Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 391


Ren Long was stunned as he saw Yi Tianyun kept beating the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton with his powerful tail!

The Heavenly Dragon Skeleton couldn’t even do anything except screamed in pain at this point!

Yi Tianyun immediately using his Clone Secret Technique to settle this as quickly as possible!

The next moment, three more Evil Dragon appeared!

They had 30% of Yi Tianyun’s current power, which meant each of them had at least 25.000.000 Combat Power!

Yi Tianyun immediately ordered the three clones of himself to attack the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton at the same time!

“What Martial Art is that?” Ren Long said in disbelief as he has never seen such martial arts before.

Ren Long was also shocked to see Yi Tianyun was far more superior than himself in his peak condition!

Yi Tianyun ignored Ren Long and continued to attack the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton as hard as he could!

After a while, he finally broke the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton into two sections, but Yi Tianyun was still able to see its combat power, meaning that it was not over yet!

But this time, he took it easy compared to before.

Finally, after a little while later, Yi Tianyun finally broke the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton into four parts and transformed back into his human form!

Yi Tianyun looked pale as he was burning his own blood essence to create an advantage against the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton!

He quickly consumed a few Medicinal Pills that could regenerate his missing Spiritual Energy, and he also quickly pulled out the enhanced version Blood Jade that he got earlier and restored his Blood Essence quickly!

His complexion returned to normal soon enough, and fortunately Yi Tianyun didn’t receive any backlash or permanent damage from burning his already tiny amount of Blood Essence!

“Damn you human! How could you be part of our Dragon Clan!” Heavenly Dragon Skeleton said weakly on the ground.

“Now, you clearly don’t need to know any of that!” Yi Tianyun said casually as he walked over and began absorbing the shattered Heavenly Dragon Skeleton on the ground.

However, the small fragment of Dragon’s bone didn’t give much, as Yi Tianyun absorbed only around 10.000 Dragon God Bloodline Mastery Points, and the small fragment immediately turned into powder!

“No! I refuse to die at the hands of a human!” Heavenly Dragon Skeleton said at his final breath.

After speaking his last word, the flame on Heavenly Dragon Skeleton’s head was extinguished, and suddenly another voice could be heard in the room!

“Thank you very much for your help of freeing the Heavenly Dragon from this place! You can have my power in the future, for you have the Heavenly Dragon Bloodline! I hope you can keep the Heavenly Dragon’s power for peace and don’t ruin yourself on a quest for power!” The voice said towards Ren Long.

Ren Long nodded, and a white light immediately left the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton and disappeared without a trace!

After the white light disappeared, the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton gradually turned into powder while countless energy being released to the air and seeped into Yi Tianyun and Ren Long’s body!


‘Successfully killed the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton!’

‘Reward: 20.000.000 Exp, 50.000 Cps, 5.000 Sps, Heavenly Dragon Soul, Heavenly Dragon Skeleton, Dragon God Bloodline (4th Grade)!’


‘Successfully killed an elite enemy!’

‘Reward: 50.000.000 Exp, 100.000 Cps, 5.000 Sps, 1x Enhanced Lottery Ticket!’

Yi Tianyun didn’t have the time to check the reward he got for the defeating the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton for he had to meditate to absorb the countless energy that was being released from the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton!

‘Receiving: 100.000 Exp, 150.000 Exp, 225.000 Exp, …’

‘Receiving: 1.000 Dragon God Bloodline Mastery Points, 3.000 Dragon God Bloodline Mastery Points, 2.500 Dragon God Bloodline Mastery Points, …’

The energy released from the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton was unique as it also contained a trace of Dragon God Bloodline Mastery Points! This situation lasted for a couple of days, and they both kept meditating on the room diligently!

But after they finally absorbed all of it, Yi Tianyun took a deep breath and finally felt satisfied with the reward he got this time!

“I don’t know that there was such a tragedy here! I didn’t expect any of this!” Ren Long said while looking a little sad.

“Brother Ren, what did you think actually happen here? Isn’t it your ancestor who drives out the Heavenly Dragon here?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“No, when my ancestor arrived at this continent, this place was already abandoned! There was no Heavenly Dragon as far as I know! The ancestor built the Heavenly Dragon Empire by using the Dragon’s Bone that could be found in this place, I never expected to find a Heavenly Dragon in here! This means that the ancestor was lying when they said that this place was abandoned!” Ren Long said a little bit irritated.

Yi Tianyun was a little bit surprised at Ren Long’s story, but he was also surprised to know that Ren Long was really an honest man!

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