Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 432


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Although the Dark Dragon was easily burned, the Dark Dragon Great Array was still standing, but sadly, it has already reached its limit!

The Dark Dragon Great Array was far weaker than the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure as it was only able to control one dragon at a time, and so at this moment, the Imperial Preceptor was completely screwed!

“Damn it! This is all just because of a small fire!” The Imperial Preceptor said furiously.

He didn’t expect his favorite Dark Dragon Great Array would be destroyed that easily!

Imperial Preceptor then tried once again to create another Dark Dragon, but he noticed that the Dark Aura that was generated from the Dark Dragon Great Array wasn’t as thick as the previous one, resulting in slower condensation to create another Dark Dragon.

At the same time, Yi Tianyun already activated his Heavenly Eyes, actively searching for the array core of the Dark Dragon Great Array.

If he finds this Array Core, the Great Array would be destroyed simply by destroying the Core!

“One of the Core is on your left-hand side!” Ye Qingxuan’s voice was heard from afar.

Yi Tianyun immediately moved towards the direction that Ye Qingxuan has shouted, he knows that Ye Qingxuan must have activated her own Heavenly Eyes to search for the Array Core!

The Old Ancestor was also doing the same, he also found one of the cores by himself and began to break it!

Although he wasn’t as strong as he used to be, at his peak, but he was still a Divine Rune Grand Master!

He could break an Array core of a fragile Great Array like this easily!

Yi Tianyun was satisfied that the people around him doing their part as efficient as they can be, because of Ye Qingxuan and the Old Ancestor’s help, Yi Tianyun could find almost all the Array Core in a short amount of time!

But the Dark Clouds began to form again, and this time, the Dark Dragon that was created by the Dark Dragon Great Array wasn’t as strong as the previous one, only at 1st Level Void Spirit Stage!

The combat power also dropped dramatically. This is one of the disadvantages of a great array like this. Once it was broken, the effect would also drastically drop!

But this is not the case for Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure, it wouldn’t affect its performance by only break it down unless it was destroyed!

But the problem is, a divine tool was impossible to destroy!

Yi Tianyun threw the Immortal Fires once again, burning the new Dark Dragon to ashes immediately.

The death of the second Dark Dragon caused another series of cracks on the Dark Dragon Great Array integrity, reducing its effect once again.

Imperial Preceptor was getting more impatient, he was completely furious as the Dark Dragon Great Array that he held dear was easily defeated like this!

It couldn’t even kill anyone from the enemy’s side!

He thought that he would be battling Prince Yi with advantages inside the Netherworld Empire Imperial City, but it turns out he didn’t have any advantages at all!

“Imperial Preceptor! What should we do now? We could no longer rely on the Dark Dragon Great Array, it would be destroyed at this rate!” The Last Army General said nervously.

After all, he has already promised their victory to the Great Emperor, if they lost this battle, the Great Emperor would certainly kill them both!

“The only option left is to enter the battle ourselves!” Imperial Preceptor said solemnly, he immediately activated all the Divine Rune on his body and released all his Spiritual Energy.

He was ready to fight Yi Tianyun head on!

This fighting technique of the Imperial Preceptor was the same technique that the Old Ancestor of the Divine Rune Mansion once used.

They portrayed the Divine Rune on their own body, resulting in complete burst of power!

This also meant that Imperial Preceptor was at his wits end.

There was nothing else he could do to win the battle against Yi Tianyun without using this technique!

After all, if he lost here, the Great Emperor would kill him personally!

The last Army General was also prepared to fight, he burned his blood qi, and together with Imperial Preceptor, both consumed a blood divine pill, this pill would greatly reduce their cultivation after the battle in exchange of a power burst!

They risk it all, after all, it was still better than dying!

The next moment, Imperial Preceptor immediately rushed toward Yi Tianyun with his Demon Staff, and he also absorbed the essence of the Dark Dragon Great Array as he flew and suddenly turn into a Dark Dragon himself and clashed with Yi Tianyun!

The sky was immediately filled with dark clouds and menacing aura, compared to the previous Dark Dragon, this one was the strongest!

With Imperial Preceptor’s base combat power amplified, plus the Dark Dragon transformation, he reached 98.000.000 Combat power!

This was far exceeding the limits he once showed against Yi Tianyun!

Spirit Race Old Ancestor and the rest were unnerved before this Dark Dragon, but Yi Tianyun smiled and laughed as he looked over to the Dark Dragon.

“Dragon God Fist!” Yi Tianyun shouted as he punched the Dark Dragon right on its head.

A huge fist appeared out of nowhere and smashed the Dark Dragon down to the ground, the Dark Dragon was slowly dissipating as it lay on the ground unmoved!

Instant Kill!

Yi Tianyun killed the Imperial Dragon over the Dark Dragon enchantment with one hit!

Yi Tianyun immediately looked at his Status Window and saw that his Combat Power had increased exponentially!

He was currently at 176.000.000 Combat Power!

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