Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 453


Yi Tianyun immediately headed towards the old Netherworld Palace, to be precise, the Netherworld’s Fire natural resource. When he arrived there, he was welcomed by some guards that were tasked to guard the palace.

Although the city has been cleared out, the Netherworld Imperial City was still usable and fortunately only suffer minor damage to the buildings, and so Yi Tianyun’s Heavenly Clouds Empire could still use this city.

As he went down on the passage behind the throne, he noticed that the Netherworld’s Fire inside was still the same as he left it earlier.

But something was different this time, as Yi Tianyun entered the room with the Netherworld’s Fire, the Little Phoenix that was entrusted to him earlier flew out from his pet bar without Yi Tianyun’s consent!

Then without asking for Yi Tianyun’s permission, it started to consume the Netherworld’s Fire with a satisfied expression.

“I don’t know that you liked this kind of fire, Little Phoenix.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face. Although the Little Phoenix was inside his pet bar earlier, Yi Tianyun knew that this Little Phoenix wasn’t his pet.

He never used his taming ability to the Little Phoenix as he was only entrusted to take care of the Little Phoenix until he arrived at the phoenix nest!

This is also the reason that the Little Phoenix couldn’t level up as fast as Yi Tianyun’s dragon.

The Little Phoenix didn’t pay any attention to Yi Tianyun as it knew that Yi Tianyun wouldn’t harm it, and it continued to indulge in eating the Netherworld’s Fire like it was starving, but this made sense as Yi Tianyun never gave it any food, to begin with.

“Eat slowly, little one! I will also join you on gathering this Netherworld’s Fire.” Yi Tianyun said as he immediately sat beside the Little Phoenix and pulled out his Netherworld Treasure Pearl.

Yi Tianyun then absorbed the Netherworld’s Fire into the Netherworld Treasure Pearl with a speed that was faster than the Little Phoenix could eat the flame, but Yi Tianyun still left some Netherworld’s Fire for the Little Phoenix to consume.

The Little Phoenix started squawking in annoyance as it realized that Yi Tianyun could absorb all the Netherworld’s Fire eventually and left it with nothing. And so, he rushed towards Yi Tianyun and squawked out of control, as if protesting for Yi Tianyun taking its food away.

“Hey, Stop that! I am not using the Netherworld’s Fire as I am only storing it to this Netherworld Treasure Pearl! I can take out the fire if you want to eat it later!” Yi Tianyun said as he tried to calm the Little Phoenix down.

After hearing Yi Tianyun’s word, it calmed down and immediately started eating the Netherworld’s Fire, once again ignoring Yi Tianyun. Yi Tianyun let the phoenix eat for now and started to absorb the Netherworld’s Fire again.

He noticed that this place was like a storage room for the Netherworld’s Fire so that the Netherworld Emperor could easily cultivate with the help of his Netherworld Great Array.

But Yi Tianyun also noticed that the Netherworld Treasure Pearl was far more advanced than the Netherworld Great Array. He was thankful that Ming Chen didn’t give control over the Divine Treasure to the Netherworld Emperor earlier!

But Yi Tianyun’s curious mind began to wonder as to why the Netherworld’s Fire could continue to erupt from the hole in the middle of the room. Yi Tianyun wondered and inspected the hole as it piqued his curiosity.

But he quickly lost interest and instead back to absorbing the Netherworld’s Fire to the Netherworld Treasure Pearl. But the speed of the absorption annoyed Yi Tianyun as the Netherworld Treasure Pearl couldn’t absorb the Netherworld’s Fire as fast as he wanted it to be.

Yi Tianyun quickly activated his Heaven Swallowing Secret art so that he could also absorb the Netherworld’s Fire to upgrade it from the Middle-Grade Earth Level Fire.

The Netherworld’s Fire was the same as his Immortal Fire. If he could get a bunch of it, he could use it to further increase its mastery! After all, he still had a lot of time in his hands, and there was no enemy!

As time passed, Yi Tianyun was shocked as he heard a little girl’s voice behind him.

“I am hungry!” The little girl said as she was sprawling on the floor behind Yi Tianyun without any coverage hiding her body.

“What? Who are you, and what are you doing here?” Yi Tianyun asked with a surprised tone on his voice.

“I am hungry, give me food!” the little girl said as she stood up and scratched Yi Tianyun’s hand.

“This claw marks! You are that Little Phoenix!” Yi Tianyun said as he was surprised to see the claw mark.

“Why didn’t you recognize me? That aside, I am hungry! I want that fire immediately!” The little girl said as she pointed her finger towards the Netherworld’s Fire.

Yi Tianyun looked closely at the little girl’s arm, and he finally noticed phoenix feathers covered the back of her arms, confirming that the little girl was indeed the Little Phoenix.

Besides, how could a little girl enter the Netherworld’s Palace without Yi Tianyun noticing!

Yi Tianyun pulled out a nice casual suit for the little girl to wear as she was bare naked right now.

“I don’t want to wear this suit! It’s uncomfortable!” The little girl said annoyedly.

“Wear it. Otherwise, I will not give you the Netherworld’s Fire!” Yi Tianyun said threateningly.

“Okay, okay! I will wear it, now give me food!” The little girl said as she puffed her cheeks in annoyance.

“Here, eat it until you’re full!” Yi Tianyun said as he set aside a bunch of Netherworld’s Fire for the Little Phoenix to eat. After seeing the Little Phoenix became a human, Yi Tianyun was worried as he kept thinking about how to return the Little Phoenix inside his pet bar!

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