Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 461


Yi Tianyun, Leng Hu, and Yang Zhiwen started to row the boat while Ren Lianchen guided the boat in the right direction. They tried to take things slow as they didn’t know what awaited them ahead, and the worst-case scenario, the boat could hit something and break if they went too fast!

Yi Tianyun himself felt that the dark water of Netherworld River was different as he weaved the water with the oars. The water was thick, making resistance as he tried to row.

While they were rowing the boat through the Netherworld River, Yi Tianyun also noticed that the other three were vigilant as they kept an eye on their surroundings.

Yi Tianyun was a little bit impressed. These people clearly knew what they were doing! If the Demon Trees earlier were dangerous enough, this place must be more dangerous than that!

“Its eerily silent today! We must speed up and reach the destination quickly. I sensed something is off here! If we arrive at Ghost World, we would be rich!” Liu Long’s voice was heard from the side.

Yi Tianyun noticed that the people on his boat became excited and immediately rowed the boat as quickly as they could.

Yi Tianyun just shook his head as he saw the people that followed Liu Long’s command was like a sheep being herded to the slaughterhouse, but still, Yi Tianyun hoped that he was wrong.

“It’s normal to see him like that, Brother Yi. He has the Ghost World Map, so it’s easy for him to persuade people like that!” Ren Liangchen said as he looked over to Liu Long’s boat.

“Well, I don’t even believe that he has the map on him!” Yang Zhiwen said coldly.

“Sure, there are many people who questioned the map. Many people were curious about how he got his hands on such a thing. But I guess only God knows the truth!” Ren Liangchen said solemnly.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head as he realized the situation now, he didn’t really care what happened to Liu Long and his party if it didn’t cause trouble to himself, but it wouldn’t hurt to have information about it.

Yi Tianyun looked at the nearby shore, and he saw that there were two boats that already harbored on the shore, and he immediately saw several people collecting the Spirit Flowers that grew on the riverbanks.

He knew that not everyone who came there was trying to go to the Ghost World. They knew the danger that the Ghost World had and chose a safer option to gain resources.

But the scene immediately turned dark as Yi Tianyun noticed one cultivator on the riverbanks were attacked by the stone wall, the cultivator tried his best to escape the attack, but he was eventually swallowed by it!

The other cultivators who saw the scene were shocked, and Yi Tianyun could see a horrified expression on their faces.

After a while, the stone wall exploded! It seemed the cultivator who was swallowed earlier still struggled, but the explosion threw him toward the River!

The cultivator tried to fly to save his life, but the spiritual pressure on this place made it impossible to fly!  Slowly, the cultivator’s face darkened from the toxin inside the River’s water.

“Pull me up! Quickly!” The cultivator shouted as he was calling for help.

His companions quickly rowed their boat to his direction and quickly pulled the cultivator with their oars. The cultivator’s companions didn’t dare to help him directly as the water would poison everyone who came into contact with it.

Sure enough, as soon as the cultivator was pulled into their boat, Yi Tianyun could see that the cultivator’s body was all black from heavy poisoning.

“Antidote! Give me an antidote!” The cultivator panted. His companion immediately administered the Antidote for the River’s poison, but it still worked slowly. That meant this guy was done for. He wouldn’t be able to continue gathering the resources and must get out safely from this Netherworld Passage!

“He is lucky to have a companion who could effectively help him in need like that. I believe the people with him right now are at least 3rd-grade faction members.” Ren Liangchen said as he was impressed by their response speed to help the cultivator.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head in understanding. He finally knew that no matter what happened, he absolutely couldn’t touch the water! But at the same time, a nervous voice was heard from Liu Long’s boat.

“This is too dangerous! Can I still go back now?” one of the cultivators on Liu Long’s boat said nervously.

“How can you say that! We’ve already come this far! Relax, we will reach the Ghost World soon!” Liu Long said a little bit annoyedly. The nervous cultivator immediately shut his mouth and followed Liu Long’s direction obediently.

Leng Hu scoffed as he saw Liu Long manipulating the people on his boat like that. He would never agree to Liu Long’s way!

“Hey, if you want to get back, it’s okay, you know! Life is the most important thing here; it’s no shame in retreating when you feel you aren’t quite ready yet!” Leng Hu said to Yi Tianyun as he knew that this was Yi Tianyun’s first run inside this place.

“Don’t worry, Brother Leng, that scene wasn’t enough to scare me!” Yi Tianyun said assuringly.

“Fine, but keep in mind to follow our instruction. That way, we have a greater chance of success!” Leng Hu said as he smiled a little bit to Yi Tianyun. Leng Hu saw that Yi Tianyun was already determined, so he showed some respect!

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