Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 438


This 150 million combat power was the proof that both of them were at Spirit King Stage in their peak! But unfortunately for them, their combat power still fell short against Yi Tianyun, with 190 million Combat Power, Yi Tianyun still had the upper hand!

Yi Tianyun smirked and immediately used the Dragon God Fist to smash the Netherworld Divine Palm once again! The two ancestors were startled and immediately jumped out of their coffin to dodge Yi Tianyun’s attack that went straight through the Netherworld Divine Palm!

The Old Ancestor’s complexion immediately paled, they have used their resources to stay alive, but this time, they had to face against an enemy that they couldn’t easily beat!

“This power, is he the messenger of a Divine Nation?” The Old Ancestors said as they looked at Yi Tianyun.

Meanwhile, the Netherworld Emperor was frowning as he realises the Old Ancestors couldn’t stop Yi Tianyun’s attack!

At the same time, Yi Tianyun looked at the two Old Ancestors’ status to see what he should do against them both!

Heavenly Netherworld Old Ancestor: Void Spirit Peak Stage, master of Netherworld’s Fire!

Martial Art: Netherworld Divine Art, Netherworld Divine Palm, Netherworld Burning Body Secret Art.

Weakness: Extremely Hot Fire.

Combat Power: 100.000.000 (under the effect of Netherworld Great Array)

Drop on kill: Netherworld Divine Palm, Netherworld Divine Art.

Old Ancestor of Netherworld Empire: Void Spirit Peak Stage, Master of Netherworld’s Fire.

Martial Art: Netherworld Divine Art, Netherworld Divine Palm, Netherworld Burning Body Secret Art.

Weakness: Extremely Hot Fire.

Combat Power: 111.000.000 (Under the effect of Netherworld Great Array).

Drop on kill: Netherworld Divine Art, Netherworld Burning Body Secret Art.


Yi Tianyun noticed that both Old Ancestors’ data was quite similar, the only different was the combat power that the two possessed! They both managed to stay alive all because of the Netherworld Great Array’s effect, if it was not for that, there was no chance for both of this Old Ancestor to stay alive!

Yi Tianyun also noticed that the blood from the coffins wasn’t any normal bloods at all, it was mixed with some form of Blood Essence, but he didn’t know what kind of Blood Essence was being used except for one, the Spirit Race’s Blood Essence!

Spirit Race’s Blood Essence was very special, they had strong life essence and therefore if someone absorbed the blood, they would gain an extended life!

“It is time to end your life!” Yi Tianyun said as he covered his body with the Immortal Fire. The Old Ancestors looked at Yi Tianyun and once again felt threatened as they could feel the heat from the Immortal Fire and on top of that, the Netherworld’s Fire couldn’t stand Yi Tianyun’s fire!

Seeing the young man in front of them was ready to attack, the Old Ancestor quickly connected their Spiritual Power with each other, like a fusion, they increased their Combat Power instantaneously.

At the same time, Netherworld Great Emperor had enough and immediately walked behind the throne and disappeared from everyone’s sight, he chose to hide underground instead of participate in the fight!

Yi Tianyun ignored the Great Emperor for now and focused on dealing with the two Old Ancestors in front of him!

“Netherworld Divine Palm!” the Old Ancestors said simultaneously, releasing the Huge Palm once again. Yi Tianyun was already bored of this attack, he began to wonder if the Netherworld Empire’s higher ups could only do this trick as he smashed the Netherworld Divine Palm once again.

“Is this trick all you can do?” Yi Tianyun said annoyedly, as he saw that the Old Ancestors were once again blown away by his attack. Yi Tianyun immediately pulled out the Heavenly Dragon Divine Sword and immediately rushed towards the Heavenly Netherworld Old Ancestor and stabbed him in the head!


‘Successfully killed the Heavenly Netherworld Old Ancestor!

Reward: 162.000.000 Exp, 43.000 Cps, 15.000 Sps, Netherworld Divine Art, Netherworld Divine Palm, Netherworld Burning Body Secret Art, Netherworld Great Array, Netherworld’s Fire (Rare), Netherworld Heart (Rare).’

Yi Tianyun was a little disappointed that he didn’t get rewarded of killing an enemy far above his own level, but he knew that the system deemed the Old Ancestor to be weak as Yi Tianyun easily surpassed their Combat Power! Although his current cultivation level was still at 2nd Layer Void Spirit Stage, but his combat power was already beyond Void Spirit Peak Stage level!

“Heavenly Netherworld!” Old Ancestor of Netherworld Empire shouted as he saw that Yi Tianyun has killed the Heavenly Netherworld Old Ancestor! He quickly pulled a bloody bone sword and swung it in attempt to attack Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun saw the Old Ancestor’s action and quickly swung his Heavenly Dragon Divine Sword in order to attack with an Energy wave! The Old Ancestor failed to react and too late to dodge Yi Tianyun’s attack! The energy wave hit the Old Ancestor directly and he was blown to the ground, there was so much blood coming out from the wound that Yi Tianyun’s Sword wave created, killing the Old ancestor with only one hit!

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