Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 441


Spirit Race Old Ancestor was still in the middle of disabling the Netherworld Great Array. Yi Tianyun knew that it was an absolute necessity as he felt the immense pressure on this place! The Netherworld Emperor would surely break through to Spirit King Stage, and he would surely become more powerful than he was previously!

“I have to stop him quickly!” Yi Tianyun said as he immediately rushed towards the Netherworld Emperor! Yi Tianyun believed that even if the Netherworld Emperor successfully broke through to Spirit King Stage, he would still be able to deal with him, but Yi Tianyun didn’t want that extra trouble right now!

Yi Tianyun quickly activated his Heavenly Eyes and equipped the Heavenly Dragon Divine Sword! This sword allowed Yi Tianyun to summon a Heavenly Dragon every time he attacked with it! Yi Tianyun realised that the Netherworld Empire was protected by a Defence Great Array after he activated his Heavenly Eyes. So, Yi Tianyun quickly searched for the Defence Great Array’s core to break it!

“Found it!” Yi Tianyun said while smirking pleasantly, and he immediately slammed his Heavenly Dragon Divine Sword directly to the great array’s core! The sword immediately shone in light blue colour and Heavenly Dragon was instantly summoned, assisting Yi Tianyun’s attack!

With a bang, the entire Defence Great Array was destroyed! But the Netherworld Emperor wasn’t injured! Complete to Yi Tianyun’s annoyance, the Netherworld’s Fire from around the room was drawn towards the Netherworld Emperor and started to cover him up like it was trying to protect him!

“Is this Netherworld’s Fire your last defence? This would be easy!” Yi Tianyun said as he once again swung his sword to attack the Netherworld’s Fire along with the Netherworld Emperor. He also covered the Heavenly Dragon Divine Sword with his Immortal Fire, since both the Netherworld Emperor and the Netherworld’s Fire had a weakness against scorching fire!

But Yi Tianyun’s sword never reached Netherworld Emperor. As Yi Tianyun took a swing, Netherworld Emperor quickly opened his eyes and immediately summoned several Dark Dragons from his surrounding Netherworld’s Fire, pushing Yi Tianyun back several feet!

From the amount of Dark Dragon summoned, the Netherworld’s Fire intensity grew stronger, defeating the Immortal Fire as Yi Tianyun only used a small bit of fire! Yi Tianyun immediately swung his sword that was covered with Immortal’s Fire to burn off the incoming Dark Dragon! His attempt showed results as Yi Tianyun kept slashing and burning the Dark Dragon that came his way!

Yi Tianyun quickly used his Appraisal Eye and checked the Netherworld Emperor’s status. Yi Tianyun knew that this was not the original power of the Emperor, which meant that the Emperor has successfully broken through to Spirit King Stage!

Sure enough, his guess was correct! Netherworld Emperor’s status has changed! Netherworld Emperor was a 1st Layer Spirit King Stage cultivator right now, beside that fact, Netherworld Emperor’s Combat Power has also increased from 120 million to 170 million! But Yi Tianyun also knew that this much combat power was attained from the help of Netherworld Great Array! Which meant that after the Netherworld Great Array was successfully broken, the Emperor’s Combat Power would be greatly reduced!

From the information he got from Appraisal Eye, Yi Tianyun knew that at least, one would attain 30 million combat power once successfully breaking through to Spirit King Stage! This amount was too high, as it usually increased around 5 to 10 million points in the Void Spirit Stage! But Yi Tianyun also knew that the Netherworld Emperor didn’t have the time to stabilize his own cultivation, and without stabilizing it, the Netherworld Emperor wouldn’t be able to use his newly obtained combat power efficiently!

This realization was a much-appreciated situation for Yi Tianyun as he knew that fighting against a Spirit King Cultivator could be troublesome!

“I finally did it! I finally attain the Spirit King Status! I have to thank you for this! if it was not for your pressure, I wouldn’t be able to push myself to this realm!” Netherworld Emperor said as he laughed happily.

Yi Tianyun wasn’t bothered by Netherworld Emperor’s word. In fact, the fact that Netherworld Emperor successfully broke through was not bad either! Now, Yi Tianyun would be able to get his Elite Kill Bonus after killing Netherworld Emperor!

“Well, if you want to thank me that much, you could always give me some reward for it!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. He never feared any enemies before, and now was not an exception!

“My reward for you is complete annihilation of your faction. Probably that at least would be necessary to teach you a lesson!” Netherworld Emperor said happily. Netherworld Emperor immediately absorbed the Netherworld’s Fire from his surrounding to further enhance his power.

The Netherworld Emperor’s body was immediately covered by the Netherworld’s fire like armour, and every time he took a step, the Netherworld’s Fire burst out from his feet!

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