Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 459


Fortunately for Yi Tianyun, even though it was startling to find a tree attacking him like that, he was still so much faster than it! If it was someone else with the same or maybe lower cultivation than he was currently at, that person might have already been stabbed by the Demon Tree spike! Now, Yi Tianyun expected things would be much worse as he kept advancing forward!

Yi Tianyun kept burning the Demon Tree that attacked him from left and right as he advanced further. Yi Tianyun didn’t activate his Crazy Exp Mode for this mob as he knew that the amount of Exp he got would still be too little for it to be cost-effective.

This was also the first dangerous point that the Netherworld Passage Chart marked!

As he passed the Demon Tree territory, Yi Tianyun could see so many bones lying around on the ground. The bones have corroded and seemed like the ground was starting to swallow it! Yi Tianyun ignored this eerie scene and kept going onward! He eventually left the gloomy forest and arrived at the riverbank, where the water was as black as ink!

Yi Tianyun also noticed that several cultivators were also there, building something that looked like a boat! They were cutting trees and assembled them like a raft, Yi Tianyun instantly knew that it was for crossing this Black River!

Most of the cultivators that he saw were in the Core Transformation Stage. Some of them were even at Spirit Core Stage. It may be weird to see a group of Core Transformation Expert to build a raft to cross the river while they should have been able to fly. But Yi Tianyun knew that this place wouldn’t allow flying, just like the Coiling Dragon Cave.

Yi Tianyun also noticed that the cultivator also picked up the Spirit Flower and Spirit Grass along their way.

Eventually, a group of cultivators noticed Yi Tianyun standing not too far from the gloomy forest’s exit.

“Hello, brother! sorry to bother you, but are you going to Ghost World too, or are you here just to pick up the Spirit Medicine ingredient?” one of the cultivators in a group of three asked.

“I am planning on going to Ghost World!” Yi Tianyun said casually to the middle-aged man that asked him just now. This middle-aged man’s cultivation was at 3rd Layer Core Transformation Stage, but Yi Tianyun didn’t see that this man belonged to any Faction, at least he didn’t know yet.

“I see, my name is Ren Liangchen. My group and I were planning the same thing, may I ask how high is brother’s cultivation right now?” the middle-aged man asked curiously as he saw that Yi Tianyun was too young.

“I am at Core Transformation Rank.” Yi Tianyun answered, hiding his true cultivation base from these people as he didn’t know them yet.

“Big brother Ren, do you think we can trust him?” another voice came from behind Ren Liangchen.

Yi Tianyun looked too young to be reliable. They know that age sometimes didn’t determine individual cultivation level, but trust did! A teenager will easily betray them once they were blinded by greed!

Yi Tianyun noticed that every cultivator in this area was mostly in their 30s, there was one or two in their late 20s, but they seemed to be the weakest around here.

“I would like to invite you to join my group as we travel toward the Ghost World. But if you don’t want to join us, that would be fine too. Totally your choice.” A man from another group said as he stepped forward.

“Liu Long! What are you doing! I was the first one to spot him!” Ren Liangchen said as he frowned that Liu Long beat him to invite Yi Tianyun.

“Well, you take too long, brother! We have things to do!” Liu Long said to Ren Liangchen. “Now come on, little brother. We welcome you to our group!” Liu Long said as he smiled warmly to Yi Tianyun.

“I am just asking Brother Ren on his input, why couldn’t I ask him that?” The man asked coldly as he kept staring at Yi Tianyun.

“Leng Hu! You are too rude to our recruit! Calm down a little bit!” Liu Long said coldly to the man that kept questioning Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun was confused. He didn’t know that recruiting people was a must here, but it made sense, as this place was dangerous, so the more cultivator they had on their group, the safer the trip would be.

“I am sorry, brother, but I have to turn you down for now.” Yi Tianyun said to Liu Long.

“Well, I wish you all the best!” Liu Long said as he lost interest and walked away from Yi Tianyun.

“Welcome brother, what should I call you, brother?” Ren Liangchen asked as he smiled excitedly at Yi Tianyun.

“My name is Yi Yun.” Yi Tianyun said, shortening his name to hide his identity.

“Okay, welcome to my group Brother Yi, we were still building a boat, but we will be done and ready to set off soon!” Ren Liangchen said excitedly as he led Yi Tianyun towards his team.

Yi Tianyun glanced at Liu Long and Leng Hu again. He felt something was off from them both! Maybe it was the fake smile that Liu Long kept showing, but Yi Tianyun couldn’t trust them!

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