Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 426


The Netherworld Empire was cautious, and this time the Netherworld Emperor mustered all the Empire’s strength to defend against this new enemy. He ordered the Imperial Preceptor and two Army Generals to fend off the new enemy with the Flying Hawk Army at their disposal. It was no wonder that no enemy could ever reach the Netherworld Imperial City!

“Mansion Lord, what would we do now?” An elder asked Yi Tianyun worriedly. But Yi Tianyun only smiled and stood from his chair.

“It’s okay, it is time for me to make my move as well!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

The people who heard Yi Tianyun’s word just now were startled as if they heard it wrong, Yi Tianyun wanted to deal with a thousand enemies alone!

However, as it was Yi Tianyun’s decision, they chose to remain silent and did not question Yi Tianyun’s decision, they had faith that Yi Tianyun would actually pull it off somehow!

Yi Tianyun walked toward the palace’s door and looked over to the incoming enemies coldly. He then opened the Sin Shop and quickly bought the Sword Master Suit!

Sword Master Suit: Required level 30 to wear.

Effect: the wearer could use and control the sword array, all swords within the High-Grade Spirit Tool rank in ten miles radius could be controlled by the wearer, can control up to 10.000 Swords at a time!

Price: 100.000 Sin Points.

“Exchange the Sword Master Suit!” Yi Tianyun said casually.


‘Successfully bought the Sword Master Suit, deducting 100.000 Sin Points!’

“Equip the Sword Master Suit!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

In an instant, his clothes have changed into a thin white coat, the coat fluttered as the wind blew, Yi Tianyun looked super elegant!

The people standing near him couldn’t take their eyes off from Yi Tianyun’s figure that suddenly became much more confident.

Yi Tianyun then raised his hands and closed his eyes, he could feel a large amount of weapon in the city below the palace, he immediately tried to control all of them to fly towards the palace as his weapons.

At the same time, Imperial Preceptor and his army were closing in, the people inside the Heavenly Clouds Palace became anxious as they didn’t see Yi Tianyun did anything to defend the palace, they were sitting duck there, as there was no place to escape if the Imperial Preceptor arrived and started to attack them!

“We are close enough! Shoot them down from the air!” Imperial Preceptor commanded the Flying Hawk Soldier to Attack!

“Sir, yes sir!” the Soldiers said at the same time.

The flying hawk army began to bombard the Heavenly Clouds Palace with their longbow from afar relentlessly.

There was no doubt that they were the best army that the Netherworld Empire had!

Furthermore, the huge palace in the sky was a foolish move in the soldier’s eye.

Everyone knew that the bigger the target was, the easier for them to aim and shoot.

So, the Flying Hawk Army was more than happy to attack Heavenly Clouds Palace while they thought that there would be no consequence for them to attack the palace.

At the same time, Yi Tianyun has connected with almost 10.000 Spirit Tool rank swords from 10 miles radius, he also got the weapons from the Flying Hawk Army in front of him!

He immediately controlled the 10.000 Spirit tool rank swords in front of the Heavenly Clouds Palace, shocking everyone who saw the scene enveloping in front of their eyes.

“Ten Thousand Sword Barrage!” Yi Tianyun shouted as the swords began to fly toward the flying hawk army at a great speed.

Yi Tianyun opened his eyes, and his eyes glowed brightly as he controlled the swords precisely.

The Sword Master Suit, unfortunately, didn’t enhance any of his statuses, but it was not a problem as the sword was thrown from a Void Spirit Stage Expert!

So, the swords under Yi Tianyun’s control traveled with a speed that most cultivators couldn’t see, making them too late to react!

“Fall back!” Imperial Preceptor shouted as he watched in horror that his army was being annihilated!

The soldiers began to fall from the sky as their hawks died from the swords barrage that Yi Tianyun hurled.

In a short time, Yi Tianyun had successfully killed half of the Flying Hawk Army!

Yi Tianyun smirked as he received quite a lot of Exp, but those cultivators were too weak for him, so the amount of Exp that he got failed to satisfy him!

The rest of the people from the Heavenly Clouds Mansion stared at Yi Tianyun in awe!

This technique was too powerful!

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  1. TDM says:

    Wait… half of THOUSANDS of cultivators and giant hawks were killed, and the XP and sin points were inconsequential? Tiny amounts, multipied by thousands, are still big numbers. … are we using wuxia math again, in which numbers are meaningless until/unless the author says they are?… ugh.

  2. Brandon Girard says:

    He should have used the 50% off coupon to buy the demon god suit

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