Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 429


After the Flying Hawk Army was annihilated, Heavenly Clouds Palace continued to fly towards the Netherworld Empire Imperial City without having any blockade.

No one dared to block Yi Tianyun’s path after seeing him destroying 1.000 unit Flying Hawk Army single-handedly.

Yi Tianyun then called back all the Spirit Sword that he controlled and sighed in relief, the Sword Master Suit was indeed powerful, but he needed to conserve his Crazy Points.

Yi Tianyun then looked at the pile of Spirit Swords in the Hall and couldn’t help but think to upgrade all of them later!

He didn’t care that the weapons were in fact stolen weapons, as it was from the enemy’s territory!

But it was a shame that the suit was only capable of controlling swords, but it was understandable since the suit was called Sword Master Suit!

He quickly checked his Sin Points, and as he predicted, on top of the Sword Master Suit, there was another suit that was correlated with the Sword Master Suit!

‘Sword Saint Suit: Level 50 Equipment.

Can use the Sword Saint Array! Controlling all the Long Sword within High Grade Sacred Tool Rank in 10 miles radius. Can control up to 10.000 Long Sword. Sword Saint Array consume 100.000 Cps.

Price: 1.000.000 Sin Points.’

His guess was correct, the new Suit in Sin Shop will only appear after buying the available one!

With that in mind, Yi Tianyun wondered how strong the equipment after buying the Evil God Suit and the Sword Saint Suit would be!

“It seems the reason for buying out this suit keeps appearing!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly.

“Prince Yi! How did you control that many Spirit Swords?” Ren Long asked as he came closer towards Yi Tianyun.

Ren Long question attracted many curious eyes from the Heavenly Clouds Mansion’s side.

“I couldn’t really explain it myself, but it requires a large amount of Spiritual Energy, it also requires a certain Martial Arts!” Yi Tianyun said as he rubbed his chin awkwardly. He couldn’t say that it was all because of the suit that he wore!

“Can you teach the disciple this Martial Art? If you can, they would become so much stronger!” Ren Long said in anticipation!

Other people in the vicinity also nodded their heads as they agree with Ren Long’s words.

“Uh, I hate to say this but, I can’t teach this Martial Art! In fact, I think I am the only one who can use this Martial Art!” Yi Tianyun said with a slight smile.

What he said was the truth!

If it was not because of the Sword Master Suit, he wouldn’t be able to use the Sword Master Array either!

Ren Long nodded and smiled at Yi Tianyun, he didn’t pester Yi Tianyun to share his knowledge, after all, people have their own secrets!

But some people didn’t believe what Yi Tianyun had said, but they didn’t voice their disbelief as it wasn’t their place to say anything, after all the people inside the Heavenly Clouds Palace right now has the utmost loyalty toward Yi Tianyun!

But no matter what happened, they knew that Yi Tianyun was overwhelmingly strong!

They felt that if Yi Tianyun was here with them, they wouldn’t lose any battle!

Even if the Netherworld Empire was strong enough to hold Yi Tianyun’s attack, they knew that at the end of the day, the Netherworld Empire would lose something greatly!

Yi Tianyun then quickly commanded them to get ready as the flying palace was nearly reaching Netherworld Empire Imperial City, a place that was being said to be unbreachable!

Sure enough, after all of them prepared for battle, they looked outside, and there it was, the Netherworld Empire Imperial City and all its glory!

The people inside Heavenly Clouds Palace could sense that the city was intimidating, even though it was no different from all other cities!

“Ready for battle in Netherworld Empire Imperial City?” Yi Tianyun asked loudly.

He was excited about this battle, for he hoped to level up once or twice!

But Yi Tianyun received many nods as his answer as the people on his side were too unnerved to speak!

The people on Yi Tianyun’s side knew that they weren’t as powerful as Yi Tianyun and so they knew that one little careless move could cost them their lives!

On the other side of the battle, the Imperial Preceptor was holding onto a Demon Staff. He was staring at the flying palace with a smirk on his face, “Come to the city if you dare! If you could deal with all of my traps, then I really would kill myself!” He said evilly.

The next moment, he slammed the ground, and the Netherworld Empire Imperial City’s wall began to rumble, and suddenly, a huge black great array appeared with a bang!

A dark column of light rose through the skies and slammed the underside of the Heavenly Clouds Palace!

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