Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 411


Was he fighting against two people at once? It wasn’t fair, but there was hardly anything fair in a battlefield! With his Evil Dragon Suit, Yi Tianyun has confidence that he would be able to block any of the Void Spirit’s attack, as it increased his Defensive Power by 20 times!

While the soldiers from both sides were shocked to see Yi Tianyun’s explosive power, the battle still ensued. Even though Prime Minister Long had lost his General, he still pushed through relentlessly! Yi Tianyun’s dragon army kept killing the enemy’s soldier everywhere, which made the Heavenly Dragon’s side have a much easier time on the war!

Yi Tianyun felt satisfied as he got so many Exp, Cps, and the most important thing to have new overpowered equipment, the Sin Points!

Ren Long on the side also felt motivated and quickly joined the battle as well, even though he couldn’t fight against Prime Minister Long or the Imperial Preceptor, he could still fight against the soldiers up to the Core Transformation one!

“Wow, 2 v 1 seems unfair! But it’s okay with me!” Yi Tianyun sneered at Prime Minister Long while holding the Dragon Divine Sword on his hands.

“How dare you! I will kill you, bastard!” Prime Minister Long said as he gritted his teeth in irritation. He still couldn’t believe that Divine General Long Tian was killed easily like that, he was a Void Spirit Expert!

At the same time, the Imperial Preceptor summoned several Divine Runes on the sky, and a big Great Array appeared on top of Yi Tianyun.

“Divine Thunder!” Imperial Preceptor shouted coldly.

Yi Tianyun smirked as he knew that a thunder attributed attack wouldn’t work on him, he immediately pulled out the Heavenly Thunder Divine Pearl that he got from Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder of Divine Runes Mansion and absorbed the thunder that the Imperial Preceptor’s great array has summoned.

“What!? Where did the thunder go? What did you do?” Imperial Preceptor said, baffled by the scene in front of him.

“Well, I will not take what is not mine! So, here you go, you can have it back!” Yi Tianyun said as he pointed the Heavenly Thunder Divine Pearl toward Imperial Preceptor and released the stored thunder.

Prime Minister Long was startled as he happened to stand near Imperial Preceptor, but he wasn’t as fast as the Imperial Preceptor, and now he was in the direct path of the thunder!

“Heavenly Dragon Battle Secret Art!” Prime Minister Long shouted, and his body was immediately covered with a thick dragon scale. He immediately screamed, and suddenly a Netherworld Divine Palm immediately appeared to block the incoming thunder.

Everyone was shocked once again as what Yi Tianyun had said earlier was true!

Prime Minister Long was part of the Netherworld Empire for quite a long time!

There was no way that he could master the Netherworld Divine Palm, which was the Netherworld Empire’s Martial Art if he hasn’t joined the Netherworld Empire that long!

As the Divine Palm collided the thunder, loud noise and dazzling light burst on the skies, turning everyone’s attention towards Prime Minister Long and Yi Tianyun.

“That’s a Netherworld Divine Palm! You really are a spy from Netherworld Empire!” Ren Long said furiously. He let Prime Minister Long stay inside the Empire for a long time, he even treated him like a father figure on the past!

But he was a traitor all along, and now all Ren Long felt was just anger!

The soldiers from Heavenly Dragon also felt angry toward Prime Minister Long as they didn’t want to believe that he was from the Netherworld Empire all along. Even some of the soldiers on the Prime Minister Long’s side also showed anger and disappointment toward Prime Minister Long!

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