Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 458


Yi Tianyun was just thinking about going to this place after taking Yan’er back to the Phoenix Nest. He didn’t expect that the Phoenix Nest would be inside the Ghost World Passage!

Yi Tianyun quickly pulled out the Netherworld Passage Chart that he got from Prime Minister Long to see what was recorded on it.

Yi Tianyun noticed that the Netherworld Passage layout was fairly simple. It only had one main road with no intersection!

But Yi Tianyun also noticed that along the way, there was some indication that the place was dangerous! From traps to a deadly demon beast!

There was no other explanation about anything that could help Yi Tianyun to travel this path safely, but at least he knew where the danger was!

“Well, two birds with one stone, I guess!” Yi Tianyun said as he shook his head and kept advancing forward. Yi Tianyun quickly noticed that the place has become darker than before. Furthermore, he could see black energy coming from the ground, further dyed the place in black.

The Black Energy slowly came towards Yi Tianyun, but as it reached Yi Tianyun, it didn’t do anything to him. Yi Tianyun didn’t know whether it was because he was too strong or it really didn’t do anything!

But soon, the black energy was closing in on Yan’er, and this time, it seeped into her clothes! She quickly waved her hands to shake off the black energy. She even used her Phoenix Fire to do that.

“Hey, this black mist makes me uncomfortable!” Yan’er said as she pouted on Yi Tianyun’s embrace.

“Relax, I will take you back to a safe place, okay?” Yi Tianyun said as he looked at Yan’er’s eyes.

“Okay!” Yan’er said right away.

Yi Tianyun then tried to sense Yan’er’s existence and quickly put her on his Pet Bar once more. He thought that once Yan’er has become a human, she would no longer be able to get back to Yi Tianyun’s pet bar, but he was just proved wrong!

“Really? It was that easy?” Yi Tianyun said as he was quite surprised by the power of his system. But now, the situation has changed.

He would no longer need to worry about Yan’er as she was safe inside his pet bar. But Yi Tianyun knew that Yan’er would be bored eventually, alone on the empty space.

“Yan’er, please stay in there, don’t get out until I say so, okay?” Yi Tianyun said warmly.

“Okay, I know that!” Yan’er said from inside his pet bar. She felt uncomfortable inside the Netherworld Passage, and she much preferred to be in here! Yi Tianyun also let out the Netherworld’s Fire from the Netherworld Treasure Pearl for Yan’er so that she could eat it slowly over time.

After solving Yan’er’s problem, Yi Tianyun then kept advancing with the intention to find the Phoenix Nest and clear the Ghost World!

“I don’t know what the situation would be inside the Ghost World if the Netherworld Passage was already this cold!” Yi Tianyun said as he advanced further.

Yi Tianyun noticed that this Dangerous Area was quite different than the Coiling Dragon Cave in Heavenly Dragon Continent. The first thing that he noticed in this place was that there was no cultivator anywhere; the place was eerily silent!

Yi Tianyun knew that maybe the cultivator just wouldn’t risk themselves on a quest that they wouldn’t know what to expect. But maybe, there were already cultivators inside the Ghost World, freely cultivating their cultivation without any disturbance!

Yi Tianyun already heard the rumor about this dangerous area before. He knew that the area was divided into three realms, Heaven World, Ghost World, and Mortal World!

The Divine Nation’s influence was said to be on the Heaven World and Ghost World! As it should be, Ming Chen seemed to relate to this Ghost World too, where the bad thing on the Mortal World was thrown out to!

But the Phoenix Nest should be in the Heaven World, so Yi Tianyun was a little bit confused on why would the soul guide bring him to Ghost World!

In any case, Yi Tianyun must continue onwards and finish his quest!

As he trudged onward, Yi Tianyun noticed that the black energy from before getting thicker than ever. There was no way a normal cultivator would be able to come here without having their own source of fire to ward off this black energy!

After looking at the black energy with his Appraisal Eye, Yi Tianyun noticed that this Black Energy had a corrosion base effect, meaning that if anyone let this black energy invade their body, they would eventually turn into ashes!

Suddenly, the silence in that place was disturbed by the sound of thrown spikes! Yi Tianyun has already sensed this attack coming, so he quickly moved to the side, easily evading the attack.

He looked over to the source of the attack and saw that no cultivator was attacking him, but a giant tree!

Without any warning, Yi Tianyun quickly pulled out the Immortal Fire and instantly lit the giant tree that attacked him just now! The giant tree quickly twisted in pain while being engulfed in the Immortal Fire. It eventually turned into ashes as it didn’t have a way to shake off the fire.


‘Successfully killed a Demon Tree!’

‘Reward: 36.000 Exp, 3.600 Cps, 100 Sps, Demon Tree Sap, Demon Tree Leaves.’

The reward notification came as the tree turned into ashes, and Yi Tianyun noticed that the reward was almost the same as killing a Spirit Core cultivator, which was not much on his current level.

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