Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 450


Shi Xueyun’s expression suddenly became sad as she remembered that she wasn’t that much of a help. Yi Tianyun saw Shi Xueyun’s expression changed and thus immediately embraced her.

“What are you thinking now, Aunt? Why are you sad?” Yi Tianyun said endearingly.

“Tianyun, I feel like I couldn’t keep up with you anymore. When you go down there to fight against the Netherworld Emperor, I didn’t even have any qualifications to check your safety! You know that all I want is to be close to you!” Shi Xueyun said, still with a sad expression.

Yi Tianyun clasped her hands and looked at her in the eyes.

“Don’t you remember that as every time I came back, you are the first one that I tried to find?” Yi Tianyun smiled faintly. He knew that he could neither help Shi Xueyun that much about her feeling; neither could he help her with her cultivation.

But he knew that he could give her all medicinal pills that she needed, or the martial arts that she took an interest in, or any weapons that she could use to perfection.

Shi Xueyun’s cultivation was already good enough, but she still had a hard time breaking through to the advanced level.

Shi Xueyun was a little bit startled as she remembered that Yi Tianyun always went straight to find her as soon as he returned to the sect.

“There are only a select few who could work side by side with me, but you are the only person that I would come back to, the person I could say I am home to!” Yi Tianyun said softly with a warm smile.

Shi Xueyun then leaned on Yi Tianyun’s shoulder as she didn’t want to talk about it anymore, and she just wanted to be with Yi Tianyun for a while. Yi Tianyun let Shi Xueyun lean on him; he even made himself float to support their weight.

Yi Tianyun didn’t know how to appease Shi Xueyun, but he knew that Shi Xueyun wouldn’t give up cultivating, and she would one day stand beside Yi Tianyun equally! But for now, she didn’t mind with this peaceful day either.

That also applied to Yi Yuwei and Jiu Lingyun! But as for now, they would help around the mansion by managing the Heavenly Clouds Mansion. Yi Tianyun didn’t need to push them to cultivate as he knew that they would do it themselves!

After that, Yi Tianyun left to find a thing that he could do while Shi Xueyun was busy with various stuff that she had to take care of inside the Heavenly Jade Sect.

Yi Tianyun wanted to help with eliminating the rest of the Netherworld Empire, but he couldn’t let anyone think that he didn’t trust them, and so he only appeared when the enemy was a little bit tough to deal with.

But he also made sure that anyone who has surrendered themselves would be spared! Those who surrendered wouldn’t become a slave either, as Yi Tianyun would simply let them leave the Netherworld Continent.

Yi Tianyun didn’t want to be cruel like Netherworld Empire once was. He knew that those people didn’t have any choice as they lived under the Netherworld Empire’s influences, so Yi Tianyun only gave them the option to find another life somewhere else.

Finally, after a few weeks, only one city was left that was still under the influences of the Netherworld Empire, this city also housed the elite general and minister of the Netherworld Empire, and they were not willing to surrender!

“We will never surrender! If you want to occupy this city, you must get it over our dead body!” the minister shouted from inside the city wall determinedly.

The rest of the Netherworld Empire’s people inside also shouted the same thing from inside, successfully annoying Yi Tianyun to no end.

“It seems you are determined to have this final fight, aren’t you? Did you know that there’s no expert left who would save you? The Netherworld Emperor and the Imperial Preceptor are all dead!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Yi Tianyun’s word silenced everyone inside. They’ve already known that the Netherworld Empire has fallen. But as they didn’t saw the death of the Netherworld Emperor themselves, they didn’t believe the news that has been spreading around the world!

“Since you are still so stubborn about fighting my army, then I will give it to you now!” Yi Tianyun said as he reached his hands forward as a sign to push forward.

The Red Dragon and the Black Dragon immediately rushed towards the City Gate and busted it while also spewing hot fire to the cultivators inside the city.

These two dragons have already broken through to Void Spirit Stage. Thus, if the enemy didn’t have anyone on the same level as Imperial Preceptor, these two dragons would be unstoppable!

After a while, the city was in flames as the dragons burned every house that the enemy cultivators tried to run into. But the sound that Yi Tianyun was waiting for finally came!

“We are wrong! Please, we surrender!” The cultivator from inside the city shouted nervously.

The enemy’s morale is already dropped to the ground, Yi Tianyun knew that those people would never fight against him anymore, but he still must give some sort of punishment to these people.

“Okay, I would give you one more chance, but if you make a wrong choice, you will die immediately.” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

This was Yi Tianyun’s way of showing mercy and salvation. It could be said that he didn’t want to go on a path like the atrocities that the Netherworld Empire has done this whole time.

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