Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 405


“You can control the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure?” Ren Long said in disbelief.

“Well, I thought Zhirou already told you that, I am sorry to surprise you like this!” Yi Tianyun said sincerely.

“Sister, you really are…” Ren Long said while sighing.

“I am sorry, big brother, I don’t expect to reveal Big Brother Yi’s power like this either, but I was a little bit annoyed that they questioned Big Brother Yi!” Ren Zhirou said while puffing her cheek cutely to her brother.

But Ren Zhirou was smart, she knew that if Yi Tianyun’s capability to control the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure was announced, there would be no problem for him to be the new prince of Heavenly Dragon Empire!

“So, Little Brother Yi, would you like to become the Prince of Heavenly Dragon Empire?” Ren Long asked Yi Tianyun with a big smile on his face.

“That would be an honor, Big Brother Ren!” Yi Tianyun said as he bowed his head a little to show respect to Ren Long.

“From today onward, Little Brother Yi would become the Prince of Heavenly Dragon Empire. see to it that a new palace will be built for Little Brother Yi’s residence in the north of Heavenly Dragon Imperial City!” Ren Long said commandingly.

“Right away, Emperor! Long live Prince Yi!” Everyone in the room said as they began to chant Yi Tianyun’s name.

“Now that we have Prince Yi to help control the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure, we don’t have to worry about Prime Minister Long’s attack. With the three of us controlling the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure, the Imperial City would be invincible!” Ren Long said confidently.

“Are you sure the Prime Minister would attack? Why would he do this? Isn’t he the Emperor’s uncle?” One of the ministers asked as he couldn’t comprehend Prime Minister Long’s goal.

“Yeah, there is no way he would collude with Netherworld Empire too, right? He has already killed so many Netherworld Empire’s soldiers!” Another minister said, stating his concern.

“You all know that Feng Long Brothers were under the direct supervision of Prime Minister Long, and they are the one who entrapped me inside the Coiling Dragon Cave, this knowledge is enough to give him a death penalty! The law can’t be broken only because he is my uncle. If he betrayed the Heavenly Dragon Empire, then death is the only thing that he deserved!” Ren Long said confidently.

When everyone still had so many questions, a guard suddenly rushed inside the hall.

“I am sorry to interrupt, My Emperor! Prime Minister Long and Netherworld Imperial Preceptor is already on their way toward the Imperial City!” The guard reported.

Everyone was surprised to hear that the Netherworld Imperial Preceptor was also in the mix to attack the Imperial City.

“The Imperial Preceptor? Are you sure about this?” Ren Long asked for confirmation.

“There is no mistake, My Lord! The flag of the preceptor and the Netherworld Empire’s flag was there between Prime Minister Long’s flag!” The Guard said confidently.

“That is all we need to know! Prepare for battle!” Ren Long said commandingly.

“Right Away, Emperor Ren!” All the people gathered in the hall shouted simultaneously.

They were exasperated to find out that Prime Minister Long really betrayed them, at first, they hoped that all the accusations directed to the Prime Minister were all just a false accusation!

“We will intercept them at the city gate!” Ren Long said as he commanded his troop to wait for the enemy at the city gate.

Yi Tianyun and Ren Zhirou flew toward the City Gate together, and they saw the enemy from afar, they saw that the enemy was like a group of black ants, swarming toward the city.

“Activate the Heavenly Dragon Great Array!” Ren Long shouted as he used the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure and covered the entire city with a shield.

“Little Brother Yi, I will deal with these rebels, I sure hope it won’t turn out like this, but if it okay with you, I would like your help one more time!” Ren Long said sincerely.

“Big Brother! have you forgotten about me?” Ren Zhirou said interrupting their conversation.

“Of course not, but Little Brother Yi is new to the Heavenly Dragon Empire, and he was forced to deal with this nonsense! I just hope we don’t disappoint him too much! And furthermore, if the Imperial City was taken over, I want you to escape with Little Brother Yi!” Ren Long said to Ren Zhirou.

“Don’t you think it’s a tad too early to say anything about losing?” Yi Tianyun said excitedly for all that he saw in front of him was a large amount of Exp!

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