Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 440


Yi Tianyun didn’t really care whether Netherworld Emperor succesfully broke through to Spirit King Stage or not, he would kill Netherworld Emperor regardless! But his word showed his concern for the Heavenly Clouds Mansion’s people was real! Yi Tianyun felt responsible for the lives of the Heavenly Clouds Mansion’s people, he would not let any of them die on his watch!

This battle, Yi Tianyun was on the front line, minimizing the casualties on his side. He knew that a death in battle was inevitable, but he successfully minimizing casualties on his side! But if he let the Netherworld Emperor go, he knew that The Heavenly Clouds Mansion wouldn’t be safe!

“Mansion Lord! We all know that you need to go down there, but please be careful!” an Elder from Spirit Sect said worriedly.

They all nodded their heads in agreement of the Elder’s word. But Shi Xueyun suddenly stood up and told everyone to shut up.

“Now go! You can decide whatever you want to do. Look at us! We have accomplished so much all thanks to you! I believe that you will succeed on your mission and return to us safely!” Shi Xueyun said with a seer confident on her eyes.

“Surely my aunt is the only one who knows me the most!” Yi Tianyun smiled warmly. After all, Yi Tianyun never really felt any parental love except for what he felt from Shi Xueyun, he knew that it wasn’t the same, but he didn’t really need anything else.

Everyone on the scene immediately backed off after they heard Shi Xueyun talked to Yi Tianyun, they know that Yi Tianyun regarded Shi Xueyun’s word the most, and therefore they had to respect Yi Tianyun’s decision.

“Since Spirit King has made up his mind, I will also focus on my task to destroy this Netherworld Great Array! We will wait for your return, Spirit King!” Old Ancestor of Spirit Race said confidently.

The crowds immediately shouted that they will wait for Yi Tianyun’s return and that they would not leave the Imperial City before the Mansion Lord return!

“Yeah, if the Mansion Lord doesn’t return after a day, we will send people to investigate down there!” Heavenly Jade Sect disciple shouted confidently. This was all because they were very loyal to Yi Tianyun!

Yi Tianyun felt really motivated after hearing the support from everyone!

“Don’t worry! I will kill the Netherworld Emperor and come back safely!” Yi Tianyun said confidently with a smile on his face.

They started to chant Yi Tianyun’s name as he descended the stairs behind the Throne to chase after the Netherworld Emperor. Yi Tianyun felt the cold atmosphere as he went down the stairs that made him a little bit uncomfortable. As he went down further, he noticed that the amount of Netherworld’s fire on the wall increased. He believed that anyone below Core Transformation Stage wouldn’t be able to come down there!

But for Yi Tianyun, this Netherworld’s Fire was only a mild inconvenience, nothing more!

Yi Tianyun immediately reached out his hands toward the Netherworld’s Fire on the wall and activated his Heaven Swallowing Divine Secret Art to absorb the Netherworld’s Fire as he went down, it was better to boost his exp gain while he could.

‘Gaining 7.000 Exp, 8.000 Exp, 7.800 Exp, . . .’

The amount of Exp that he got was far too small but he couldn’t complain now as he didn’t have any Exp Card active. The deeper he went toward the tunnel, the more Exp he got as the Netherworld’s Fire was stronger!

Soon, he arrived at the end of the tunnel which was blocked by a thick door with dense Divine Rune on the door. Yi Tianyun noticed that the Divine Rune that was used to fortify the door was at Grand Master Level, which meant that he couldn’t force his way to open the door!

But Yi Tianyun knew with his Heavenly Eyes, destroying this door wouldn’t be a problem! Yi Tianyun immediately activated the Heavenly Eyes and as he saw the Divine Rune’s Array Core, he punched it with the God Dragon Fist!


‘Successfully broke a Grandmaster Level Divine Rune!’

‘Reward: 800.000 Exp, 2.000 Divine Rune Mastery Points.’

Yi Tianyun felt satisfied that he got a large amount of Exp for an easy job! After that he quickly kicked the door, and the door was busted open with a little amount of resistance, without the Divine Rune holding it down, this stone door was not a problem at all!

Yi Tianyun immediately walked inside and he saw that the room was full of Netherworld’s fire that came from a big hole on the centre of the room, Yi Tianyun also saw that the Netherworld Emperor was sitting on the side, meditating while absorbing the Netherworld’s Fire madly!

Now Yi Tianyun knew for sure that the Netherworld Emperor really came down here to break through to Spirit King Stage!

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