Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 452


Everyone waited for Yi Tianyun’s decision expectantly. If Yi Tianyun said that they shouldn’t think about it, for the time being, they would immediately put the thought behind and focused on their own job. Everyone would gladly follow all of Yi Tianyun’s decision!

But no one knew that Yi Tianyun has already thought about becoming an Emperor himself! Making the Heavenly Clouds Mansion to Heavenly Clouds Empire was his Main Quest.

Therefore, he has already thought about the proses of becoming one.

He knew that three strong influences were enough to become an empire, and Ren Long from the Heavenly Dragon Empire would back him up!

He knew that the Heavenly Dragon Empire wouldn’t mind if Heavenly Clouds Mansion wanted to become an Empire.

The first thing he needed would be the establishment of the Imperial City, and then the establishment of other cities to provide support for the Imperial City and division around the continent, forming a large-scale network inside the continent that the empire was in! This required a huge amount of cultivators. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be manageable!

Yi Tianyun knew that if cities were built and became prosperous, the cultivator would come by themselves eventually, there would be no need to search for one, but still, for Yi Tianyun’s main quest to be completed, he needed the cultivator to have 200 favourability points!

Yi Tianyun knew that he had to expand the Heavenly Clouds Mansion so everyone would recognize him as the same powerful man that the Heavenly Clouds Mansion now recognized. He knew that cultivator’s respect was all based on the amount of power that they had!

“Okay, we would try to create our own empire! We would take this Netherworld Continent for ourselves, and from now on, this continent wouldn’t be called Netherworld Continent, but instead, it would be called Heavenly Clouds Continent!” Yi Tianyun said imposingly.

He was excited deep down as with this, his progress through his Main Quest would be going smoothly.

Many Elders were surprised that Yi Tianyun accepted their words and announced even the name of the continent!

They immediately stood up from their seat and started to chant ‘Great Emperor Yi Tianyun!’ as they became more excited than ever.

“We were truly blessed to crown you as our Spirit King!” Spirit Race Old Ancestor said as he laughed excitedly on the side.

At the same time, they’ve already occupied one continent, and that would do their job to organize the continent easier, as this continent was already purged from the influence of the Netherworld Empire!

“Okay, now listen, you can’t call me The Great Emperor just yet. we have to manage the change first and make sure that the continent was ready for the new empire, and I hope all of you can work together to manage this shift from the Mansion status to empire since I never handled this kind of thing before!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

“Don’t worry, Mansion Lord! Let us take care of such things! we couldn’t help you in a fight, but we can help you out in things like this properly.” Yi Yuwei said at the side as she immediately stood up with Ye Qingxuan beside her.

“And we too aren’t good at fighting, but we could do something for the protection of the Empire!” Yang Yu said as he stood up along with Xu Fei.

“Thank you, everyone! You really make my position as a Mansion Lord that much easier.” Yi Tianyun said as he felt delighted inside.

“No, Mansion Lord! This is all because of you! Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to come this far!” everyone said as they began to show their gratitude for Yi Tianyun.

They admired Yi Tianyun’s fortitude, as they were saved at some point in their life by Yi Tianyun’s action. Yi Tianyun smiled at them all without saying anything else. He knew that he trusted the right people.

Soon they were immediately splitting up as the assembly was done, and now, they had a work to build the Netherworld Imperial City to become their Heavenly Clouds Imperial City.

“Little Brother Yi, you train outstanding people here. They were loyal to you.” Ren Long said enviously.

“That is because they all put their belief in me.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile to Ren Long.

“Don’t worry, Little Brother! Heavenly Dragon Empire would always become your greatest ally. We will help you if you need anything!” Ren Long said with a smile on his face.

But he immediately looked around, and once he saw that there was no one else around, he whispered, “You could also take over our Heavenly Dragon Empire and merge it together with the Heavenly Clouds Mansion.” Ren Long whispered casually.

“Are you sure? If your father ever returns, you will be skinned alive, no?” Yi Tianyun asked worriedly.

“Well, it turns out Prime Minister Long was a traitor, and if it weren’t for you, Heavenly Dragon Empire would’ve already long gone! Their return wouldn’t change anything!” Ren Long said coldly as he remembered his parent left him without so much an explanation.

“We should talk about it later!” Yi Tianyun said as he knew that he must talk about this carefully.

“Okay, we could also bring little sister to this conversation later. Don’t worry too much. It should be easy for you to manage an empire with this loyal group of people you are having.” Ren Long said with a smile on his face as he walked away from Yi Tianyun.

“Thank you very much, Big Brother Ren! I will see you later!” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled at Ren Long and waved him goodbye.

His thought immediately changed. He immediately left towards the Heavenly Clouds Palace to find an empty room and thought about his next move to obtain Exp. In the pressure of Divine Nation, he couldn’t waste his time!

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