Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 378


After the ordeal with Xu Jian, Xu Fei quickly climbed the rock formation again, he wasn’t exactly fast, but he didn’t fall behind either, he paced himself calmly so that he wouldn’t exhaust himself later.

Below him, Yi Tianyun followed silently while assessing the situation around them, he noticed that some other cultivators also tried to climb the rock formation away from them, but Yi Tianyun didn’t feel any danger for the moment.

“I have climbed this rock formation before, but this is the closest I have come to the cave entrance!” Xu Fei said while catching his breath.

After arriving at another flat area, Xu Fei took a rest and immediately started cultivating on the spot.

Yi Tianyun knew that Xu Fei was on the verge of breaking through his cultivation stage, so he let Xu Fei took his time.

“I broke through! Brother, I have successfully broken through my cultivation stage!” Xu Fei said excitedly.

“This is all thanks to you, Big Brother Yi! Without you, I would never achieve this!” Xu Fei said gratefully.

“No, it’s all your hard work! Even if I am not here, you will be able to break through nonetheless!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

“Now now Big Brother, you are too kind! Now let’s go to the top, I am confident that I could reach the top now!” Xu Fei said excitedly.

Sure enough, Xu Fei climbed the rock formation quicker than before, allowing them to be more efficient on time!

At the peak, Yi Tianyun noticed that the pressure wasn’t as high as when he tried to fly earlier.

“I am here! I can finally climb the Coiling Dragon Cave entrance!” Xu Fei shouted excitedly.

“Congratulation on your personal achievement! But are you ready to advance inside?” Yi Tianyun asked with a light smile on his face.

The climb toward the entrance is just the beginning, the real danger was inside the Coiling Dragon Cave itself!

“I am ready!” Xu Fei said confidently.

“Well, then let’s go!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly while taking the lead and went inside.

As he stepped inside, Yi Tianyun noticed that the pressure was slightly lower than the outside, although it didn’t really matter for him, he knew that it would be a relief for Xu Fei.

The first few chambers inside the cave had nothing special in it, as Yi Tianyun saw many cultivators used the chamber as a resting place.

The cave itself was confusing as there were many holes leading to a different path.

“This Coiling Dragon Cave is truly mesmerizing! The rumor doesn’t serve it justice! This place is a lot more dangerous than the rumor said!” Xu Fei said with awe.

“My danger sense was jumbled, I don’t really know if the danger comes from this hole or the other hole beside it! We need the luck to traverse this place!” Xu Fei added disappointment.

Yi Tianyun agreed with Xu Fei, but he was also quite confident that with his strength, he believed that he would be able to get through any danger lurking in that place.

“Hey, look! If it isn’t Xu Fei! I didn’t expect him to escape here of all places!” A voice was heard from the distance.

“Yes! I heard that he runs away from his family to marry the queen of Qin Family, but unfortunately, the Qin Family didn’t approve of him as his cultivation was too low! I guess he came here to cultivate to achieve his goal!” Another voice was heard in the distance.

It seemed Xu Fei was well known among many cultivators in Heavenly Dragon Continent, maybe it was because Xu Fei’s Family had quite a strong influence around the parts.

“Just ignore them, they don’t have anything to do with you and your decision!” Yi Tianyun said as he saw that Xu Fei began to get unnerved.

“Yes, Big Brother Yi! Thanks!” Xu Fei said as he clenched his fist to hold back his emotion.

“Hey, it seems that Xu Fei got himself a backer! I don’t know why he chooses a brat for a backer though, but he called him by Big Brother Yi? Or the cocky Xu Fei finally gave up chasing girls and instead found a little boy for a toy?” another voice said not too far from them.

“Don’t you dare badmouth Big Brother Yi!” Xu Fei said as he pulled out his sword in anger.

“Why? Are you afraid your relationship with your Big Brother Yi will be heard by the Queen of Qin Family?” Another voice teased Xu Fei.

“He wanted to start a fight! Let’s see if he at least has more backbone on him since last time!” The first voice said tauntingly.

“Let’s go then! Who will be my first opponent?” Xu Fei said furiously.

Yi Tianyun on the side smirked, he originally wanted to shut these people’s mouth himself, but after he saw Xu Fei’s confidence, he decided to observe the fight for the moment!

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