Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 444


Yi Tianyun never expected to find a situation where his opponent held another soul in their body, and worst of all, the unknown soul was far more powerful than the original enemy, and he also held a strong Divine Tool in his possession! Furthermore, this unknown soul also benefited by the Netherworld Great Array, and now its Combat Power has reached 250 million power! Yi Tianyun realized that he was way weaker than his opponent now!

Yi Tianyun gritted his teeth after knowing that the real boss of the Netherworld Empire was none other than this Unknown soul, while the Netherworld Emperor was only a host! Nobody ever had this kind of information regarding this unknown soul, Yi Tianyun would even bet that the real Netherworld Emperor didn’t even know this unknown soul would take his body!

“Who are you?” Yi Tianyun asked as he stared at the possessed Netherworld Emperor!

“Who am I? hmm, you are qualified to know my name! my name is Ming Chen, a name that probably no one in this area ever known, I appreciate your power so much as you able to draw power from this weak Netherworld Emperor. I will make a deal with you, as long as you vowed to serve under me, I will train you and invite you to join my Divine Nation!” Ming Chen said proudly.

“Ming Chen? What is your faction? Why would I join your faction without knowing whether your faction is worth joining or not!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“Does Divine Nation sound like a joke to you? This is just a small fragment of my soul, and I want to build many more segments of it to increase the influence of the Divine Nation that I am currently in!” Ming Chen said proudly.

“Hmmm, a Divine Nation huh?” Yi Tianyun said as he squinted his eyes to look at the Ming Chen. This whole time, he only believed that a Divine Nation was only a part of a legend, no one really knew any Divine Nation as there was no one claiming that they were a part of a Divine Nation nor did anyone know any area that belonged to any Divine Nation!

Divine Nation was strong! Yi Tianyun knew that much as the Divine Nation was a 5th Grade faction, it meant that the Divine Nation was far more powerful than an Empire that was a 4th Grade Faction!

“Why did you choose to separate your soul and take the initiative to occupy this side of the world?” Yi Tianyun asked the question that he needed answer the most!

“You don’t need to know my reason for doing things! Either you obey me or die! So, what is your choice?” Ming Chen asked Yi Tianyun annoyedly.

“I choose not to obey you, but you are the one who’s going to die!” Yi Tianyun said confidently as he activated the Dragon god Bloodline and the Crazy Damage Mode! After he activated both of these abilities, his combat power reached 240 million, just a little bit short from Ming Chen!

Yi Tianyun immediately burned his blood essence, and once again, his combat power rose significantly to 265 million points! Yi Tianyun immediately rushed towards Ming Chen and used his Heavenly Dragon Slash once more!

Yi Tianyun’s eyes were filled with determination as he used everything; he must defeat Ming Chen in one blow!

“Wow, you are the first ever to defy me, someone who belonged in a Divine Nation! This means that your only way is death!” Ming Chen said as he defended against Yi Tianyun’s attack with a long sword that was far different from the previous sword that the real Netherworld Emperor used. This sword was black with a hint of Netherworld’s Fire in it, that meant this sword was the Netherworld Divine sword!

“Dark Dragon Possession!” Ming Chen said annoyedly. He felt that Yi Tianyun’s power was far more powerful than before, and he had to get serious now! Dark Dragon Phantom Shadow immediately appeared near Ming Chen while his body was immediately covered by a thick dragon scale! The most horrible thing that happened was Ming Chen’s head has turned into that of a dragon!

His combat power also spiked to 270 million points! A little bit higher than Yi Tianyun! Yi Tianyun began to wonder, was this the extent of a 3rd Layer Spirit King Stage Cultivator’s power? Yi Tianyun became excited as he also thought how powerful he would become as soon as he attained that level!

Ming Chen immediately rushed forward, and Yi Tianyun immediately held him down as he blocked Ming Chen’s attack with his Heavenly Dragon Divine Sword! The Dark Dragon Phantom Shadow also collided with the Heavenly Dragon Phantom Shadow that Yi Tianyun summoned as he swung the Heavenly Dragon Divine Sword!

An earthquake suddenly broke out with them both as the centre of it all! Ming Chen’s attack was not over just yet! He kept slashing, while Yi Tianyun gritted his teeth and kept blocking Ming Chen’s attack!

“Hmmm, you’ve already burned your essence, no? let us see how long you will be able to keep that up!” Ming Chen said as he sneered at Yi Tianyun.

“At least longer than you would be able to keep up!” Yi Tianyun said as he pushed Ming Chen back! Yi Tianyun wasn’t afraid of depleting his Blood Essence as he had the Enhanced Blood Jade that he got earlier.

After a while, Ming Chen’s combat power suddenly dropped to around 200 million point, far behind Yi Tianyun’s combat power! Yi Tianyun immediately realised that the Old Ancestor of Spirit Race has successfully destroyed the Netherworld Great Array upstairs! Yi Tianyun smirked as he remembered that he wasn’t fighting alone all this time, people that he trusted and trusted him back was also fighting with him!

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