Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 469



‘Successfully killed Liu Long!’

‘Reward: 44.000 Exp, 4.400 Cps, 500 Sps, …’

Yi Tianyun finally got the reward for killing Liu Long, meaning that Liu Long was finally dead at the bottom of the river.

However, Yi Tianyun didn’t feel accomplished at all. The amount of Exp that he got was low, as none of them had a high cultivation base.

So, all he had to do right now was to complete his side quest so that he could earn a huge amount of Exp at one go!

He must go to the Phoenix Nest as soon as possible as there could be Soul Accumulating Grass there too.

After a long wait, the Fog of Death finally dissipated.

“Look, we finally can go inside the Fog of death!” Ren Liangchen said as he pointed towards the dissipating fog. The rest of his party looked over and instantly became excited as they were beginning to get bored.

Plus, the amount of Black Energy in this place was high, too, keeping them busy to regenerate their Spiritual Energy.

Yi Tianyun knew that this would be where it got difficult, as the Netherworld Passage Chart showed that the closer they got into the Ghost World, the harder the path would be!

Soon enough, the fog dispersed, but the path was still misty, as the fog didn’t completely disappear.

“Let’s go. We must go before the fog thickens again!” Ren Liangchen said as he pulled out a map from his storage ring to see how they should traverse the Fog of Death.

Yi Tianyun looked at the map, and he noticed that the map was very similar to his own Netherworld Passage Chart. Now that Yi Tianyun knew that, he was confident that they could pass the Fog of Death safely!

Ren Liangchen immediately took the leading position and walked towards the Fog of Death confidently. “Now it is our turn to show that we are credible too, little brother Yi has done so much for us earlier!” Ren Liangchen said as he smiled towards Yi Tianyun. “Relax, little brother Yi, I am confident that we would get out of the Fog of Death safely!” Ren Liangchen said confidently to Yi Tianyun.

“How can you be so sure?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“I got this map from an expert that came from the Ghost World Itself! There is no way that this map was a fake!” Ren Liangchen said confidently.

“An expert from Ghost World? Did anyone really come back from the Ghost World?” Yi Tianyun asked surprisedly as this was new information for him.

“Yes, he was from the Ghost World, but sadly there is no one that came back from the Ghost World resides on the Netherworld Continent or the Heavenly Border Continent!” Ren Liangchen said solemnly.

“Did you know where he is now, or where did he come from?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“Sadly, no! I have tried asking him where he wanted to go, but he didn’t want to say anything to me! It seems he had a bad experience with people knowing where he was from, not that I’m sure, though.” Ren Liangchen said as he sighed disappointedly.

“Well, there is nothing you can do about it!” Yi Tianyun said as he nodded his head to Ren Liangchen.

Although he was a little bit disappointed that he couldn’t find the person that successfully returned from the Ghost World, at least he got a little information that he needed!

Yi Tianyun’s party quickly moved forward to the Fog of Death, leaving the two cultivators that previously took a dip in the Netherworld River at Yi Tianyun’s order.

Under Ren Liangchen’s leadership, they traversed the Fog of Death exactly as the map told him to go to. This Fog of Death was a stone maze.

If the fog was still as thick as before, they would easily get lost and trapped inside this maze!

“We have to take this path! But be careful, the path is not safe!” Ren Liangchen said as he quickly moved to the left.

As they traversed the path that Ren Liangchen had signaled them to go, a black shadow suddenly appeared and rushed towards Yi Tianyun from behind, but Yi Tianyun was already prepared, with his Long Sword, he immediately cleaved the black shadow in two!

Black blood spurted from the black shadow towards Yi Tianyun’s arm. It immediately sizzled but caused no effect to Yi Tianyun as his cultivation was already too high!

“What happened, Little brother Yi? Why are you stopping?” Leng Hu said as he noticed Yi Tianyun standing on the back. But soon, everyone noticed the black bug was cleaved in two in front of Yi Tianyun.

“This is a Nether water Bug! One bite from this creature, and you would be poisoned severely! It’s also quite fast, thank god little brother Yi could kill it before it poses a threat!” Ren Liangchen said gratefully to Yi Tianyun.

“Save it for later. We have to get out of here soon!” Yi Tianyun said as he signaled for Ren Liangchen to continue forward.

“But it was a little bit weird! Why did they only attack little brother Yi?” Leng Hu said as he walked near Yi Tianyun.

“It may be because my aura was the faintest that they detected. They may think that I was the easiest target!” Yi Tianyun smiled at Leng Hu as he answered.

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