Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 428


Seeing that the Imperial Preceptor and the last Army General was running away, Yi Tianyun put away his Ice-Cold Divine Bow and let them get away for the moment.

After all, he was going to destroy the Imperial City of Netherworld Empire!

“Let them run for now! We will get them at their own base next time!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Everyone inside Heavenly Clouds Palace was shocked to see the scene developed outside, they didn’t know that Yi Tianyun was this strong, killing a thousand soldiers all by himself!

Even some of the Heaven’s Top Sect’s elders began to wonder whether Yi Tianyun really he was the Prince of Heavenly Dragon Empire.

Yi Tianyun didn’t say anything to confirm their wonderment, as he found nothing good in bragging.

But one thing for sure was that all people inside the Heavenly Clouds Palace were convinced that they would win this war!

However, Ren Long wanted to brag a little.

“I am the current Emperor of the Heavenly Dragon Empire here to announce that Yi Tianyun was indeed the one and only Prince of the Heavenly Dragon Empire!” He said excitedly.

With Ren Long’s confirmation, the look of shock in everyone’s face returned, they never expected to have a Mansion Lord who could shake an empire like this!

All of a sudden, the prestige point for Heavenly Clouds Mansion exploded!

This was all because they finally believed that Yi Tianyun was truly powerful!

They began to look at Yi Tianyun in awe and utmost respect!

After all, their Mansion Lord has repelled the Netherworld Empire’s army twice in a row!

“This is truly the time for the young to shine! I believe Spirit King would certainly bring us to glory and destroy the Netherworld Empire once and for all!” Spirit Race Old Ancestor said confidently.

“Yes! Long live Spirit King Yi Tianyun!” The rest of the Spirit Race people started to chant Yi Tianyun’s name in excitement.

They all knew that the first step to glory has already been fulfilled!

With every chant of his name, Yi Tianyun also noticed that his Prestige Point kept increasing!

Shi Xueyun, who was standing near Yi Tianyun, showed a slight hint of a smile at Yi Tianyun’s achievement, she looked at Yi Tianyun with eyes full of praise.

Yi Tianyun, who was once a boy without any Blood Qi, yet now Yi Tianyun has transformed into an expert that she couldn’t even fathom how powerful he was!

“Thank you very much for everyone’s trust in me, but we must not be blinded by confidence and negligence! This time, we wouldn’t fight them within our own comfort zone. This time, we will attack them within their own territory! It means that there would be many things that could not fall within our plan! Our first plan was to disable as many Great Arrays as we can as soon as we enter the Imperial City, so keep your heads up! Don’t fall for their trap!” Yi Tianyun said commandingly.

Even though Yi Tianyun had the power, he wasn’t someone who would get something like this over his head, he knew that a lot of things could go wrong if he underestimated the enemy, so he couldn’t relax while he was within enemy border like this!

Everyone nodded and quickly calmed down and became serious, but they still struggled to hold their own excitement.

There was no wonder left in their heart about why Yi Tianyun was so bold as to wage war against the Netherworld Empire, it was all because he had the power to do so!

When the morale inside Heavenly Clouds Mansion increased, the situation inside the Netherworld Empire Imperial City was the opposite of Yi Tianyun’s current situation.

The people inside the Netherworld Empire Imperial City have heard the news about the Imperial Preceptor’s lost, and they were shocked to hear that the enemy had destroyed all Flying Hawk Army without leaving any!

The prestige of the Netherworld Empire has fallen to the lowest point, many citizens and cultivators had decided to leave the Imperial City and evacuate as they knew that they would be killed if they stayed inside the Imperial City!

There was no doubt on their mind that the Heavenly Dragon Empire would take the Heavenly Border Continent, and there was also no doubt on their mind that the Heavenly Dragon Empire would cleanse the continent from any Netherworld Empire’s follower.

In the meantime, Imperial Preceptor rushed back to the Netherworld Imperial City, but he didn’t dare to face the Netherworld Emperor, there was no doubt on his mind that the Netherworld Emperor would kill him if he showed up without any result once again!

“I know now that the enemy could control thousands of swords, that martial art is definitely out of this world! I have never seen any martial arts like that before! Such nonsense makes things harder for me!” Imperial Preceptor said furiously.

At the same time, Netherworld Emperor had heard the news of Imperial Preceptor’s defeat, and now he was watching the Imperial Preceptor in anger.

“I never expected the Imperial Preceptor would actually lose the prior battle, but now as I heard it twice, I want to face this enemy myself! They have achieved what none could achieve in a long time! I can’t wait to see what they will do once they arrived at this imperial city!” Netherworld Emperor said coldly.

Imperial Preceptor began to activate many Great Arrays that the Netherworld Imperial City had, he was a Divine Rune Grandmaster, making it easy for him to activate and control many Great Array at once.

“Now, come! Let us see what you can do against these many traps!” Imperial Preceptor said with a smirk on his face.

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