Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 406


Even though the enemy was far more superior in term of power than the army of Heavenly Dragon, Yi Tianyun didn’t show any fear, for he could control The Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure and if he got a ton of Exp after killing those enemies, even Imperial Preceptor would be no match for him!

“You are right! It’s too early to talk about losing! We should let them know that Our Heavenly Dragon Empire is not to be taken lightly!” Ren Long said as he gained new confidence.

Yi Tianyun knew that Ren Long’s cultivation had dropped severely, but he couldn’t help him at the moment, as he knew that even if he gave the Blood Jade to Ren Long, he wouldn’t be able to constitute his cultivation now.

So, Yi Tianyun immediately checked the enemy ranks with his Appraisal Eye, but he didn’t see any Void Spirit Expert beside the three enemy Leaders!

That was a little bit disappointing as he didn’t get the chance to fight that many strong opponents, but surely 3 Void Spirit Expert were enough!

The first one was, of course, Prime Minister Long, and the second one was Divine General Long Tian, and the last one and the strongest of those three was the Imperial Preceptor himself, which already gave a chilling aura to the Heavenly Dragon Empire’s ranks.

Prime Minister Long: 4th Level Void Spirit Stage.

Equipment: High Grade Sacred Tool Battle Armour

Combat Power: 21.000.000 (normal state)

Martial Art: Heavenly Dragon Battle Roar, Heavenly Dragon Battle Secret Art, Netherworld Divine Palm, Netherworld Divine Art.

Weakness: None

Drop on kill: Heavenly Dragon Battle Roar, Heavenly Dragon Battle Secret Art, Dragon God Bloodline, 30x Exp Card.

Imperial Preceptor: 6th Level Void Spirit Stage

Equipment: High Grade Sacred Tool Battle Armour, High Grade Sacred Tool Treasure Descending Dragon Banner.

Combat Power: 32.000.000 (Normal State)

Martial Art: Breaking Divine Secret Art, Netherworld Divine Palm.

Weakness: None

Drop on kill: Netherworld Divine Palm, Breaking Divine Secret Art, Tyrant Rune Paper.

Divine General Long Tian: 2nd Level Void Spirit Stage

Equipment: High Grade Sacred Tool Battle Armour, High Grade Sacred Tool Divine Sword

Combat Power: 18.000.000 (Normal State)

Martial Art: Descending Demon Sword Secret Art, Bai Jian.

Weakness: None

Drop on kill: Descending Demon Sword Secret Art, Dragon God Bloodline, Dragon Divine Sword.

The enemy’s cultivation was fairly strong, especially the Imperial Preceptor, but Yi Tianyun was sure that he could deal with them at some point.

The Minister and General’s cultivation wasn’t bad either, they were at Core Transformation rank expert, and the lowest soldier was at Spirit Refinement rank!

Although the soldiers had low cultivation, they made up for it with their large number!

But, as soon as Prime Minister Long had closed into the Heavenly Dragon Imperial City gate, he stopped.

“Long time no see nephew! I thought you were dead!” Prime Minister Long said tauntingly.

“Relax uncle, I will not die just from something that trivial.” Ren Long said taunting back.

“But, my first decree after I took the Heavenly Dragon Empire’s Emperor seat back was to remove you from your position as Prime Minister of Heavenly Dragon Empire, and you will be given death penalty right away for your betrayal towards the Empire and collusion with the Netherworld Empire!” Ren Long said commandingly.

“I am sorry, should I care? I would become the new Heavenly Dragon Emperor after I killed you!” Prime Minister Long said coldly.

“I should’ve become the Emperor when your dad left, but because of that stupid Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure, I couldn’t become the new Emperor! What a joke!” Prime Minister Long said coldly.

“I’m well aware that it’s a bit unfair for you! But becoming the Prime Minister should’ve already compensated for that! But you still choose to betray us and collude with the Netherworld Empire of all people!” Ren Long said furiously.

“Prime Minister is not the same as an Emperor! I am much stronger than you, this is all because I didn’t absorb much of that Dragon Essence! I will kill you and absorb your dragon essence so that I would be able to control that damned secret treasure too!” Prime Minister Long said angrily.

“You know, the problem isn’t because you didn’t have enough Dragon Essence in you, but your corrupted heart! Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure is a Divine Tool grade item, and therefore it’s quite sensible on choosing its master. I believe if you were to become the Emperor at that time, maybe you’ve already sold Heavenly Dragon Empire to Netherworld Empire, right?” Yi Tianyun said as he interrupted Prime Minister Long and Ren Long’s conversation.

Everyone was shocked by Yi Tianyun’s word. If that was true, then it meant Prime Minister Long had long become the spy for the Netherworld Empire!

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