Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 443


“How… can… you…!” Netherworld Emperor stammered as the light in his eyes became dimmer by the second! Yi Tianyun knew that the Netherworld Emperor’s life wouldn’t be long anymore! Yi Tianyun quickly pulled out the sword that was penetrating the heart of Netherworld Emperor to quicken the Netherworld Emperor’s death!

The Netherworld Emperor couldn’t believe that he would be dying in a teenager’s hand right after obtaining the Spirit King Status! Now that the Netherworld Empire would die out as his life left his body, he certainly came to regret every choice that he had done until now, for he knew that he wouldn’t be dying like this if he was more compassionate!

“Now, I have to cut your head as a totem that your wrongdoings were finally over!” Yi Tianyun said as he held his sword above the Netherworld Emperor’s neck! As Yi Tianyun swung his sword down, a light blue colour suddenly blinded his eyes and Yi Tianyun was suddenly pushed back by a Netherworld Dragon that suddenly appeared from within the Netherworld Emperor’s Body!

Yi Tianyun’s body was covered by the Netherworld’s Fire, but he immediately burned it with his Immortal Fire. But Yi Tianyun still felt the burn during the Netherworld’s Fire was sticking to him!

“What is this power? Who are you?” Yi Tianyun said as he felt a new power circulating in the room. This new power was different than Netherworld Emperor’s power. This one was much more powerful!

“I didn’t expect for the Netherworld Emperor would die like this! But it happens and now, I have to possess this body!” Netherworld Emperor said, but Yi Tianyun noticed that the Netherworld Emperor’s eyes were dark, like a body without its soul!

The blue light that blinded Yi Tianyun earlier started to cover the wound on Netherworld Emperor’s chest that was a result of Yi Tianyun’s attack earlier. The blue light was healing the wound up at an amazing speed!

Yi Tianyun began to wonder if Netherworld Emperor hid another soul on his body so that if he died, he could come back to life again once again? Yi Tianyun quickly used the Appraisal Eye to check on this reborn Netherworld Emperor, but all he could see was the status of the former Netherworld Emperor. Still, Yi Tianyun was certain that this reborn Netherworld Emperor was more powerful than the status that he was currently seeing.

“What is happening right now!” Yi Tianyun said to himself as he was confused about the current situation. Yi Tianyun immediately rushed forward and tried to slash the Netherworld Emperor once more! But the Netherworld Emperor immediately reacted to Yi Tianyun’s attack. A thick Dragon Scale immediately covered Netherworld Emperor’s arm, and he used it to block Yi Tianyun’s Heavenly Dragon Divine Sword!

Netherworld Emperor was still being pushed back from the impact of Yi Tianyun’s attack. However no injuries could be seen from it, clearly different from the previous Netherworld Emperor that Yi Tianyun easily overpowered! But even so, Yi Tianyun noticed that the Dragon Scale from Netherworld Emperor’s arm was shattered by his attack, meaning that Yi Tianyun’s attack was better than Netherworld Emperor’s defence!

“Die already, old man!” Yi Tianyun said as he put more strength to his arm power and attacked the Netherworld Emperor once more!

However, Netherworld Emperor quickly reached for Yi Tianyun’s Heavenly Dragon Divine Sword’s blade and held it down so that Yi Tianyun couldn’t attack! Yi Tianyun was surprised that his 200 million combat power could be held down by the Netherworld Emperor like this!

After Yi Tianyun shook the blades from Netherworld Emperor’s hold, he noticed that Netherworld Emperor’s hand that held the swords was bleeding. However, the Netherworld Emperor was still showing no expression at all! The blue light appeared once again, and this time, it healed the arm that was injured while holding Yi Tianyun’s blade!

“Even after I finally take over his body completely, it appears that he was still weak! I have carefully trained him, but he was still losing against a teenager! Forget it! at least he was already at Spirit King Stage, but it’s all thanks to you, isn’t it?” Netherworld Emperor smiled at Yi Tianyun, and his expression was sincere, but his eyes were utterly evil!

Yi Tianyun’s appraisal Eye was finally showing some change!

Unknown Soul: 3rd Layer Spirit King Stage, Powerful soul can occupy any human bodies as its own!

Martial Art: Netherworld Divine Palm, Netherworld Divine Art, Netherworld Burning Body Secret Art, Dark Dragon Secret Art!

Weakness: Extremely Hot Fire!

Combat Power: 250.000.000 Points. (Netherworld Great Array’s Effect)

Drops on kill: Netherworld Divine Palm, Netherworld Divine Art, Dark Dragon Possession, Netherworld Treasure Pearl (Rare Lower Grade Divine Tool).


Netherworld Treasure Pearl: Lower Grade Divine Tool that can control the Netherworld’s Fire and allowed the user to store a large amount of Netherworld’s fire for later use. Perfect Divine Tool for Netherworld’s Fire Cultivation technique! This Pearl can also store the soul of the user, so that the user can live as long as the Pearl still exists!


The Netherworld Emperor was possessed by some unknown soul, and he had the Netherworld Treasure Pearl all along! This Pearl was the same category as Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure, but clearly, the effect of the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure was far above this Netherworld Treasure Pearl!

Yi Tianyun noticed that the soul that was controlling the Netherworld Emperor’s body was cheerfully gathering the Netherworld’s Fire around his body. He also summoned a Dark Dragon phantom shadow behind him that looked even more powerful than any Dark Dragon that he has fought until now!

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