Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 417


“I am honored that you spoke highly of me like that, but I am not sure about becoming the emperor myself! Isn’t it better to let Zhirou become the new empress? She could become the goddess in the future.” Yi Tianyun said sincerely.

“That little girl! I almost forget about her! You are right, but she still needs a few more guidance, but I believe she could become the goddess in the future!” Ren Long said as he smiled happily to Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun shook his head at Ren Long with amusement.

“You know, if she heard that you forgot about her, I believe she will make you suffer!” Yi Tianyun said as he laughed a little bit.

“Yeah, just don’t let her know! I will make an excuse later, but I am sure she would catch on that I really want to travel the world!” Ren Long said casually.

“Poor little Zhirou, she has no other choice but to accept her brother’s weird demand later!” Yi Tianyun said teasingly.

“Well, I wouldn’t force her, if she doesn’t want to do it, then I will stay. But maybe I will travel quite a lot to another continent!” Ren Long said while smirking to Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun laughed as he knew that Ren Long would do whatever he wanted regardless of his position.

“Well, I will meet Zhirou now, better ask her now than later! Oh yeah, I almost forgot, your little Xu Fei was rushing towards Qin Family Mansion earlier. I am afraid that he might be avoiding you.” Ren Long said casually.

“Is that so? I will check on him later!” Yi Tianyun said a little bit disappointed.

“Hey, don’t read into it too much, it may just be because of your new status was far too high for him to be comfortable to brazenly meet you. I suggest you meet him yourself!” Ren Long said as he turned and searched for Ren Zhirou.

Yi Tianyun fell silent for a while and immediately made up his mind before he went back to Heavenly Clouds Mansion, he had to meet with Xu Fei first!

Yi Tianyun then immediately rushed towards the Qin Family Mansion without any more hesitation.

At the same time, at Qin Family Mansion, Xu Fei was shouting for Qin Xue to meet him outside her door.

The door was finally opened, revealing many people from the Qin Family who were annoyed by Xu Fei’s persistence.

“Why are you still here? Just give it up! Our family has decided to marry Qin Xue to Fu Family! We couldn’t marry her to you while you don’t even have the blessing of your own family!” Elder of Qin Family said coldly.

“Qin Xue, I am here to pick you up!” Xu Fei shouted as he ignored the Elder of Qin Family.

“You brat! I will personally throw you out the gate myself!” Elder of Qin Family said annoyedly.

“Second Elder, please stop!” A beautiful woman quickly stopped Elder of Qin Family.

“Little Xue, you finally came out!” Xu Fei said happily as he saw the Qin Xue came out of the door.

“This time, I have come to bargain for your hand to marriage!” Xu Fei said confidently.

“You talk big, brat! What can you give for us to change our minds?!” The Elder of Qin Family said condescendingly.

“I will exchange this treasure for that!” Xu Fei said as he took out a pearl from his pocket.

“This is a Lower Grade Sacred Tool Heavenly Spirit Treasure Bead! If you use this to cultivate, you can increase your cultivation speed by several levels! At first, I wanted to use it myself, but on second thought, I’d better give it up as a betrothal gift for Little Xue!” Xu Fei said confidently.

“Interesting, I never expected a brat like you would have a treasure like that!” A new figure appeared from the mansion door. He was a representative of the Fu Family, he didn’t want to show up at first, as he didn’t want to associate with Xu Fei, but as he saw the treasure that Xu Fei held, he just couldn’t hold themselves!

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