Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 462


Yi Tianyun knew that Leng Hu’s words were sharp, but he didn’t see any ill intent behind it. So, Yi Tianyun took every advice that Leng Hu threw at him seriously.

Even though Yi Tianyun knew that he was probably much stronger than Leng Hu, the advice came from experience, and this was his first time inside the Netherworld Passage.

“Did we have any information about this Ghost World?” Yi Tianyun asked the party as he was curious about how to get to the Ghost World.

“I knew a little bit about how to get there, but it’s still dodgy information, the path difficulties could change at any time.” Ren Liangchen said solemnly.

Yi Tianyun smiled a little bit after hearing Ren Liangchen had a form of a way to get to the Ghost World, now Yi Tianyun knew that with the said information, the party wouldn’t be reckless!

As they sailed further, the water current intensified. There were so many boats that gave up and chose to go back as they couldn’t row their boat to advance anymore. In the end, the only ship that stayed were only three, including Yi Tianyun’s.

“It will get even harder than this! are you okay, brother Yi? If not, we could slow down a little!” Leng Hu said as he looked to Yi Tianyun.

Leng Hu thought that Yi Tianyun was the weakest here as Yi Tianyun’s aura was weak. He didn’t know that Yi Tianyun naturally let out a little aura from the start, regardless of his cultivation level!

From this party, Ren Liangchen was the strongest beside Yi Tianyun, at 6th Layer Core Transformation Stage. Yi Tianyun was impressed that they were able to cultivate effectively despite not having any faction to back them up.

But Yi Tianyun knew that not every cultivator wanted to join a faction.

“Yeah, we could slow down if you want to. It doesn’t matter whether we come there first or last.” Yang Zhiwen said, confirming Leng Hu’s word.

“No, I am fine. I will continue rowing the boat at the same speed as before. I hope that we get out of this river soon.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile.

“it’s okay if you couldn’t, you know. Well, I guess we slowed down a little bit. Everyone is tired too.” Ren Liangchen said casually. This was the truth. Yang Zhiwen and Leng Hu were tired too. But as soon as they slowed down, Liu Long saw the opportunity to harass Ren Liangchen as they couldn’t seem to get along.

“Hey, Liangchen! Why are you slowing down? If you didn’t have the strength to push through, you might as well go home and drink your momma’s milk again!” Liu Long said tauntingly.

Yang Zhiwen was angered as he heard Liu Long’s word, but Ren Liangchen immediately held him from saying anything. “Don’t bother. It’s useless and a waste of stamina!” Ren Liangchen said to Yang Zhiwen solemnly.

Yi Tianyun looked over to Liu Long’s boat and saw that Liu Long looking satisfied. But the looks of everyone else on his boat was different. They looked exhausted! But as they continued forward, Yi Tianyun suddenly felt something on the water.

“Brother Ren, I feel something’s wrong ahead of us. We should look out for something unusual!” Yi Tianyun said, warning everyone in his party. Even though he was the newcomer, people on this boat knew that ignoring a warning could lead to death, and so they slowed down a little bit more, letting Liu Long’s party go ahead.

Sure enough, after some time, a white shadow came out of the water and rushed towards Liu Long’s boat and shook the boat as it slammed the deck of Liu Long’s boat. One of Liu Long’s party member was thrown to the water from the impact and never floated back up again!

“It’s Nether water Shark!” Ren Liangchen said nervously. He was worried now as a powerful demon beast came into the equation.

Nether water Shark: 1th Layer Core Transformation demon beast. Have a high resistance against the Toxin inside the Netherworld River. Its bite could discharge poison throughout the victim’s body and would paralyze them! 3rd Grade pet potential.

Weakness: Extremely hot fire.

Reward on drop: Antidote, Nether water Shark, Water Poison.

The detailed information of the shark immediately appeared as Yi Tianyun looked at it with his Appraisal Eye, he was amazed by the shark’s fierce nature. But Yi Tianyun was a little bit disappointed to see that this shark was only a 1st Layer Core Transformation stage, it was too weak for him!

At the same time, another Nether water Shark appeared and rushed towards Yi Tianyun’s party’s boat! Yi Tianyun was a little bit surprised as he noticed that the shark was targeting him out of other people on his boat. But as soon as he was about to deal with the shark, bright light hit the shark on its side, and instantly killed the shark!

The one that killed the shark was none other than Leng Hu, who sat next to Yi Tianyun. He saw the shark coming, and while he thought that Yi Tianyun wouldn’t be able to defend himself, Leng Hu pulled out a High-Grade Soul Tool and quickly killed the shark before it could reach Yi Tianyun.

“We have to row the boat quickly! We won’t be safe until we get away from their territory!” Ren Liangchen said nervously.

Yi Tianyun quickly looked over his Netherworld Passage Chart and saw that he was indeed in a red zone right now.

At the same time, Liu Long was panicked more than everyone else. He began to shout and persuade his entire party to row faster while ordering the Core Transformation Expert on his party to fend off the shark!

But Ren Liangchen’s party was confused after seeing that Yi Tianyun wasn’t helping them row the boat! Yi Tianyun himself was still debating the idea that came into his mind just now. If this shark was too weak to be turned to Exp, why wouldn’t he just make them his pet!

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