Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 393


Yi Tianyun clearly didn’t care about someone else’s status, anyone who dared to bother him or the people around him will be treated them as his enemy, and because of that, he wouldn’t care whether that person disabled for life or even dead!

“My hand! You broke my hand!” Wang Menglong screamed loud enough that anyone in that place could hear it.

“I swear that the Wang Family won’t let you go for this! I will personally make sure that Wang Family would annihilate your entire family!” Wang Menglong threatened Yi Tianyun.

“Wang Family, did you mean the Family of Army General Wang Tian?” Ren Long asked curiously.

“It seems that your friend over there knows what I was talking about! Yes, Army General Wang Tian is my father! He is the Army General of Prime Minister Long! You will be dead soon!” Wang Menglong said furiously.

At the same time Yi Tianyun wondered if this Army General Wang Tian was the same Army General Wang that he killed earlier, surely Wang surname was common around these parts, but if the Army General Wang that he killed earlier was Wang Menglong’s father, how come Wang Menglong didn’t know about it!

“Well, you sure talk big, huh? I will talk to Army General Wang and see what he wants to do with his child!” Ren Long said while sneering to Wang Menglong.

“You are the one talking big! Who do you think you are?! The Great Emperor? I advised that you obediently walk away after leaving your treasure behind! You will die if you disobey me!” Wang Menglong said furiously.

After hearing Wang Menglong’s word, Yi Tianyun couldn’t help but laugh to his heart content.

After all, the person in front of Wang Menglong was the Great Emperor himself!

At the same time, Hua Xiying was surprised to see Yi Tianyun laughed so loud as she was just coming out of the cave herself.

But as she looked at the situation in front of her, she was shocked to see the Great Emperor standing near Yi Tianyun, alive!

Most people have never seen the Great Emperor Ren themselves as the Great Emperor rarely showed himself and always devoted himself to the betterment of the empire.

Of course, they could see the Great Emperor’s portrait but, the Great Emperor’s current condition made him look different than his portrait as he became skinny due to the lack of nutrients while he was trapped inside the Coiling Dragon Cave!

But Hua Xiying was different, she has already met with the Great Emperor in person before. Therefore she knew immediately that the man standing beside Yi Tianyun was none other than the Great Emperor himself!

“Great Emperor Ren!?” Hua Xiying shouted as she was excited to see the Great Emperor was alive and well.

Everyone in the vicinity was surprised after hearing Hua Xiying shouted the word, Great Emperor!

They immediately took out the portrait of the Great Emperor that they brought with them as one of the clues Ren Zhirou gave them!

They began to compare the portrait with the real Ren Long and surprised to see the resemblance!

“No! Is he really the Great Emperor Ren?” Wang Menglong said in disbelief.

“Let me ask you once again then, who did you want to annihilate before? This man is the Noble Guest of the Heavenly Dragon Empire! Not even Army General Wang have the permission to mess with him! If I hear you talk rudely to Brother Yi again, I will personally make sure that you will get a proper punishment!” Ren Long said coldly.

Wang Menglong became speechless as he sweated nervously.

This was truly disastrous, he never expected this kind of thing would happen, not to mention he sweared and threatened someone in the presence of the Great Emperor himself!

“Great Emperor Ren, are you okay?” Hua Xiying asked Ren Long worriedly.

“You are the lady of the Hua Family, right? I am sure that I have seen you several times before.” Ren Long said while smiling lightly.

“Yes, I am the little girl from Hua Family, my name is Hua Xiying! Long Live the Great Emperor!” Hua Xiying said as she bowed her head toward Ren Long.

“Raise your head, if you want you can come with me to the capital, I want to see Zhirou right away!” Ren Long said toward Hua Xiying.

“Brother Yi, let’s go! Zhirou awaits our return!” Ren Long said excitedly towards Yi Tianyun.

“Xu Fei, lets go!” Yi Tianyun said towards Xu Fei, inviting him to come along.

The rest of the cultivator at the scene was shocked to see the Great Emperor was alive and well, because all this time, Prime Minister Long told everyone that the Great Emperor was already dead!

“Big Brother Yi! I have listened to your instruction, and I found it! I found the treasure! Let me show it to you!” Xu Fei said excitedly.

“No, don’t take it out here! You will never know what people would do if you take out a precious item in public!” Yi Tianyun said, preventing Xu Fei from taking out the treasure that he got from the Coiling Dragon Cave.

“Oh yeah, you are right! I am sorry Big Brother, that wouldn’t happen again!” Xu Fei said firmly.

“Well, I am glad that you are happy with whatever you got there, it must be something satisfying, right? Well, if you want, you can come to join my faction, someone like you is always welcomed!” Yi Tianyun said sincerely.

“Yes brother, it was really a great treasure! But Big Brother Yi, I am sorry, I must settle the problem that I currently have with the Qin Family first! But I swear once I’m done with that, I will immediately come to you!” Xu Fei said while feeling determined.

“Well, since you’ve already made up your mind, I will not stop you, but I will wait for you to join my faction later!” Yi Tianyun said while smiling lightly.

“Thank you very much Big Brother! I will solve this problem as fast as I could, and I will not disappoint you!” Xu Fei said looking determined!

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