Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 40: Appraisal Eye


After killing the deacon, Yi Tianyun quickly escaped outside the city. Although he managed to kill the deacon, reinforcements would eventually come, and they were bound to be stronger. If a Core Condensation Realm cultivator came, things may become difficult for him.

The reward for killing them was tempting, but in his current condition, he couldn’t win against a Core Condensation Realm cultivator. 

“I need to retreat first!” 

Yi Tianyun quickly withdrew, and, after rushing out of the city, he quickly summoned the Snow Wolf King. After the huge Snow Wolf appeared, he quickly climbed up it and fled into the forest in the distance. 

Looking at the Snow Wolf under him, Yi Tianyun felt that it was unfortunate that the Snow Wolf was only an Eighth Level Body Refinements creature, otherwise, it could become a powerful helper. In fact, the Snow Wolf King could be levelled up, but levelling it up didn’t require experience, nor did it require feeding it medicinal herbs, instead it needed to be fed Crazy Points!

As long as he fed a certain amount of Crazy Points to it, it could level up and become a powerful helper. Crazy Points used to be hard to obtain, but that is no longer the case. He could obtain a lot of Crazy Points by killing strong cultivators, or monsters.

Soon he found a cave to hide in. After disguising the cave entrance a little, Yi Tianyun sat down and exhaled. “Finally, I can finally take a breather… let’s take a look at the overall situation.” 

Host: Yi Tianyun

Level: 18 (8th Level of the Spirit Refinement Realm)

EXP: 17580/130000

CP: 3698

Prestige: 20

Cultivation Technique: Dark North Divine Art (Human Grade, upgradable)

Martial Arts: Absorbing Stars Great Technique (Human Grade, upgradable), Eagle Claw Art, Falling Feather Sword Technique, Floating Cloud Steps, Sky Cloud Step, Ten Thousand Swords Slash, Wind Blade

Divine Ability: Crazy Mode Level 1 and Luck Aura

Profession: Runecrafter (Lv.3), Blacksmith (Lv.3), Alchemist (Lv.3)

Weapon: Frost Fist (Common Grade, upgradeable), Scarlet Dagger

Armor: Snow Wolf Boots, Divine Armor, Shadow Cape

Accessories: Forging God Hammer, Power Set (Bracelet, Ring, Belt)

Items: 5x Experience Card (1hr), 4x Recovery Pills, Lv15 Gift Pack, Lottery Ticket, Torrential pear Blossom Needle

“I had to be careful when I was being chased so I had forgotten about the gift pack.” 

Every time he opened a gift pack, he would become more excited. These upgrade packages never had something that was not useful. It would not be a low-level item or skill, so how could he not be excited? 

He immediately opened the Lv15 Gift Pack, and soon enough the random gifts inside revealed themselves.

『Ding! Congratulations on opening a Gift Pack. You gained an Eye of Appraisal, a Special Lottery Mode, a 10x EXP Card and a Lv20 Gift Pack!』

Sure enough, he got a lot of stuff, but none of it appeared worth mentioning. This was essentially a Novice Gift Pack, so it was impossible to get a game-changing reward. If he wanted to get such an item, he had to grind his way through a quest or kill monsters. 

The Gift Pack provided tools to him depending on his current level. For example, this time he got an Eye of Appraisal, and a new lottery mode. 

“Eye of Appraisal, hmm let’s see…” 

Yi Tianyun investigated the item, but the information about the item was not as thorough as he wanted it to be. 

Eye of Appraisal: Has the ability to reveal detailed information about someone and assess their current combat power. 

“Well, it’s a relatively basic tool for revealing other people’s data. It is good to know how strong I am in comparison to an opponent, so it’s quite a good skill to have.” 


The first thing he noticed after the Eye of Appraisal activated was that it would not use any energy, nor would it consume Crazy Points, which was a good thing. When he looked at the Snow Wolf, he immediately saw some information. 

Snow Wolf: 8th Level Body Refinement Realm. Fur is equivalent to common level armor. Claws have the strength of a common level weapon. Has 1.000 HP. Has second-class potential. 1,300 combat power.

The data was fairly detailed, without the Eye of Appraisal the data shown would have only been basic data like HP.

“The Snow Wolf’s combat power is 1.300, then how much combat power do I have?” 

Yi Tianyun investigated his own property panel, and sure enough, a combat power of 18.570! 

The snow wolf was not that much weaker than Yi Tianyun physically so the difference would in combat power must be related to his equipment. When he investigated his combat power with his equipment removed, his combat power dropped to slightly over 9,000 points. After all, according to the attributes of his equipment, the power accessory set could enhance his strength by 100%. 

His ability to fight above level was completely dependent on his equipment, or the usage of a power pill. He imagined that, after taking a power pill earlier and having his strength multiplied 6 times, the amount of combat power he had back then must be amazing. 

“This is quite useful, at least you can gather information on the opponent’s combat power.” 

Yi Tianyun valued this data highly. For example, if he saw that the opponent’s combat power was more than 100.000, he would realise that he couldn’t do against such an opponent, instead, he needed to get away from that fight! 

“Now I need to try this special lottery thing, come on lucky draw!” 

He opened the lottery roulette, and sure enough, a special module pops up, but it seems a lot smaller compared to the usual roulette. He immediately used the lottery roulette and watched it rapidly spin around. Soon the lottery roulette stopped – consumables! 

『Ding, congratulations on getting a 5.000 Exp Pill.』

“This is too little! I got a 5.000 Exp Pill?” Yi Tianyun was speechless, he thought that, even if it was consumable, it wouldn’t be that bad. 

Now that he felt that he was too naive, he gained a 5.000 Exp Pill. What was the use did it have for him now? It was not very useful! He was now at a high level, and he needed more than 100.000 exp to level up. 5.000 exp was nothing. He would rather have one more Recovery Pill, that would have been better than getting 5.000 exp. 

“This the drops are so bad, only giving me a 5.000 Exp Pill.” Yi Tianyun sighed, and immediately, he realized, “I almost forgot, I have my Luck Aura!” 

Can it affect the drops from the roulette wheel? It could increase his luck by five times in any other circumstance so there was no reason to assume that this was an exception 

“I don’t know, would this be effective?” Yi Tianyun thought about it, before immediately activating his luck aura, which consumed a single Crazy Point per second. He clenched his fist and ground his teeth before calling out. “Lottery!” 

『Ding! Consuming 1.000 Crazy Points. Drawing from the lottery!』

Not a lot of Crazy Points were left after this. The roulette once again spins wildly. Yi Tianyun shouted in his heart, “Divine Ability, Divine Ability!” His main priority was definitely to get a Divine Ability, the rarest item on the roulette wheel. 

In the end, the pointer stopped on special items!

『Ding! Congratulations!  You obtained a Hundred Transformations Mask!』 

“Hundred Transformations Mask?” Yi Tianyun was startled. What is this thing?

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