Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 418


The Heavenly Spirit Treasure Bead as a betrothal gift, there was no family in their right mind would reject that offer!

No wonder Xu Fei was confident that he would get what he wanted with this!

“Yes, this is definitely a sacred tool rank!” The second elder said curiously.

“Yes, it is a sacred tool treasure! I intended to use it for my own, but as soon as I heard that little Xue would be married to Fu Family, I guess it is better to use this item as a betrothal gift!” Xu Fei said confidently.

Qin Xue wiped a tear that streamed down her face as all she really wanted was to be with Xu Fei, but she couldn’t disobey her family too. But a man came out from the house, interrupting Xu Fei to make another demand.

“That is not enough at this point!” The man said commandingly.

This man was none other than Qin Long, the head of the Qin Family!

“Your treasure is definitely valuable, but did you know what makes a family prosper? That is a connection with other families! If a family has many good connections with other families, they’ll receive help from so many directions! With that in mind, what would you offer to my family? Could you protect us in time of need? If you have the support of your Xu Family, maybe I could consider your betrothal with Qin Xue!” Qin Long said confidently.

Qin Long’s word left Xu Fei speechless because it all made sense!

A treasure could do so much while a connection could take the family to a completely different level!

“Give me a little time, I will definitely protect Qin Family in the future!” Xu Fei said desperately.

“Time? How many years would it take for you to be powerful enough to protect us? Five years? Ten years? Now, stop your delusion, boy! Unless Xu Family backs you up, I will not let Qin Xue marry you!” Qin Long said wisely.

“Stop it father! Big Brother Xu had saved me! If it is not because of him, I would have died!” Qin Xue shouted to his father!

“Enough child! I will give him money for his help, but I will not allow him to marry you, no waste would become the groom of Qin Family!” Qin Long said coldly to Qin Xue.

But suddenly another group of people arrived at Qin’s Family house.

“Xu Fei, you are really here!” Xu Zhi, Xu Family Lord said casually.

“Oh, look at that! You have a sacred tool in your possession!” Xu Zhi said sarcastically as he saw the Heavenly Spirit Treasure Bead in Xu Fei’s hands.

“Father, this is my betrothal gift to Qin Family!” Xu Fei said to Xu Zhi desperately.

“Are you a fool? Why would you use a sacred treasure as a betrothal gift? This sacred treasure was way better in your brother’s hands!” Xu Zhi said coldly.

“Are you saying that my daughter wasn’t worth the sacred Treasure, Xu Family Lord?” Qin Long said coldly.

“Hey, I didn’t mean it that way, but Qin Family wouldn’t have any need of the sacred treasure, right? After all, you never have any.” Xu Zhi said tauntingly.

The two-family lord kept exchanging banter to one up another while Xu Fei was feeling sorrowful on the side, he didn’t expect his father would come, and on top of that, his father wanted him to relinquish his sacred tool to his brother!

“Now, give me that sacred treasure, and let’s leave this place!” Xu Zhi said as he reached for the Heavenly Spirit Treasure Bead from Xu Fei’s hands, but Xu Fei evaded Xu Zhi’s hands and immediately put it back inside his Storage Ring.

“You dare to defy me, boy?” Xu Zhi said coldly.

“This is my treasure! I work hard to get it without you or the family’s help! I don’t have any obligation to give it to you!” Xu Fei said confidently.

“Even if you didn’t receive any of our help, your treasure is still family treasure!” Xu Zhi said as he walked closer towards Xu Fei.

“And why is that? why does his treasure become a family treasure when he doesn’t have his family’s support?” A new voice joins in.

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