Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 433


Imperial Preceptor was smashed hard against the ground, stunning him with his bones all broken!

This was all the result of Yi Tianyun’s 176 million Combat Power!

With his Crazy Mode multiplying his combat power by 16 and he also recently leveled up to 1st Level Void Spirit Stage, he achieved 176 million Combat Power while not using his full power!

The imperial Preceptor was dying, and he didn’t know what to say after receiving this overpowered attack from Yi Tianyun.

Everyone felt the same way, they didn’t know what to say after seeing the scene enveloping in front of them.

The number two person in the Netherworld Empire was defeated with one punch!

People started to think that Yi Tianyun could be this powerful, suggesting that Yi Tianyun’s cultivation technique must be some overpowered technique too!

People wondered Has Yi Tianyun already achieved Spirit King Stage as he could defeat a 6th Level Void Spirit Stage Imperial Preceptor so easily.

Ren Long looked at Yi Tianyun in disbelief, he knew that earlier, Yi Tianyun only could compete with Imperial Preceptor after transforming into a dragon, but this time he could defeat Imperial Preceptor with only once punch!

He wondered how Yi Tianyun could cultivate that quickly.

“How can he easily cultivate like this? I am sure that it was a tie between Yi Tianyun and Imperial Preceptor earlier, but this time he could one-shot him? I would make sure to ask for his advice about cultivating later for sure!” Ren Long said as he got envious of Yi Tianyun’s cultivation speed.

Shi Xueyun was already used to Yi Tianyun’s overwhelming cultivation speed and therefore didn’t question him much about it, and she also let him deal with the enemy until he said otherwise.

The next moment, Yi Tianyun walked towards the Imperial Preceptor and coldly stared at him.

“Now, I win! Quite easy, I’d say!” Yi Tianyun said coldly, and he immediately stabbed Imperial Preceptor’s chest with the long sword that he took lying around his feet.


‘Successfully killed Imperial Preceptor!’

‘Reward: 133.000.000 Exp, 60.000 Cps, 10.000 Sps, 10.000 Divine Rune Mastery Points, Netherworld Divine Palm Technique, Netherworld Divine Art, Divine Rune Golden Body Secret Art, Descending Dragon Banner, Dark Dragon Great Array, Netherworld Demon Staff (High Grade Sacred Tool), Netherworld Divine Armor, Netherworld Boots, Netherworld Soul (Rare), Netherworld Bone (Rare).’

The total exp that Yi Tianyun got was completely off the chart! But that was expected as Yi Tianyun used all his Exp Card, multiplying his Exp Gain by 116!

It was the effect of X50 Exp Card, x30 Exp Card, X20 Exp Card and plus the X16 from the Crazy Mode’s effect!

He also wanted to buy the X10 Exp Card and x5 Exp Card, but because he has already bought a bunch of it before, the price was not worth it anymore!

Yi Tianyun smiled happily as he got a bunch of Exp, the possibility that he could level up here made it more exciting for him.

“Imperial Preceptor is dead!” People from Yi Tianyun’s side shouted excitedly.

They cheered as they know that Yi Tianyun defeated the number two person in the Netherworld Empire quite easily!

While at the same time, people from the Netherworld Empire was still shocked!

Some of them quickly reported back to Netherworld Emperor about the defeat of the Imperial Preceptor, as there was no way that they could win without the emperor joining the battle himself!

“Great Emperor! The Imperial Preceptor is dead, and the Dark Dragon Great Array was destroyed along with his defeat, I believe that you are the only one capable of facing the enemy!” The soldier said as he reported back to the Netherworld Emperor.

Netherworld Emperor sighed as he knew that everything was a mess now.

The death of the Imperial Preceptor would cause a negative impact on the soldiers outside, and he was sure that his soldiers were in chaos too!

Meanwhile, Yi Tianyun was already confident that the destruction of the Netherworld Empire was already at hand!

“Let’s go people! To the Netherworld Empire, Imperial City!” Yi Tianyun shouted to everyone from his side.

Everyone from Heavenly Clouds Mansion rushed out of the Palace and quickly walked behind Yi Tianyun towards the center of Imperial City.

At the same time, Yi Tianyun quickly activated the Dark Dragon Great Array that he got from Imperial Preceptor earlier and summoned the Dark Dragon to defend his people from any Netherworld Empire’s attack!

The soldier from the Netherworld Empire was overjoyed as they thought that someone from their side was controlling the Dark Dragon Great Array, but as they cheered, the realization quickly hit them!

The Dark Dragon was attacking the soldier of the Netherworld Empire!

The soldier began to scream as they were burned by the Netherworld Fire that the Dark Dragon spewed while many of them were trying to get out of the city, abandoning the Imperial City that they were supposed to guard!

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  1. Why is it that the MC is so weak? I mean compared to others his combat power at his cultivation realm is average at best I think and only his defense is something to brag about. He has so many unused cultivation manuals and supposedly OP arts and techniques that he does cultivate but they all seem so weak.

    Not to mention the screw up that is the systems “Reward” for killing people and beasts. I mean the exp calculation by the author is still so f*cked up that it’s hard to find an equal.

    I know that these things are authors way of nerfing the MC for an moderate growth where he struggles to move forward, but come on it is starting to get annoying.

    The story started like 6 months ago if I’m not wrong and the MC hasn’t had more than an few days of rest during that time. And even those times of rest he’s had are most likely when he was travelling. Talk about being fast paced.

    1. Thanks for the chapters

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    Thanks for the chap.

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