Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 425


As the people from Heavenly Dragon Empire came, Yi Tianyun had nothing left to wait for, Yi Tianyun then prepared for their departure towards the Netherworld Empire immediately!

“Are you ready to destroy the Netherworld Empire?” Yi Tianyun asked Heavenly Dragon Empire’s Army.

“Yes, my prince!” The soldier all said at the same time.

The people from the Heavenly Cloud Mansion was surprised at their answer, they never knew Yi Tianyun was a prince before, on top of that Heavenly Dragon Empire’s prince?

But even if he noticed the confused look on his people’s face, Yi Tianyun didn’t explain why he was called a prince to them.

Furthermore, the people from the Heavenly Clouds Mansion began to notice that the leader of the Heavenly Dragon Empire’s army was the Heavenly Dragon Emperor himself!

This revelation made some of them felt chill as Yi Tianyun’s progress was far too quick for their understanding!

“Did you really become the Heavenly Dragon Empire’s Prince? You sure didn’t take your time, did you?” Shi Xueyun said teasingly.

“Well, I always tried my best for the Heavenly Clouds Mansion’s betterment!” Yi Tianyun said confidently to Shi Xueyun.

After a small briefing of what they would do on the battle, Yi Tianyun immediately announced their departure towards the Netherworld Empire.

Ye Qingxuan nodded and immediately activated the Great Array of flight to transport all the people that would join the battle.

But even though they were up in the air, the Netherworld Empire still had many cultivators at Core Transformation stage or higher, so they could intercept the flying palace anytime.

“Brother Yi, why are you so confident that we need to attack this fast?” Ren Long asked Yi Tianyun curiously.

“We need to do this quick! We can catch them off guard if we attack now. After all, we are always on the defensive side against them!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“Well said. I will trust your judgment. I know that you did this with our victory in mind!” Ren Long said honestly.

Heavenly Dragon Empire had never attacked Netherworld Imperial City before as they have always been in the losing side of the battle, if it wasn’t because of the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure, the Heavenly Dragon Imperial City would have fallen to Netherworld Empire a long time ago.

“I can’t wait to destroy the Netherworld Empire, for this would be a big feat for us!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“That is true! Other empires would hold our name in respect after all this!” Ren Long said confidently.

The Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, which was called Heavenly Clouds Palace at the moment, was flying towards the Netherworld Empire’s imperial City steadily.

The people inside were preparing themselves for the battle in excitement.

The Heavenly Clouds Palace’s speed wasn’t fast, but it wasn’t slow either, thus making the news of the flying palace advancing towards Netherworld Empire was heard by the Imperial Preceptor and the Netherworld Emperor.

The Emperor and the Imperial Preceptor were undoubtedly shocked to hear this news as they never expected the other side to take the initiative.

This act was very different than the usual situation, this Heavenly Clouds Mansion sure was bold to attack Netherworld Empire like this!

“Is this Heavenly Clouds Mansion for real? Why are they attacking us this soon? I am sure the decision maker inside the Spirit Race was an idiot!” Imperial Preceptor said annoyedly.

“Send the Flying Hawk army! You will personally lead them! I don’t want to hear your failure once more!” Netherworld Emperor said toward Imperial Preceptor coldly.

“Take the rest of the Army General with you, but remember, no more failure!” Netherworld Emperor added coldly.

“Yes, your majesty! I will not fail again!” Imperial Preceptor said solemnly.

Imperial Preceptor immediately walked out of the palace to prepare the Flying Hawk army to intercept the flying palace, he was determined to redeem himself this time, but unfortunately for him, he lacked the critical information regarding the enemy’s power!

He didn’t know that the Heavenly Clouds Mansion was led by Yi Tianyun himself!

Not long after, as many as thousands Flying Hawk assembled, this was a massive army!

With the Flying Hawk’s speed and flexibility, they were an absolute powerhouse in the air!

“Mansion Lord! I receive news that the Imperial preceptor would personally intercept us soon, he comes with a thousand Flying Hawk Army and two other Army Generals!” A guard said toward Yi Tianyun.

“Nice, our plan works sooner than expected!” Yi Tianyun said as he smirked to himself, he couldn’t wait to finally beat the Imperial Preceptor to a pulp!

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