Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 392


This site clearly belonged to the Ren Family, but because Ren Long has never been here and wasn’t aware of the history of the place, Yi Tianyun suspected the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton had something to do with it!

“Brother Ren, what did you feel when you come here?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“When I came in, I felt something calling out to me, attracting me to this room.” Ren Long said while trying to remember the feeling he felt that day.

“I knew it! It’s all because of the Heavenly Dragon Old Ancestor earlier! I think he was trying to call out to the descendant of the Heavenly Dragon whether to sacrifice them to the skeleton or set it free! If you set it free, you get an incredible amount of Dragon Essence, but if you got sacrificed, you would die!” Yi Tianyun said, explaining his theory.

As Yi Tianyun explained, Ren Long’s face was full of shock, he never thought something like that could happen until Yi Tianyun explained his theory.

“This makes sense, but it’s a pity we can’t really know the truth as the Heavenly Dragon Old Ancestor is the only one who knows of it! All we have to do know is to walk out from here safely!” Ren Long said determinedly.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head while thinking that this place was truly beyond the danger that he firstly imagined!

The Coiling Dragon Cave Treasure Map said that the danger level was at peak Spirit Core Stage, while it was far more dangerous than that!

He guessed that the danger level was at least at 7th Level Void Spirit Stage!

Yi Tianyun and Ren Long immediately followed a passage that opened as soon as the skeleton fell, while on the way, Ren Long couldn’t contain his happiness that he finally will be able to go out of that place!

“I can finally breathe the fresh air again! I am so excited to see what has changed outside!” Ren Long said excitedly.

Yi Tianyun only smiled and kept walking forward as he wanted to leave that place too.

At the same time, many people have gathered outside of the cave, looking happy after successfully received the treasure from the Coiling Dragon Cave!

But some of them looked sad as they didn’t get anything, this was because either they came in a group or someone beat them to the treasure in the path they chose.

“I am excited to see Big Brother Yi again, this time I want to show him that I’ve already broken through to Spirit Core stage!” Xu Fei said to himself excitedly.

Wang Menglong also came out of the cave while looking pissed off, his expression told everything, it was clear that he didn’t get any treasure from inside the cave!

“Xu Fei! You got a treasure, right? Now take it out and give it to me!” Wang Menglong demanded rudely.

“What? What are you talking about?” Xu Fei said, looking confused about Wang Menglong’s demand.

“I am Wang Menglong! You hear me! If you don’t give me the treasure that you got from this place, I will beat you up and bring you back to Xu Family! Don’t you know that Xu Family offered a reward for bringing you back to them alive?” Wang Menglong said coldly.

“Well, you sure can try if you want!” Xu Fei said while taking his sword stance. He didn’t feel afraid of fighting Wang Menglong at all!

“You dare to defy me? You sure don’t value your own life!” Wang Menglong said while also taking his stance!

“I think you are the one who doesn’t value your own life here!” A voice suddenly surprised Wang Menglong from behind.

Wang Menglong immediately looked back and saw that the voice belonged to Yi Tianyun with Great Emperor Ren following behind him!

However, no one knew Ren Long’s identity.

“Big Brother Yi, I have been waiting for you!” Xu Fei said excitedly.

“Now what do we have here! You got a treasure too, right? Now hurry up and give it to me!” Wang Menglong cut into the conversation.

“What happens if I say no?” Yi Tianyun asked indifferently.

“If that’s the case, then I will personally search the treasure from your body!” Wang Menglong said as he transformed his arm into a dragon claw!

Yi Tianyun didn’t feel threatened by Wang Menglong’s transformation, but he got to say that he was a little bit impressed by the Wang Family, because it was clear for Yi Tianyun that Wang Family had accumulated resources needed to collect the Dragon Essence of this continent!

Wang Menglong immediately rushed toward Yi Tianyun with an intention to kill, but Yi Tianyun was clearly faster as he immediately dodged the attack and grabbed Wang Menglong’s Dragon Claw and slammed him to the ground!

“Is this the hand that would search my body?” Yi Tianyun asked indifferently.

“Bastard! Don’t you know who I am?! Let me go now!” Wang Menglong said furiously.

Yi Tianyun sighed and immediately twisted Wang Menglong’s arm in a flash, and the sound of bone-shattering and a painful scream immediately filled the air!

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