Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 449


Ren Long and the Old Ancestor walked up the stairs cheerfully as they thought that the battle was over, but Yi Tianyun immediately looked solemn and shook his head.

“What’s wrong, Spirit King?” Old Ancestor asked as he saw Yi Tianyun’s solemn look.

“Things ain’t over yet! The Netherworld’s Empire sure is done for, but I am afraid we got ourselves a new enemy! the Netherworld Empire has allied themselves with a Divine Nation messenger, and I am afraid, the Divine Nation would come after us soon!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

“A Divine Nation?” Ren Long and the Old Ancestor was shocked, they knew that the Divine Nation was the next step after an Empire, but they’ve never heard of the Divine Nation faction, so they thought the Divine Nation only existed on fairy tales and myths.

If it really existed, then it meant that the faction would be swarmed with so many Void Spirit cultivators as it was said that Divine Nation place was a paradise for cultivators on earth! They had abundant resources and so many Divine Tools to help them grow!

“I know that this is a serious matter, so with that thought, we have to let the others know what we’re going to deal with in the future! But to avoid causing chaos on our rank, we have to tell the Elder rank and above first!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

“I agree with Spirit King’s decision. We have to keep the disciple in the dark for the time being.” Old Ancestor said while nodding his head.

“But, let’s go up from now!” Yi Tianyun said as he made his way upstairs. But as he walked upstairs, Yi Tianyun looked back for a while, and he knew that he would be back here soon to empower the Netherworld Treasure Pearl further! After all, the hole in the centre of the room earlier was a natural Netherworld’s Fire reservoir.

As soon as Yi Tianyun reached the throne room, everybody immediately shouted and cheered for Yi Tianyun as they felt relieved that Yi Tianyun was safe and sound! But that was not all! They also knew that Yi Tianyun must have won against the Netherworld Emperor. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be coming out this fast!

“I knew that you would return safely!” Shi Xueyun said as she hugged Yi Tianyun and smiled at him warmly.

Yi Tianyun also smiled at her, and everyone who loyally waited for him to return.

Things soon came to an end, and the Heavenly Clouds Mansion disciple and Heaven Dragon Empire’s soldier cooperated to clean up the mess in Netherworld’s Imperial City by burning all the corpses. Yi Tianyun then tasked the Spirit Sect to seek and destroy the remnant of the Netherworld Empire that may still exist in the Netherworld Continent to reduce Heavenly Dragon Empire’s workload.

Yi Tianyun also provided help for the Spirit Sect by sending the Black Dragon and the Red Dragon along to help them if, by any chance, they encountered a difficult opponent. But before all that, Yi Tianyun gathered the Elder Ranks and above to talk about the imminent problem. The result of that gathering was positive as it was true that everyone felt a little afraid as they weren’t prepared to fight against an opponent that they thought was just a myth!

“How can we fight against a Divine Nation, if it wasn’t for Mansion Lord’s power, we don’t even stand a chance against Netherworld Empire!” an Elder said nervously.

“This isn’t the case! We still didn’t know when the Divine Nation would attack, they may not even come! But one thing is clear. We still must prepare for their attack, whether they truly come or not! And don’t worry too much, from the looks of things, it is impossible for Divine Nation to attack on a large scale as it would hurt their pride! I believe we would see the incoming of a small-scale expert from them!” Yi Tianyun said, trying to keep everyone calm.

Yi Tianyun checked everyone’s expression, and he noticed that everyone wasn’t thoroughly convinced and so he reassured everyone once again.

“I know that we have no chance against them now, but I also know that if we are given enough time, we would be stronger than any Divine Nation! We defeated the Netherworld Empire that everyone said was undefeatable! We could do anything we want if we got the time to prepare for it!” Yi Tianyun said wholeheartedly.

Yi Tianyun’s word was reassuring! The people that Yi Tianyun gathered began to ponder and they felt that Yi Tianyun’s word was indeed correct, they have achieved many feats together that was almost impossible in ordinary cultivator’s eyes. In fact, they realised that their progression through their cultivation was faster than normal.

“Mansion Lord is right! We must be confident in our self! We have our Mansion Lord that would help us get through the enemy! We have to try and brave our self for the future is yet to come!” an elder said confidently.

Everyone began to nod their head as they also thought the same thing as the Elder. Their feelings began to unite as their trust in Yi Tianyun was unwavering, so they will support Yi Tianyun’s every decision from now on.

“Don’t worry, no matter how powerful the enemy is, we will be able to overcome anything!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

Everyone began to cheer and chant Yi Tianyun’s name as they felt the powerful word from Yi Tianyun.

After making it clear, Yi Tianyun let them continue with their task to eliminate the rest of the Netherworld Empire. Everyone quickly left to deal with their own task while Yi Tianyun was left behind with Shi Xueyun.

“Aunt, I am sorry, it seems troubles never leave me alone.” Yi Tianyun said shyly.

“That is okay. It only shows that you are not a person that could be dictated by anyone, making you more trustworthy and more capable of leading us to glory. But you must know that whatever path you take, I will be there to support you always!” Shi Xueyun said warmly with confidence on her face.

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