Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 383


Yi Tianyun kept the Appraisal Eye active at all times so he could avoid danger on time. He knew that he couldn’t take this place lightly, for there was no record of anyone coming out of this place.

But as he stepped further toward the bluestone path, he reached the end of the path, with void in front of him and nothing else!

Yi Tianyun tried to look for a path with his appraisal eye, but all he saw was the same void! He even tried to toss a few low-grade weapons to see if the weapons hit something or reveal some hidden path, but all weapons that he tossed instantly vanished into the void!

“This is strange! There is no path at all!” Yi Tianyun said to himself in disbelief. He knew that he couldn’t fly as the same pressure that he felt outside still applied to this space.

Yi Tianyun turned his body and looked at the back, the way he came before, but there was no more door, there was only a blocked path there.

Yi Tianyun sat on the bluestone path to think of a way, but his attention suddenly shifted to the bluestone that created this path, he saw that there was no ground beneath the bluestone!

“Maybe this stone is all I need!” Yi Tianyun said as he walked back and collected the bluestone on the back and threw one bluestone into the void in front of him.

Sure enough, the bluestone connected with the path that he walked on!

“It turns out you have to create your own path here!” Yi Tianyun said as he began throwing the bluestone in a singular line. This place seemed to challenge the patience of the challenger as they must build their way little by little.

After quite some time, Yi Tianyun finally reached a shining door. He quickly entered the door and saw a wide place in front of him. He also noticed that the ground on the new room was also made of the same bluestone that he used earlier.

Yi Tianyun was startled as suddenly a handsome young man in a dragon scale battle armor appeared in front of him.

“Welcome to my abode, Human! This place hasn’t received any visitor in a long time, the lack of patience, a misstep into the void, or simply falls into madness! This was the common occurrence on this Bluestone Road!” the young man said excitedly.

“No one ever been able to come here? Really?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously. He knew that this young man wasn’t human, he may be a Dragon Clan expert tasked to protect this place.

“There were two people ever left this place alive before, maybe you could become the third one!” the young man said excitedly.

“Only two people? What is the challenge?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“It’s simple! All you need to do is to defeat me!” The young man said while laughing profusely. But as soon as he stopped laughing, a shadow of a dragon emerged from behind the young man!

‘Mysterious Man: Immortal Phantom Shadow.

Cultivation Base: 8th Level Core Transformation Stage.

Ability: can turn into a giant dragon at will!

Equipment: High Grade Holy Tool Armor

Combat Power: 12.000.000

Possible Item Drop: Unknown

Weakness: None

This mysterious man wasn’t a living person! He was just like the Old Xuan, trifling on Spiritual Energy to survive!

However, the challenge seemed to adapt to the challenger’s power as the young man’s cultivation was the same as Yi Tianyun, which was 8th Level Core Transformation Stage!

“I’ll beat you at your own game! Come on!” Yi Tianyun said as he pulled out his Ice-Cold Divine Bow and quickly used his Ice-Cold Fury!

But the mysterious man laughed some more and immediately turned his arms into a dragon claw to block Yi Tianyun’s attack.

Yi Tianyun immediately checked the information of the claw as he knew that it would be something powerful.

Sure enough, he saw that the Dragon Claw was as strong as a High Grade Holy Tool rank!

As the Ice-Cold Fury shot through the air toward the Mysterious Man, the ground and air around the arrow were frozen!

But the claw gave off a menacing vibe of its own, making Yi Tianyun unsure whether he would be able to deal any damage to the Mysterious Man or not!

The arrow soon collided with the claw, causing an explosion from the impact!

But after the smoke dissipated, Yi Tianyun saw the Mysterious Man was still standing in the middle with half of his body frozen!

But he walked casually right after, shaking off the ice that covered half of his body like it was nothing!

“Yes! This is the power that I have been waiting for! You are amazing! If your opponent wasn’t me, you would’ve won by now! You are qualified to know my name, I am Yuan Qinglong! Please remember it well!” The Mysterious Man said excitedly.

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