Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 379


“I Will go first! I will show what a man truly is to these pussies!” Si Cheng said confidently.

Yi Tianyun notices that Si Cheng’s cultivation was only at the 1st Level Spirit Core Stage, but it was still higher than Xu Fei!

“Good, if you lose, you better apologize to Big Brother Yi!” Xu Fei said confidently.

“Well apologize sure is a big thing for a girl! But what if you lose?” Si Cheng said tauntingly.

“If I lose, I will break one of my arms!” Xu Fei said confidently.

“Now, that makes things a lot more interesting!” Si Cheng said as he pulled out his sword and rushed toward Xu Fei, intending to settle this right off the start.

Xu Fei immediately pulled out his long sword and, in an instant, flashed over the charging Si Cheng, Yi Tianyun noticed that Xu Fei’s speed was far too fast for Si Cheng to react to!

Si Cheng was confused as he saw Xu Fei’s speed, but he didn’t feel like Xu Fei has attacked him!

Si Cheng immediately rushed toward Xu Fei once again, but as he moved, blood splattered from his arm!

He looked over at his arm and found it was already on the ground, cut off from his body!

“Now, apologize!” Xu Fei said coldly.

They were surprised to see Si Cheng has already lost, even though the duel has just begun!

Not many of them could see what Xu Fei just did.

“That is definitely Xu Family’s Light Sword Secret Art! If you aren’t a high leveled cultivator, there is no way you could see what he just did there!” Someone with higher cultivation said to break the ice.

“Apologize for shit! Guys, help me beat them up!” Si Cheng said as his eyes were filled with grievances.

Several men came up without hesitation toward Si Cheng while pulling their own sword out!

These men have slightly higher cultivation than Si Cheng which made Xu Fei’s complexion changed a little, although the sword technique that he just used was indeed strong, he couldn’t do it in succession!

Even more so against several strong opponents!

“Well, look at that! Some people really have no shame! After agreeing to one on one, he asked for help once he’s cornered!” Yi Tianyun said from the side, he immediately rushed toward the group of men and slapped their faces one time each!

They were sent flying and hit the wall with a mere slap! Furthermore, it broke their teeth, making blood flow out of their mouth!

“Xu Fei, now you can teach anyone you don’t like a lesson! I will stand here and make sure that they wouldn’t do anything stupid!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

The scene shocked everyone in the room!

A young man had knocked down so many people in such a short amount of time with ease!

The young man didn’t even care for if the people he just hit was from a huge faction or a well-known family!

“How dare you hit me!” A man said, after getting knocked down by Yi Tianyun.

“Xu Fei, it seems that man wants to go first!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Xu Fei hesitated for a bit, but immediately obeyed Yi Tianyun’s order and walked to the beaten man and immediately slapped him to the ground.

“Hey trash! You better apologize to Big Brother Yi now! How dare you look down on him like that!” Xu Fei said as he kept slapping the man’s face.

“Hey, that’s enough! They are Army General Si’s men! You will be in so much trouble if you insist on doing this any longer!” A Core Transformation Stage expert came over and tried to stop Xu Fei.

“Just continue what you are doing, Xu Fei! Don’t stop until you’ve vented out all your anger!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“Yes, Big Brother Yi!” Xu Fei said as he continued to slap the man’s face. Xu Fei looked like a mad man!

He constantly slapped the man in front of him that the people were doubting that the man was capable of apologizing to stop Xu Fei himself!

“You are really pulling my hands here!” The core transformation expert said as he rushed toward Xu Fei with strong killing intent.

“Now, who pulled your hands?” Yi Tianyun said as he stopped the core transformation expert’s advance toward Xu Fei.

The expert was stunned as he couldn’t react to Yi Tianyun at all, “You! what are you…!” The expert was stopped once more as Yi Tianyun slapped his face.

“What are you doing!” The expert said, but Yi Tianyun slapped him once again.

“Don’t you…” the expert was trying to say something, but Yi Tianyun slapped him before he could finish his sentence.

“What did you get to say again?” Yi Tianyun said as he slapped the expert once more.

Yi Tianyun noticed that the expert’s face was already swollen badly, and thus he quickly slapped the expert once more and let him go.


‘Successfully killed Lu Tian!’

‘Reward: 34.000 Exp, 3.400 Cps, 150 Sps, Hawk Claw Martial Art, Iron Hawk Claw, Tielong Cedar, 100.000 Exp pill.’

Yi Tianyun was surprised after getting the kill notification, he didn’t expect a Core Transformation Stage expert was that fragile!

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