Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 382


After Yi Tianyun made up his mind, he knew that he had to choose that door.

“Let’s go in! what are we waiting for?” Yi Tianyun said toward Xu Fei.

Xu Fei nodded and walked toward the Earth level Gate immediately.

“You sure are honest! Surely Earth Level Door is the best you can do at your level!” Wang Menglong said sarcastically.

Wang Menglong immediately walked toward the Heaven Level Door while looking back to Hua Xiying, asking for approval.

Unfortunately for him, Hua Xiying didn’t seem to care about what choice Xu Fei made, and she even seemed indifferent to what Wang Menglong chose!

Xu Fei clenched his fist, knowing his limit, he knew that he couldn’t refute Wang Menglong’s argument.

Xu Fei immediately tried to regain his composure and ignore Wang Menglong’s taunt altogether.

“Big Brother Yi, which door will you choose?” Xu Fei asked, trying to distract himself from Wang Menglong, but as he looked over to Yi Tianyun, he was surprised to see Yi Tianyun was already standing in front of the smallest door.

All of a sudden, everyone’s eyes were on Yi Tianyun, as they couldn’t believe that such a young man would choose such a dangerous door.

There were many records on the past stating no one has ever returned after entering the smallest door, not even a Void Spirit Stage Expert!

“Xu Fei, it seems your companion has chosen to end his life soon! Or maybe he got struck on the head on your way here for choosing that door!” Wang Menglong said sarcastically.

Although Hua Xiying was looking at Yi Tianyun, she didn’t show any emotion at all! She didn’t seem to care that Yi Tianyun planned to enter the smallest door.

“Big Brother Yi! Please consider your choice, that door is the most difficult one as no one has ever returned once they enter that door!” Xu Fei said, trying to warn Yi Tianyun.

“Don’t listen to him! You should choose your first option! You are courageous, you should go in and try the challenge yourself!” Wang Menglong said while snickering silently.

“Xu Fei, if you finish first, wait for me on the other side! It might take longer for me to finish this!” Yi Tianyun said to Xu Fei as he walked inside the smallest door, shocking everyone once more!

Not even Hua Xiying could keep her calm after seeing Yi Tianyun walked into the door that should be impossible to pass!

“Xu Fei, your friend was really brave! I want to go in and wait for him on the other side myself, but I am afraid that I would have to wait for a lifetime!” Wang Menglong sarcastically said while laughing to his heart content.

“Now, you better go back to the Xu Family! There is nothing else you can do here, and the Lady from the Qin Family obviously was too high for you right now!” Wang Menglong said coldly while entering the Heaven Level Door without any more hesitation.

“Big Brother Yi! If you can get out of that door, I will be waiting for you on the other side!” Xu Fei said confidently as he walked inside the Earth Level Door.

“Huft, why don’t they just mind their own business, I don’t care what door you choose! I’m only here to look for the Great Emperor Ren’s track!” Hua Xiying said to himself as she approached the Heaven Level Door and walked right in.

There were some other cultivators, who saw everything in front of the four clover door, but they didn’t care at all, in their eyes, Yi Tianyun was just another curious soul who died by his own choices!

At the same time, Yi Tianyun was welcomed with an endless road covered in a bluestone. He noticed that the surroundings were dark, and nothing could be seen except for the bluestone road.

With his appraisal Eye, Yi Tianyun knows that the darkness surrounding the stone was a void space!

It means that if he deviated from the Bluestone Road, he would fall into the void, but he was still not sure whether he would die or not if he fell into the void!

He checked the Coiling Dragon Treasure Maps once again and saw that there wasn’t a lot of information about this place.

The only thing that the map said was that this small door was the right path to the treasure of the Coiling Dragon Cave!

So, without anything else he could do, Yi Tianyun immediately walked forward, curious about what challenges he will face next!

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