Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 412


Yi Tianyun smirked as his goal was to expose Prime Minister Long in front of everyone, they surely have known that Prime Minister Long had some kind of relationship with the Netherworld Emperor, but they didn’t know how deep his relationship was so that Prime Minster Long’s move completely exposed his identity.

The effect was as clear as day, Yi Tianyun could see that some of Prime Minister Long’s generals and soldiers were having a second thought of this battle. Some generals even shouted to Prime Minister Long that he was a liar and that they didn’t sign up to help the Netherworld Empire!

Some of them began to surrender to Ren Long, saying that they didn’t want to fight anymore!

But Prime Minister Long had a completely different thought, he immediately killed those that surrendered immediately!

“You are all idiots! Did you think the Heavenly Dragon Empire would accept you back just because you surrendered? You will be killed or imprisoned there! You’re better off fighting for me, or else I would be the one killing you myself!” Prime Minister Long said confidently.

The rest of his army looked at him in fear as they didn’t want to die, but they also didn’t want to fight this battle anymore. They looked over to Ren Long in hopes that he would help them out.

Ren Long noticed this and immediately stepped forward.

“Put down your weapons and surrender back to your empire! I promise you that I will not kill or imprison you for you are tempted by a man that you have trusted for a long time!” Ren Long said charismatically.

Ren Long seize this opportunity to weaken the enemy’s morale and reduce their fighting power, but he will keep his word, he will let the enemy surrendered, but he will not allow them to serve the empire again, he couldn’t accept a traitor to work under him ever again!

Ren Long’s word worked like a charm!

Many general and soldier from Prime Minister Long’s rank surrendered to the Heavenly Dragon Empire and stopped fighting altogether.

Prime Minister Long began to panic as he knew that he was losing the battle.

“Stop! If you surrender, I will kill you right now with my own hands!” Prime Minister Long said nervously.

“How will you plan to do that, if you’re going to die right here, right now!” Yi Tianyun said coldly as he used the Ice-Cold Fury towards Prime Minister Long.

As he released the powerful arrow, worth as much as 60 million combat power towards Prime Minister Long, the Ice-Cold Bow cracked, it seemed the bow was no longer able to contain Yi Tianyun’s tremendous power!

Prime Minister Long immediately released his aura in full power and immediately used the Netherworld Divine Palm once more, but this time, the powerful arrow shot through the Divine Palm like it was nothing and hit Prime Minister Long directly! Prime Minister Long immediately tried to shake off the large ice that was formed outside of his body, but he immediately realized that the freezing arrow wasn’t all there was to it!

“Murdering Dragon Poison? Shit! How dare you do this to me, brat!” Prime Minister Long said as his face became paler.

Yi Tianyun knew that the Ice-Cold Fury wouldn’t be able to hold Prime Minister Long down for long, so he used the poison that he got from killing the assassin in the forest earlier. He covered the tip of his arrow with the poison so that once it landed, Prime Minister Long wouldn’t be able to regenerate fast enough to join the battle.

But suddenly, Imperial Preceptor appeared behind Yi Tianyun and already prepared to attack! But Yi Tianyun wasn’t one that could be killed sneakily like this! He instantly teleported to the back of the Imperial Preceptor and immediately impaled the Imperial Preceptor with the Red Dragon Divine Spear!

“You better learn again how to sneak attack on people!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

But Yi Tianyun didn’t know that there was more than one Imperial Preceptor!

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