Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 422


The rewards were doubled! This was not something that he ever expected, but nevertheless, he was very satisfied with the 2 million exp that he just got from the reward!


‘Congratulation to the host for successfully breaking through to 1st Layer Void Spirit Stage.


‘Successfully took a new Main Quest [For the Heavenly Path, Destroy the Netherworld Empire and kill the Netherworld Emperor!]’

‘Reward for succession: 500.000.000 Exp, 5.000.000 Cps, 500.000 Mastery Point (can be assigned), 500.000 SPs, Title [Punish the Wicked and Eliminate the Evil!]’

Yi Tianyun was a little bit surprised to see that his next main quest would be eliminating the Netherworld Empire itself!

Not only that, but the reward was also huge!

It was five times the amount of reward he just got from completing the main quest earlier!

“It seems even the system agreed that Netherworld Empire should be eradicated from this world!” Yi Tianyun said as he nodded in satisfaction.

This main quest was in line with what he would do next anyway, so he felt happy that he could finish it sooner than he expected!

The people of Heaven’s Top Mansion were still in shock after learning the truth about their Mansion Lord and their sect, but among them, the person who was surprised the most was Yang Yu, because he had a good relationship with Yi Tianyun before, knowing that Yi Tianyun was in fact the Mansion Lord really was unexpected!

After the rest of the people finally snapped back to their senses, they began to discuss about the merge that Yi Tianyun had announced, at first there was some kind of rejection from the disciples, but eventually the Great Elder successfully defused the situation and made everyone accept the new Mansion Lord’s decision.

Yi Tianyun handed the management work over to Shi Xueyun because she was currently the best person for managing affairs in the sect. She also had Yi Yuwei to help her in this matter!

After settling that matter, Yi Tianyun headed inside the Heaven’s Top Mansion building and found an empty cultivation room, he immediately walked in and closed the door as he wanted to be alone for the moment. He began to sort his inventory and immediately thought of leveling up the Crazy Mode.

“No need to think twice about this, Level Up the Crazy Mode!” Yi Tianyun said to himself.


‘Successfully Level Up the Crazy Mode! Deducting 10.000.000 Cps.’

‘Active effect increases to X16! Passive Effect: X4 Mastery Point, X2 Sin Point, X2 Medicinal Pill effect!’

Yi Tianyun has expected this kind of effect, but he also suspected that the next level would give him X32 Effect!

But he needed 50.000.000 CPs for that, which he didn’t have yet at this moment!

However, X16 was already strong enough to get through right now.

“Great! Everything seems good!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly. He also can’t wait to find some more Soul Accumulating Grass to make a few Soul Accumulating Pills, because of the Crazy Mode effect, pills would give him double the normal amount!

As for the Sin Points, he was happy that it would be doubled, but he didn’t know how good it would be as the amount of Sin Points that he got from killing cultivator was relatively small.

He then opened his status to check if there was another thing that he thought was necessary to level up and affordable. He thought over for a moment and immediately decided to level up the Teleportation and Lucky Aura!


‘Successfully Level Up Teleportation to level 2!’

‘Effect: instantly teleport anywhere within 10 miles radius of the player. Cooldown time: 5 minutes!’


‘Successfully Level Up Lucky Aura to level 3!’

‘Effect: Increase the player luck X15, consumes 5.000 Cps per second!’

Yi Tianyun nodded his head as he found that the effect wasn’t bad. He looked at the amount of Crazy Points left and felt that there was nothing else he could level up with only a million CPs, so he immediately decided to look for the Level 50 Gift Pack.


‘Successfully opened Level 50 Gift Pack!’

‘Get 1X Super Enhanced Version Lottery Ticket, 1X Enhanced Version Lottery Ticket, 50% Discount Coupon (limited time), X50 Exp Card, Level 60 Gift Pack!’

“Hmmm, what is this Super Enhanced Lottery Ticket? Is it better than the previous one?” Yi Tianyun said curiously as he got the Super Enhanced Version Lottery Ticket!

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