Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 415


“Tsk, A heavenly speed divine talisman, huh?” Yi Tianyun said. He was annoyed as he wouldn’t be able to catch Imperial Preceptor like he intended to.

“Brother Long, I will avenge you!” Imperial Preceptor shouted as he got away from the battlefield.

As Imperial Preceptor left the battlefield, the banner that he used to trap Yi Tianyun’s heavenly dragon dropped to the ground, releasing Yi Tianyun’s Heavenly Dragon. The banner itself was a treasure, the Imperial Preceptor was so nervous about fighting Yi Tianyun that he had to leave his treasure behind!

At the same time, Prime Minister Long was lying weakly on the ground, his body was receiving the full effect of the murdering dragon poison, and that rendered him unable to move. He could only watch as Yi Tianyun descended in his dragon form and walked towards him. Yi Tianyun then transformed back to his human form as he got closer to Prime Minister Long.

“Now, I would be happy if I can kill you, but it wasn’t my place to do that! I will turn you to Brother Ren as he was the only one that you betrayed the most!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Ren Long and Ren Zhirou arrived at the scene and immediately walked toward Prime Minister Long.

“We treat you like family, and instead, you pay us back by spying on us. Furthermore, you caused so much damage to the Heavenly Dragon Empire!” Ren Long said coldly.

“Hahaha, that is because you are too stupid to see what is in front of your own eyes! Just kill me now, but for your information, the Netherworld Empire would never let you live peacefully!” Prime Minister Long said while smirking tauntingly.

“You won this time because of him! You are lucky to have such a strong aid at the right time!” Prime Minister Long said as he pointed his finger towards Yi Tianyun angrily.

Yi Tianyun only looked at the dying man indifferently, as he didn’t care about what he thought.

“Rest assured, if the Netherworld Empire didn’t attack us, we would be the one coming after them!” Ren Long said confidently.

“You are delusional! You don’t even know how much power that the Netherworld Empire has!” Prime Minister Long said while laughing painfully.

Yi Tianyun has had enough and immediately drove his sword right in the Prime Minister’s heart.

“It’s okay, even if they have the power beyond our imagination, we just have to keep trying!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.


‘Successfully killed Prime Minister Long!’

‘Reward: 64.000.000 Exp, 50.000 Cps, 5.000 Sps, Netherworld Divine Art, Netherworld Divine Palm, Dragon God Bloodline (4th grade), Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour, Heavenly Dragon Divine Sword, Heavenly Dragon Battle Boots, Netherworld Heavenly Book, Netherworld Passage Chart.’

Yi Tianyun also got a lot of Exp from the dragon army that he sent to deal with the escaping enemies. But there was no particular reward that piqued his interest. He was a little disappointed too because he thought that Prime Minister Long had to be an elite enemy, but the system didn’t think so.

In the meantime, Ren Long ordered the army to kill all the remaining Netherworld Empire’s soldiers on the battlefield, and because of that, The Netherworld Empire’s soldiers immediately ran away, trying to save their life!

The scream was heard throughout the battlefield as soldiers obeyed Ren Long’s command. But it didn’t take long to finish off all the remaining Netherworld Empire’s soldiers.


‘Successfully completer ‘Assist the Imperial Goddess to resist Prime Minister Long’s invasion!’

‘Reward: 50.000.000 Exp, 100.000 Cps, 50 Heavenly Dragon Empire’s favourability.’

‘Successfully killed Prime Minister Long, doubling the quest reward!’

‘Reward: 100.000.000 Exp, 200.000 Cps, 100 Heavenly Dragon Empire’s Favourability.’

All the reward was immediately doubled from the initial amount, Yi Tianyun immediately was at least satisfied after seeing the amount of reward that he got! he was excited to level up to the Void Spirit Stage!

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