replicated a coiling dragon, with its mouth serving as another gate or cave entrance.

Yi Tianyun was a little bit surprised, as the stone formation was huge!

There was no doubt on his mind that in the past, this place was really a home to the Dragon Clan!

“This place looks quite spectacular!” Yi Tianyun said with awe.

“Yeah, this is the real Coiling Dragon Cave! There were rumors stating that the place had so many treasures in it, but I didn’t dare to go in! I always felt uneasy about this place, and that is also why this is as far as I can take you! If you choose to go in, I am afraid that you have to go alone!” Xu Fei said with an apologetic look on his face.

Yi Tianyun contemplated his choice, he knew that his cultivation was strong enough to explore the place, but the place indeed looked menacing, which meant challenge!

“Here is a thousand Spirit Stone for your effort! I promise to give you this much, and thus I gave it to you no matter what!” Yi Tianyun said while handing a thousand Spirit Stones towards Xu Fei.

“No! Little brother Yi has saved my life! I already made up my mind that I wouldn’t take your money, and I am a man of my words! If you insist on giving me that money, I will leave it here!” Xu Fei said confidently.

Yi Tianyun didn’t feel any ulterior motives from Xu Fei’s tone, which meant that man was determined to walk away without bringing any money!

So, he tried to pay Xu Fei in another way!

“Okay, I won’t force you to take these spirit stones anymore, but in exchange, I will give you another proposition! I will enter this Coiling Dragon Cave, and I would like you to join me! I will guarantee your safety as long as you follow my every instruction in case of danger!” Yi Tianyun proposed confidently.

Xu Fei suddenly stopped and pondered on Yi Tianyun’s word, he knew that Yi Tianyun was powerful. Therefore this could be the only chance that he got to enter the real Coiling Dragon Cave!

“I will go with you, Little Brother Yi! No, you should be Big Brother Yi instead! I will trust my life to you, Big Brother!” Xu Fei said excitedly.

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