Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 423


“Let’s just try it out!” Yi Tianyun said without hesitation as he immediately activated the Super Enhanced Version Lottery Ticket.

Suddenly, a huge Roulette appeared in front of him and quickly spun on its own.

However, Yi Tianyun decided not to use his Lucky Aura now, as he thought that the Lucky Aura wouldn’t influence this roulette.

Sure enough, the roulette stopped at Cultivation Technique!

A wooden box immediately popped out of the roulette, and Yi Tianyun eagerly took it to check what he got.

Swallowing Heavens Divine Arts: Lower Grade Heavens Level Martial Art! A powerful absorption technique that could devour all types of energy and turn it into Exp! (the effect did not stack with the Dark North Divine Art.) Leveling up cost 1.000.000 Mastery Point.

Yi Tianyun checked his Dark North Divine Art and noticed that it also required 1.000.000 Mastery Points to level it up to Lower Heaven Grade, but this new Divine Art cost 1.000.000 Mastery Point to level it up to Middle Heaven Grade! He began to wonder which one was better between the two. But he immediately decided to try Swallowing Heavens Divine Art first before making his decision.

Yi Tianyun then reached out his arm forward and activated the Swallowing Heavens Divine Art, and suddenly he absorbed so much Spiritual Energy inside the room in an instant!

‘Received 300 Exp, 320 Exp, …’

This absorption rate was much faster than Dark North Divine Art. Furthermore, this Swallowing Heavens Divine Art also absorbed a considerable amount of Spiritual Energy from the object around him, which the Dark North Divine art couldn’t do!

“It seems that this one was better! I will use this Swallowing Heavens Divine Art from now on!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly. He was also happy that the item that he got from his Gift Pack wasn’t bad at all, the X50 Exp Card would be used effectively!

He took a look at the Super Enhanced Version Lottery Roulette and found out that he had to use 2.000.000 CPs for one draw without a ticket, which was too much for him at the moment!

He then checked his inventory and status and found out there was nothing more that he could do at the moment.

He also noticed that he didn’t need that much Exp to level up to 2nd Level Void Spirit Stage too!

Because of the amount of Exp that he got from his Main Quest earlier, he was halfway to leveling up, he only needed 150.000.000 Exp now!

That amount of Exp was a lot!

But with the X50 Exp Card, he knew that it would be a walk in the park!

After that, Yi Tianyun immediately walked out of the cultivation room and looked at the situation outside.

He noticed that there was not much change since they arrived there.

The mansion was still divided into two parts, one was Heaven’s Top Mansion, and the other was Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, which was still used by the Spirit Sect and Heavenly Jade Sect.

This was nothing strange, as they just met each other and still not familiar enough to do anything together.

Although the change inside the Heavenly Clouds Mansion wasn’t much, the outside world begged to differ, the news of the merge was spread throughout the Heavenly Border Continent, including the Netherworld Empire!

They began to wonder why a mysterious sect like that wanted to merge with Heaven’s Top Mansion of all sects!

But the next news really shocked everyone, especially the Netherworld Empire!

Because the news said that the Spirit Race was found among the Heavenly Clouds Mansion’s disciple!

Everyone was surprised because they knew that the Netherworld Empire was chasing the Spirit Race, but they come out of their hiding with a bang like this was basically seeking death!

On the other hand, the Netherworld Empire was distraught by this news.

“That despicable Spirit Race! How dare they make a move like this! Did they think that the Netherworld Empire couldn’t afford to chase them down again!” Imperial Preceptor said furiously.

The Netherworld Emperor also took the news with anger as everyone knew that the Spirit Race has taken out two of Netherworld Empire’s Main Generals!

The Emperor immediately ordered the imperial Preceptor to plan an attack to eradicate them once and for all!

But while they were still planning an attack, Yi Tianyun had already made his decision!

He would be attacking the Netherworld Empire actively!

The people from the Heavenly Clouds Mansion thought that Yi Tianyun had gone insane, but Yi Tianyun only showed them his smirk as he already received a report from the Spirit Race’s spy from the Netherworld Empire’s border!

He could attack the Netherworld Empire right now!

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