Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 380


Everyone was shocked to see a Core Transformation Stage Expert was easily killed just like that, shutting their mouth for they were afraid that the young man would go after them next!

They weren’t wrong. Even a low tier cultivator would be able to see that Lu Tian was dead, as his Spiritual Energy was gone!

“Now, is there anybody else who wants to question my decision?” Yi Tianyun said toward the rest of the people inside the room.

No one dared to talk back as they feared Yi Tianyun and unconsciously took a step back, proving Yi Tianyun’s dominance over them.

“Big Brother Yi, I am done here!” Xu Fei said as he approached Yi Tianyun while catching his breath.

Yi Tianyun looked over to Si Cheng and noticed that he was beaten to a pulp, Yi Tianyun looked at Si Cheng in disgust, because the injuries on his face weren’t pleasant to look at!

Although he heard that Si Cheng was the son of Army General Si, it didn’t concern him!

“Now, let’s continue our journey!” Yi Tianyun said toward Xu Fei casually.

After Yi Tianyun and Xu Fei left the room, several people immediately gathered around Si Cheng and gave him a few Medicinal Pills to recover!

“Xu Family will be finished after this! I don’t know how did Xu Fei suddenly grows some balls and didn’t seem to care about Xu Family’s future!” A cultivator said in wonder.

“Bullshit! Xu Family also has a great influence on this continent! I doubt that Si Family would resolve this with violence, I think the best that Si Family could have in return is the knowledge that Xu Fei will be abolished by Xu Family!” Another cultivator said.

“But the one who killed Lu Tian is different, isn’t he? That guy has a terrifying aura! I even forgot to breathe for a second!” The first cultivator said while the others nodded their head in agreement.

Yi Tianyun and Xu Fei immediately jumped toward the nearby hole, while Yi Tianyun helped Xu Fei to land safely on the bottom.

But the first thing that Yi Tianyun notice was that the place was empty, Xu Fei also didn’t sense any danger around.

“Big Brother Yi, I am sorry for dragging you into an unnecessary problem!” Xu Fei said apologetically.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Yi Tianyun said confusedly.

“You have killed Lu Family’ Elder up there! Lu Family will never let you off that easily, and it’s all my fault!” Xu Fei said sadly.

“Who is this Lu Family siding with? The princess or the prime minister?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“I suppose it was with the Prime Minister!” Xu Fei said wonderingly.

“Then, I didn’t kill any wrong person!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face and then instructed Xu Fei to follow him closely.

Xu Fei was confused the entire time he followed Yi Tianyun around. He wanted to ask Yi Tianyun about what he meant by not killing any wrong person, but refrained from doing so as a Demon Beast suddenly appeared!

The Demon Beast startled Xu Fei and Yi Tianyun, but Yi Tianyun quickly regained his composure and immediately pulled out the Heaven Holding Giant Sword and killed the beast with it!


‘Successfully killed a Rock Insect!’

‘Reward: 30.000 Exp, 3.000 Cps, 50 Sps, Hard Stone Piece, Rock Insect Venom.’

Seeing Xu Fei’s complexion changed as he was scared from almost being eaten alive, Yi Tianyun immediately calmed him down and told him to follow him closely this time.

Yi Tianyun made a mental note that this place wasn’t as hard as he first thought!

At least if there was a Core Transformation Stage Expert around, everything would be a lot easier!

“Go ahead, you can extract any material you want from that Rock Insect! It has good material on it, you can sell them to make money too!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“Thank you so much, Big Brother Yi!” Xu Fei said as he put the Rock Insect in his storage ring.

Xu Fei was grateful that he had met Yi Tianyun, as he knew that he wouldn’t receive a chance like this if he didn’t!

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