Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 457


Yi Tianyun has already decided his next step, and Spirit Race Old Ancestor knew that anything he said to deter Yi Tianyun would be pointless anyway, so he just sighed and let Yi Tianyun have his way.

“No matter what you do, Spirit King, I will support you. I will make sure everything is done while you are gone!” Spirit Race Old Ancestor said politely. Yi Tianyun smiled in response to Old Ancestor’s word. He has gotten something that Ren Long has yet to obtain, a complete trust from his people!

Yi Tianyun then left Spirit Race Old Ancestor alone and went to an empty cultivation room to draw from the super-enhanced Lucky Draw that he got earlier. He was curious about what he would get from this one.

Once he was alone inside the Cultivation Room, he immediately opened the Super Enhanced Lucky Draw and immediately activated his Lucky Aura and activated the Lucky Draw!

With this much luck on his side, Yi Tianyun believed that he would get a Divine Ability out of this draw for sure! Even though he had so many Divine Ability now, there was no harm in acquiring more Divine Ability as it was necessary to fight against stronger enemies!

Yi Tianyun prayed for the gods above that his draw would land on a Divine Ability on this one! His prestige point was high enough to enhance his luck further, but Yi Tianyun had to be disappointed for this one, as it landed on Special Item!

“How can I still fail to get a Divine Ability with this much Luck!” Yi Tianyun said as he grumbled annoyedly. But he knew that a Special Item was the second-best thing that he could get from the Lucky Draw and so he immediately took the box that was dropped in front of him.


‘Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully obtaining a rare item, Phantom Cloak!’

‘Phantom Cloak: Resist any attack by Spirit King Stage cultivator or lower. Cooldown: 1 hour.’

“This item is good!” Yi Tianyun shouted as he read the description of the item that he got. This Phantom Cloak was an upgrade of his Shadow Cloak, as the Shadow Cloak only allowed him to resist an attack from the Core Transformation cultivators and below.

He was thankful that he got this Special Item instead of Consumables, he knew that Consumables were good too, but this Phantom Cloak was a lifesaver! Yi Tianyun believed that with this item, he would be a lot safer as he walked into the Netherworld Passage!

As Yi Tianyun didn’t have anything else to do inside the cultivation room, he immediately walked out, and he immediately heard Shi Xueyun’s voice and Yan’er not too far from there.

Yi Tianyun looked around and noticed that Shi Xueyun has bought Yan’er a sweet and were currently dancing around the room happily like a mother and her daughter would be.

Yi Tianyun suddenly felt reluctant to return Yan’er to the Phoenix Nest as he saw the scene in front of him right now! He didn’t want to take Shi Xueyun’s happiness away!

But he knew that completing his quest was better in the long run, and so he was determined to take Yan’er back to Phoenix Nest first before he went to Netherworld Passage to cleat the Ghost World Treasure Map!

Yi Tianyun immediately walked towards Shi Xueyun and Yan’er to inform Shi Xueyun of Yan’er’s status.

“Aunt! I am sorry to say this but, I’ve already promised Yan’er’s mother that I would return her safely to the Phoenix Nest when once I have the time to do that!” Yi Tianyun said sadly.

“What? Did you have to do that?” Shi Xueyun said as she was saddened by the thought of Yan’er leaving.

“I am afraid so, Aunt. Yan’er’s mother has entrusted me with that task, so I have to fulfill it!” Yi Tianyun said determinedly.

He knew that a promise is sacred, so even if it was not a quest, he still must return Yan’er to Phoenix Nest safely. After all, the Phoenix Nest would have the best environment for Yan’er to grow!

“Well then, I see that you have already made up your mind. But did you know where this Phoenix Nest is?” Shi Xueyun asked curiously.

“I don’t know just yet, but I would find out about it soon!” Yi Tianyun said confidently. He has the Soul Guide, and with it, he believed that he would be able to get to the Phoenix Nest eventually! If he didn’t have the Soul Guide, he might be having a hard time finding this well-hidden Phoenix Nest!

Yi Tianyun then called Yan’er over and told her that they would be leaving soon.

“Where are we going?” Yan’er asked innocently as she kept stuffing her mouth with more sweets.

“I would return you back home!” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled at Yan’er.

“Home?” Yan’er said as she tried to remember what it looked like, but failed to think of anything. Every Divine Beast would usually be infused with certain memories by their parents.

And it would gradually integrate with their own memories at a certain age, so Yi Tianyun knew that the word Home must’ve triggered some memories on Yan’er’s mind, but it may come a little late.

After checking on everything else on the Heavenly Clouds Empire’s agenda, Yi Tianyun immediately left with Yan’er. He didn’t have any information about the Divine Nation that Ming Chen belonged to, so he must hurry up and become even stronger!

But, as a precaution, Yi Tianyun has left every pet that he had on the Heavenly Clouds Palace while giving them the order to protect everyone there.

After flying quite far from the Heavenly Clouds Palace, Yi Tianyun immediately activated the Soul Guide.

“Help me find a way to Phoenix Nest!” Yi Tianyun shouted as he activated the Soul Guide. A blinding light immediately appeared, and Yi Tianyun immediately felt traction that was constantly pulling him towards a certain direction.

He immediately followed the lights, and after a while, he arrived at a gloomy path that was surrounded by a dark forest.

Yi Tianyun was a little bit confused about why would the Phoenix Clan chose this kind of place as their nest, but as he went even further, a realization hits him!

“No way! This is the Ghost World Passage!” Yi Tianyun said, entirely surprised!

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