Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 414


The powerful attack was Imperial Preceptor’s last resort. This was the best that he could do without burning his Blood Essence, but on the other hand, he used all his Divine Rune!

However, Yi Tianyun didn’t try to dodge Imperial Preceptor’s attack, and therefore he extended his hands to counter the powerful attack with his own attack!

As his claw collided with Imperial Preceptor’s attack, a tingling sensation ran through Yi Tianyun’s body, indicating that he was starting to lose the power struggle.

But as he was about to burn his blood essence, a system notification suddenly beeped.


‘Congratulation to host for successfully breakthrough to Core Transformation Peak Stage!’

His combat power immediately increased to 85 Million points!

Yi Tianyun smirked and immediately repelled the attack, breaking it into countless light dust.

But unfortunately for Yi Tianyun, Imperial Preceptor used this opportunity to escape with Prime Minister Long on his arm.

They both witnessed Yi Tianyun destroyed Imperial Preceptor’s attack and getting shivers from the raw power that Yi Tianyun had exerted!

But Yi Tianyun also knew that this was all because of the Evil Dragon Suit that he wore. Without it, he wouldn’t have the confidence to take Imperial Preceptor’s attack head-on.

But that wasn’t all, it was also because of his upgraded Dragon God Bloodline that further enhanced his defensive power!

Yi Tianyun was also surprised to see that Imperial Preceptor was also capable of increasing his power beyond the power that his cultivation should have as Yi Tianyun knew that the attack that Imperial Preceptor just launched was at least comparable to the 8th Level Void Spirit Stage, while the Imperial Preceptor himself was still at 6th Level Void Spirit Stage!

But this was common in the higher level as equipment, and other items could possibly increase their power beyond their own cultivation level.

Yi Tianyun believed that the attack Imperial Preceptor just launched earlier was exceptionally powerful because he used all his Divine Runes at the same time!

At the same time, the Imperial Preceptor was trying his best to carry Prime Minister Long to escape from Yi Tianyun.

“That brat freaks me out! How could a teenager like that had that kind of power!” Imperial Preceptor said nervously.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect a strong backer like that in the Heavenly Dragon Empire myself!” Prime Minister Long said while still showing a painful expression.

Imperial Preceptor had no choice but to withdraw from the battle as he had no other means to win against Yi Tianyun at the moment.

Prime Minister Long was also poisoned and therefore couldn’t continue fighting, Imperial Preceptor also issued the order to retreat for his troop as they would be massacred if they stayed in the battlefield any longer!

“Drop your weapon! If you surrender, you will live, but if you choose to run, you will be chased and killed!” Yi Tianyun said coldly. He would never let any enemy escape ever!

To further prove his point, he ordered the Black Dragon to burn the soldiers who tried to run from the battlefield!

The troops from both the Imperial Preceptor’s rank and Prime Minister Long’s rank immediately dropped their weapons and got down to their knees. They really didn’t want to become cinders just yet!

Yi Tianyun was satisfied for now and immediately chased after Imperial Preceptor!

With the effect of the Phoenix Wings, he could catch up with the Imperial Preceptor in a short amount of time!

“Where did you want to go? Our fight is not yet done!” Yi Tianyun said as he got close to Imperial Preceptor.

Imperial Preceptor and Prime Minister Long were shocked to see Yi Tianyun already got so close to them, even though they were sure that they were far enough from him before!

“Damn you, meddling brat!” Imperial Preceptor said as he used the Netherworld Divine Palm to attack Yi Tianyun and prevent him from getting any closer.

But Yi Tianyun was much stronger now, even though this Divine Palm was stronger than the one Prime Minister Long used earlier, it wasn’t as strong as Yi Tianyun right now!

So, without any further effort, Yi Tianyun broke the Divine Palm attack and slammed both Prime Minister Long and Imperial Preceptor down to the ground!

But as Imperial Preceptor hit the ground, the divine talisman on his neck shone, and he quickly flew away quickly, faster than Yi Tianyun right now!

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