Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 41: Illusory Beast Mountain


Meanwhile, in a secret room somewhere in the Wing Sect, the atmosphere was heavy. 


An expensive table was hit heavily and instantly shattered into several pieces, scaring the guard who come to inform the situation. He did not dare to look up at the big shots in front of him.

“I can’t believe it! I let Ma Liangpeng go to the Wind Pavilion and you let this happen! Not only did Ma Liangpeng die, but even Deacon Fu is also dead!” The Sect Master of the Wing Sect, Qing Yuncheng, his eyes were filled with murderous intent.

“A few of our deacons, and even our Pavilion Lord died. Do you think you’re the only victim?” Sitting to the side was Chief Pavilion Lord Xiang Tianya from Wind Pavilion, despite his calm demeanour, his eyes were full of anger.

“This kid is from the Jade Palace, something’s about him was not right. From the information I acquired, he doesn’t possess blood qi, yet he’s so strong, even Deacon Fu who went after him was killed! Although there is no detailed information on how he was killed, he must have been killed by someone siding with him, or he was killed by him! Who knew maybe the Jade Palace secretly helped him!” Qing Yuncheng couldn’t contain his anger anymore.

“That is possible! Deacon Fu’s cultivation is not weak, there’s no way he could kill someone at the peak of Spirit Refinement Realm! It’s very likely that he was killed by the elders of the Jade Palace. Or maybe Shi Xueyun herself! Shi Xueyun is very fond of him and will do anything for his sake!”

“Seems like we need to put them in their place! But the kid said that he is not one of the Jade Palace’s disciples anymore. That his actions have nothing to do with the Jade Palace!” Qing Yuncheng frowned. “Well, he was only an outer disciple, to begin with, and now that he was no longer one of the Jade Palace’s disciples, we can’t pursue this matter any further.” 

“We can’t pursue it…” Xiang Tianya was angry, but Qing Yuncheng had a point. “At this rate, our reputation will be tarnished, issue an order to arrest the kid, bring him to me! This time our Wind Pavilion’s reputation has hit rock bottom, not to mention the fact that we lose to the Rain Pavilion!”

“Rest assured. We will capture this kid then kill him in front of the Jade Palace!” Qing Yuncheng’s eyes showed a deep hatred, “We’ll attack the Jade Palace afterwards anyway, and get our hands on the treasures inside!” 

“Yes, the Jade Palace thinks that they are safe, hehe…”

They were looking at each other as though the Jade Palace already belonged to them. 

It was rumoured that there was a treasure in the Jade Palace that everyone wanted. The foundation of the Jade Palace was not insignificant, so no one dares to be the first to move. But now, it seems like the time was almost ripe…

Yi Tianyun was not aware of the fact that the Wing Sect and the Wind Pavilion had joined hands to capture him and raid the Jade Palace. He was currently on his way to one of the more remote areas – the Illusory Beast Mountain. 

His purpose for coming here was simple, to level up! He knew that his cultivation was too low to face his enemies. To others, it may seem relatively high, but in the face of a big force like the Wing Sect, his cultivation was still too low. Therefore, he must breakthrough to the Core Condensation Realm as quickly as possible!

Thanks to the Crazy Leveling System things were much easier for Yi Tianyun. He would face no bottlenecks, so as long as there were monsters, he could breakthrough to the next realm without a problem. 

“Here I am Illusory Beast Mountain. It seems to be a little sinister…” 

Yi Tianyun, standing at the peak, looked down, gazing at the endless forest that stretched as far as the eye could see. He sensed danger from the unknown, the deeper into the forest, the stronger the monsters were. 

“Let’s go!” 

Yi Tianyun turned over and sat on the Snow Wolf King. He climbed down the mountain on his Snow Wolf King’s back. Most of the weaker monsters ran away from him. Charing all the way, he went straight to the deep regions of the forest. The monsters around here weren’t even worth killing.

Not long after reaching the deeper parts of the forest, he suddenly a “beep”. A giant bear rushed toward him, it went straight for Yi Tianyun’s head, not holding back as it struck towards someone who trespassed into its territory. 

“A perfect opportunity, Snow Wolf King, go!” 

Yi Tianyun quickly dismount Snow Wolf King, and the Snow Wolf King rushed toward the bear and raked it with its razor-sharp claws. A moment later, the giant bear fell to the ground, dead. 

『Ding! Congratulations on killing a giant bear! You gained 900 exp, 90 Crazy Point, and a Bear Skin!』

“Not bad, with Crazy Mode active, I get 1.800 exp.” Yi Tianyun felt the exp here was still quite impressive. Monsters in this area’s cultivation were at the Spirit Refinement Realm. Their level was not particularly high nor low, so killing them was quite efficient. 

Although the experience was pretty good, actually killing them was not that easy. Beasts were different from cultivators, their skin was too thick, so it was not that easy to kill them, plus he had to take care of his Snow Wolf King! 

He didn’t have a helping hand and so his only choice was to allow his Snow Wolf King to level up several times so it could help him. And so, they began killing one monster after another around here. 

His experience skyrocketed, and the Snow Wolf King’s level also increased.

『Ding! Congratulations! Your Snow Wolf King is levelling up to the Ninth Level of the Body Refinement Realm!』

『Ding! Congratulations! Your Snow Wolf King is levelling up to the Tenth level of the Body Refinement Realm!』

『Ding! Congratulations! …』

The slaughtering continued, with Crazy Mode activated, the Snow Wolf King received twice the experience as well. He continuously obtained Crazy Points, so he did not worry about their consumption rate anymore.

However, he does not want to try the lottery again for the time being. He wanted to accumulate 100.000 Crazy Points to level up his Crazy Mode, what amazing effects would it have?

After a few days of continuous hunting, Yi Tianyun was exhausted. He sat down to rest and turned his head to glance at the Snow Wolf King, activating the Eye of Appraisal.

Snow Wolf (Mount)

Level: 15 (5th Level of the Spirit Refinement Realm)

Combat Power: 5.700

HP: 4.500

Equipment: Fur (Top Level Common Grade), Claws (Top Level Common Grade)

He had worked hard to level up the Snow Wolf King’s cultivation. The result was quite satisfactory. Just when he was ready to go deeper into the forest and hunt stronger monsters, he heard someone fighting and it was getting closer. 

Just as he wanted to take the Snow Wolf King and hide, he suddenly heard a notification.

『Ding! Random Quest Activated: Rescue Miss Yan』

『Reward: 30.000 exp, 10 prestige and 100 Favourability with Yan Lingxue.』


“What, 10 Prestige!?” Yi Tianyun froze halfway into a step. Well, it’s a different story if he got Prestige for it. 

Most missions did not reward Prestige. Only quests that needed him to help others could increase his Prestige.

“I accept!” Yi Tianyun turned around and immediately nodded. Calmly announcing, “I will do it!” For Prestige, he would be a hero and save a beauty without hesitation.

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