Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 437


Yi Tianyun’s demand was like a slap in the face for the Netherworld Emperor, the Emperor lamented on how stupid Yi Tianyun was as he rejected a big offer like that!

“It seems that you have confident on your power! Did you think that you really can stop me?” Netherworld Emperor said coldly.  Huge phantom shadow of the Netherworld Emperor immediately appeared in front of the Palace’s door and immediately rushed over to Yi Tianyun.

Everyone could feel a terrifying pressure coming out of the Emperor’s Phantom Shadow, this was far more powerful that the Dark Dragon earlier! This was the enhanced version of the Netherworld Talisman that Yi Tianyun encountered while fighting with the minister of Netherworld Empire earlier. This was Netherworld Emperor’s own divine ability, making it far more powerful than any other fake versions from the Netherworld Talisman!

The Emperor’s Phantom Shadow immediately waved his hands at Yi Tianyun and a condensed Netherworld’s Fire was immediately shot out from the palm of its hand! This was the true power of Netherworld Divine Palm, a palm attack with Netherworld’s fire enhancing the attack!

The power from the Phantom Shadow’s Netherworld Divine Palm reached 120 Million Combat Power! Much more powerful than anything Yi Tianyun has ever encountered! There was no doubt that the Netherworld Emperor was at Void Spirit Peak Stage!

“You are strong, I will give you that, but it’s unfortunate that you will die today!” Yi Tianyun said as his body began to be covered by the thick scale from his upgraded Dragon God Bloodline! He began to channel his power into his fist and then prepared to hit the Netherworld Emperor’s Phantom Shadow with it! “Dragon God Fist!” Yi Tianyun shouted as he punched the Phantom Shadow, he also covered his fist with the Immortal Fire as he knew that the Netherworld’s fire was weak to extremely hot fire like the Immortal Fire!

Yi Tianyun smashed the Phantom Shadow down and immediately rushed towards the palace! Yi Tianyun punched the door with the Dragon God Fist and the door was busted open, while the Immortal Fire quickly burned the door and the wall of the palace, illuminating the entire area!

Yi Tianyun’s combat power has reached 180 million, reaching new height and overpowered the Phantom Shadow by quite a lot! Knowing that the enemy would soon reach his location, Netherworld Emperor became uneasy, he was sitting on his throne while a huge array beneath the throne was providing a Netherworld’s Fire for him to cultivate.

“Damn it! Who is that boy? How can he be so powerful despite being so young?!” Netherworld Emperor said with horror and anxiety in his eyes. He must get Yi Tianyun out of the Palace, at least he had to save the Great Array that constantly provided him with the Netherworld’s Fire that he direly needed to cultivate!

But unbeknown to the Netherworld Emperor, Yi Tianyun has already done his analysis on him!

Netherworld Great Emperor: Void Spirit Peak Stage Cultivation,

Equipment: High Grade Sacred Tool, Netherworld’s Fire,

Martial Art: Netherworld Divine Art, Netherworld Divine Palm, Netherworld Burning Body Secret Art,

Weakness: Extremely Hot Fire,

Combat Power: 120.000.000,

Drop on kill: Netherworld Divine Art, Netherworld Divine Palm, Netherworld Burning Body Secret Art.

Netherworld Great Array: Grandmaster Level Divine Rune Great Array, can absorb Netherworld’s Fire in the underground to enhance it power for cultivation or for attacking!


Yi Tianyun has already seen it all! He knew that the Emperor was drawing his strength from the Netherworld Great Array, otherwise, the Emperor wouldn’t be able to achieve this kind of power!

“I am very lucky that I managed to level up before reaching the Emperor, otherwise, I would definitely have a hard time against him!” Yi Tianyun said as he walked towards the throne room. Yi Tianyun also realised that this was also why the Emperor never left the palace as his source of power was there!

In front of the Throne Room’s door, Yi Tianyun once again swung his hands and attacked the door with the Dragon God Fist, smashing down the door with one punch! The Great Emperor’s complexion suddenly changed as he knew that he had to buy more time to breakthrough.

“Old Ancestors! Help me!” Netherworld Emperor shouted nervously.

Immediately, two coffins popped out from the ground and blood was spilling from every little crevice of the coffins. The coffins slowly opened, revealing two old skinny men covered in blood!

“I didn’t expect this world still have such a genius cultivator in store, he is still so young!” an elderly voice from one of the Old Ancestor said. They both immediately raised their hands and suddenly a tremendous power could be felt from them both!

They quickly clapped their hands and with their power combined, a huge Netherworld Divine Palm erupted with 150 million combat power!

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