Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 463


Yi Tianyun’s idea never to the rest of them as beast tamer was a rare skill to have.

“Kid! Start rowing! What are you doing? This Nether water Shark would kill us!” Leng Hu said desperately as he was worried about their safety.

Leng Hu’s word was quickly proven right as the Nether water Sharks were gathering around their raft.

But even though Leng Hu was yelling his lungs out, telling Yi Tianyun to row, he was still motionless. Yang Zhiwen quickly rowed the raft as fast as he could while Leng Hu and Ren Liangchen were attacking the shark as they got to close to the raft.

“Fortunately, that boy rejected my offer earlier! I don’t think that he would be scared shitless like that!” Liu Long said from the front as his party rowed the rafts quicker than Yi Tianyun’s party. Liu Long laughed as he saw Ren Liangchen desperately fended off the incoming shark.

“Kid, don’t show your fear now! Come on, help Yang Zhiwen row the raft!” Leng Hu shouted for Yi Tianyun to wake up. He wasn’t angry since he knew that it must have been scary for a kid like Yi Tianyun to see this kind of situation, so he used a comforting word for Yi Tianyun instead.

“Don’t worry, Brother Leng, I am not afraid of these sharks. I am waiting for the shark to get close to me, for I couldn’t do anything from this distance.” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“What? What are you talking about?” Leng Hu said as he was confused by Yi Tianyun’s word.

“Just watch me!” Yi Tianyun said as he smirked and pulled out a makeshift raft from his ring and immediately jumped into the raft.

“Look at that stupid brat! Rushing alone to save his comrades! How stupid, he would be dead in a mere second!” Liu Long said as he laughed at Yi Tianyun.

He immediately stabbed one Nether water Shark and threw it towards Yi Tianyun. The blood from the Shark that Liu Long threw toward Yi Tianyun immediately attracted so many other sharks!

“What the hell are you doing, Liu Long!” Ren Liangchen said in anger.

“Well, if he’s going to die, either way, he might as well serve as the bait!” Liu Long said as he laughed hysterically.

“Liu Long! I will kill you if I get my hands on you later!” Ren Liangchen said as he was furious by Liu Long’s action.

“Kid, you don’t need to act like a hero! Come back here. We can deal with these sharks just fine!” Leng Hu said as he persuaded Yi Tianyun to come back to the raft.

“Relax, Brother Leng! Trust me. I know what I am doing.” Yi Tianyun said casually. He then proceeded with his plan and pulled out a sword from his ring.

This sword wasn’t the powerful Heavenly Dragon Sword that he used before. This was just a standard soul tool so that he didn’t accidentally kill the sharks or reveal his identity in front of everyone.

Yi Tianyun swung the sword down to the water, successfully caught one shark, and immediately pulled it out of the water into the raft. Yi Tianyun then slapped the shark. Yi Tianyun obviously didn’t deal any damage to the shark as he wanted to capture it, but from Liu Long’s perspective, this was quite hilarious.

“What is that? He couldn’t even kill one shark! Your companion is great, Ren Liangchen! I am entertained!” Liu Long said as he laughed out loud.

The people on Liu Long’s raft were also laughing at Yi Tianyun as they thought that they were lucky since Yi Tianyun didn’t join their party.

“Capture!” Yi Tianyun said as he slapped the shark once more. A bright light immediately shrouded the shark, and the system notification immediately appeared.


‘Successfully captured the Nether water, Shark!’

‘Reward: 300.000 Exp, 300 Monster Taming proficiency.’

Capturing the shark was fairly easy! This was all because Yi Tianyun’s cultivation was already high enough for the shark to be of any challenge! “Go down and get me another shark!” Yi Tianyun said to the shark that he captured earlier. The shark made a weird noise and immediately jumped to the water.

Everyone was surprised after seeing that the shark went back into the water without attacking Yi Tianyun, followed by another shark thrown to the raft from the water without any explanation, and Yi Tianyun slapped it once more.

Yi Tianyun kept taming the shark that was thrown out of the water by the shark that he tamed earlier, and he finally tamed numerous sharks in a short time!

After there was no more wild Nether water Shark around, Yi Tianyun returned to the raft with the other were still stunned by the scene earlier.

“Now, we can leave; there is nothing to worry about anymore.” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled at Ren Liangchen.

“You are pretty good! Now let’s row the raft!” Leng Hu said as he handed an oar to Yi Tianyun.

“No, we don’t need to row!” Yi Tianyun said as he pointed towards the Nether water Shark that appeared in front of the raft peacefully. “Let them pull our raft.

We could reserve our energy for something else later!” Yi Tianyun said casually while smiling at the rest of his party. Ren Liangchen was shocked once again as this was the first time that he encountered a tamed Nether water Shark!

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