Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 470


The real reason why Yi Tianyun was constantly being targeted by the Demon Beast was that his Sin Points were too high! He would always draw the Demon Beast’s attention as they could sense the hatred from the Sin Point!

The only solution was to spend the Sin Point on the Sin Shop, but for now, he was still accumulating the Sin Point for something that he wanted.

“Don’t worry, little brother Yi. You don’t have to shoulder all the fighting alone. We can still be of use, you know!” Ren Liangchen said as he patted Yi Tianyun’s shoulder.

“We know that you are strong, but we are also already prepared to fight our way toward the Ghost World, you know!” Yang Zhiwen said as he observed the dead Nether water Bug that Yi Tianyun killed earlier.

“Yeah, I am also not happy about this! I am not crippled, you know! I can at least defend myself in the time of need!” Leng Hu said unpleasantly.

Yi Tianyun felt awkward as he was just making excuses at random. He couldn’t say that the real reason was his high Sin Point!

“I know that you guys can defend yourself with no problem, but you guys know this place better! So, the least I can do is kill the demon beast that would block our path toward the Ghost World!” Yi Tianyun said honestly.

Finally, everyone accepted Yi Tianyun’s word and immediately advanced forward. They know that nothing could be done if the Demon Beast was really targeting Yi Tianyun.

They felt a little bit guilty that they must let Yi Tianyun do all the hard work, but at the same time, they felt a little bit grateful that Yi Tianyun was there with them!

Yi Tianyun could feel that their Favourability was raising! It seemed that their Favourability would reach 200 soon!

Yi Tianyun was a little bit excited as if he could convince these three men to join his Heavenly Clouds Mansion, they would help him meet the requirement of his Main Quest faster!

However, Yi Tianyun didn’t want to mention such things for now. He should wait for the right opportunity to recruit these men as he knew that these men had a terrible experience with a faction! But as they continued to traverse the Fog of Death, the fog began to thicken!

“This is bad! The Fog of Death has begun to thicken! We have to stay here for a while, set up camp so that we didn’t get separated!” Ren Liangchen said as he immediately started to collect the dead branch and stick to make fire.

The fog thickened fast. Soon enough, the road in front of them was covered with fog and could no longer be seen anymore!

“This time is the most dangerous time inside this Fog of Death! We have to make sure that we cover all directions as we don’t know where and when the enemy would attack!” Ren Liangchen said commandingly.

The rest of the party nodded their head as they started to prepare themselves for a fight; their expression was grim as they knew that this situation could be dangerous. They know that the Demon Beast inside this maze tended to attack people from their blind spot, so they covered each other’s back!

“Do you believe me?” Yi Tianyun said out of nowhere.

“Why would you think that we wouldn’t believe you? We’ve already seen your power before!” Ren Liangchen said as he was confused by Yi Tianyun’s question.

“Then let me see the map for a bit. I will take you all out of here!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

“Take us out of this fog of death?” Leng Hu asked confusedly.

“Yeah, as long as you believe in me, we can get out of here safely!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

Ren Liangchen nodded his head to Leng Hu and Yang Zhiwen and immediately gave the map to Yi Tianyun.

“Here you go, we believe everything you said.” Ren Liangchen said casually.

“Thank you for trusting me. I will make sure that we get to go out of this place safely!” Yi Tianyun said confidently. As he said these words, a couple of Nether water Bug appeared and started to walk in front of them.

Because of the thick black color of the Nether water Bug, it was easy to see them, even if the fog was really thick!

They immediately knew that those Nether water Bugs were Yi Tianyun’s tamed beast!

“No wonder little brother Yi is confident that he can get us out of here! He has already tamed several Nether water Bug to be our guide!” Ren Liangchen said as he was surprised once again. He forgot for a moment that Yi Tianyun was a beast tamer!

“Yeah, let’s go! Let’s get out of this place!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly.

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    [ 01 ] Crazy Leveling System (MC- Yi Tianyun / Yi Yun [Ghost World] )
    Age : 18 Years
    Appearance : Handsome
    💗 On Hold Chapter 470💗

    Location: Dragon Empire > Heavenly Jade Sect (Heavenly Jade Temple) > Heavenly Border Continent > Heavenly Clouds Continent [Current]

    Job: Heavenly Jade Sect Young Master / Heavenly Jade Sect Elder / Inheritor of Heavenly Jade Temple [Defense: Core Transformation] / Star Pavilion Guest Elder (in a Month) / Heaven’s Top Mansion Current Patriarch / True Spirit Race King / Heavenly Dragon Empire Prince / Medicine King🔒/ Alchemist Grandmaster🔒

    Race : Dragonoid Human
    Bloodline : Dragon God (12x Attack) [Level 5]

    Title : Guardian (Base Defense 2x) / Savior (1,000 Prestige) / Admired by a Thousand People (Command Value to 100) / Spirit Race King (500: Command Value / 20% Grandmaster Level Divine Rune Success Rate) / Empire’s Protector God (Base Defense 5x in Heavenly Dragon Imperial City) / The Punisher of the Wicked and The Destroyer of Evil (Prestige Points: 500) / The Great Emperor ( ?? )🔒/ Transcendent (Neutralize Black Energy)

    Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure (Materialize Dragons): Void Spirit 1

    Innate Ability: Heavenly Eyes / Divine Rune: Ice Attribute (Spirit Race) / Engrave Spirit King Divine Rune🔒
    Latent Talent:

    Cultivation Level: Void Spirit 4 / Level: 54 / Power Level: 800,000+
    Opponent Cultivation Level : Spirit King 3 / Power Level: 400 Million

    Crazy Point: 3 Million
    Prestige: 1​,630 (Luck Enhanced)
    Sin Points: Three Hundred Thousand (Kill Evil / Use Sin Shop)
    Command Points : 800

    Divine Ability :-
    Crazy Mode (Enhanced Any Effects [Basic Stats / Gained EXP / Consumed Item] : 16x / Passive Effect: X4 Mastery Point, X2 Sin Point, X2 Medicinal Pill effect!) [Level 4]
    Lucky Aura (Enhanced Luck by 15x) [Level 3]
    Teleportation (10km / 5 Minutes CoolDown) [Level 2]
    Stealth (Completely Concealed / 5 Minutes Effects / 1 Hour CoolDown) [Level 1]

    Cultivation Technique:
    Dark North Divine Art [High Mid Earth Level] [Level 4]
    Dragon God Secret Art (Dragon Transformation: equal to Dragon God Bloodline Mastery)
    Xuan Tian (Mysterious Heavens) Divine Art (Transparent Armor) [Level 2]
    Heavens Devouring Divine Secret Art (Automatically Absorb Surrounding Spiritual Energy) [High Earth Level]
    Golden Body Secret Art (Heavy Defense)
    Shadow Clone Art (make 3 Clones with 30% MC Power) [High Earth Level] [Level 1]
    Swallowing Heavens Divine Arts (Absorption Technique, can Devour All Types of Energy & Turn Into EXP) [Lower Heavens Level]

    Martial Arts:
    Absorbing Stars Great Technique (Absorb EXP / Spiritual Power) [High Earth Level] [Level 4]
    Eagle Claw Art [Can not Level Up]
    Falling Feather Sword Technique [Can not Level Up]
    Floating Cloud Steps Movement Technique (Speed)
    Stealth (Hide Physique)
    Sky Cloud Step
    Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin (Speed)
    Flying Soul Seize the Life [Human Level]
    Hegemony [Human Level]
    Blood Fiend Soaring Heaven
    Eagle Claw Art [Lower Level]
    Falling Feather Sword Technique [Lower Level]
    Flying Soul Seize the Life [Human Level]
    Extreme Sparkle
    Heavenly Dragon Palm [Earth Level]
    Heaven Imperial Divine Palm [Lower Earth]
    Rushing Thunder Step [Lower Earth Level]
    Burning The Heavens Secret Art [Lower Earth Level]
    Wind & Fire Palm [Earth Level Lower]
    Soul Extinguishing Palm [Lower Earth Level]
    Burst Claw
    Transforming Heaven Palm [Earth Level]
    Netherworld Step
    Heavenly Star Palm
    Blood Demon God [Middle Earth Level]
    Qingyun Sword Technique
    Azure Profound Step Technique
    Turning The Heavens Step
    Flowing Cloud Palms
    Heaven Cloud Palms
    Yellow Heavenly Palm
    Cloud Waves Palm
    Evil Heaven
    God Finger
    Shadow Step
    Afterimage Step
    Soul Breaking Finger
    Moon Fall Palm
    Soul Breaking Finger
    Thunder Sound Flash
    Trace Confusion Step
    Heaven Spirit Step
    Bloodthirsty Chop
    Demon Prison Claw
    Dragon Soul
    Tyrant Cloud Torn
    Bundle Lock
    Hawk Claw
    Rupture Palm
    Violent Dragon Chop
    Bursting Flame First

    [Unique Ability] :>
    Flame: Immortal Flame [Level 3: Mid Earth Level] (can’t Extinguished / Forge / Alchemy)
    Life or Life-Up (Revive the MC) (4x)
    Divine Rune’s Engraving Method (Spirit Race)
    Flight [Core Transformation]
    Soul-Searching (for Interrogate)
    Netherworld’s Fire [Middle Earth Level]
    Soul Guide (Guide Places Shown in Quest or Treasure Map) [Currently: Can Only Used Once]

    Treasure :-
    Purple Fire Divine Furnace (Alchemy Furnace) [Sacred Level]
    Appraisal Eye [Level 3] (Double Memory Speed / See Weaknesses, Profession / Racial, Divine Rune , Great Array, Medicinal Pills Details)
    Blood Jade (Enormous Blood Essence)
    Coiling Dragon Treasure Map (Dragon Vein Location) [Used]
    Jade Pearl (Increasing Cultivation Speed by 3x)
    Command Treasure Book (Increase Charisma & Leadership)
    Phoenix Wing (Flight at Certain Speed) [Not Upgradable]
    Enhanced Blood Jade (Normal Blood Jade: 3x)
    Netherworld Heavenly Book
    Netherworld Passage Chart
    Netherworld Passage Key
    Ghost World Treasure Map
    Ghost World Secret Order
    Ghost World Star Plate
    Netherworld Treasure Pearl (Soul Enhanced / Control Any Netherworld Fire) [Divine Treasure]

    Mounts :-
    Snow Wolf King [Spirit Core 2]
    Black Dragon (Flight) [Void Spirit 1]
    Earth Dragon (High Defense) (+6x) [Spirit Core 1 – 10]
    Giant Red Dragon (Powerful Fire Breath / Human Intelligence) [Void Spirit 1]
    Nether water, Shark (+2x) [Core Transformation 1]

    All Professions :-
    Advance Level Blacksmith [True Level (100%) & Soul (50%) Spirit Tool (w/Immortal Flame) ]
    Mid Level Alchemist [4th Grade (w/Immortal Flame) ]
    Master Level Runemaster [Fifth Level Array / 5th (100%) Divine Rune Master / 6th Layer Divine Rune (w/Tyrant Rune Paper) ]
    Basic Level Pet Capture [1st Level]

    Pill Recipes :-
    Life Continuing Spirit Pill [4th Grade Medicinal Pills]
    Spirit Congealing Pill
    Soul Accumulating Pill

    Sin Shop :-
    Evil God Suit (Combat Power 50x / Evil God Transformation / All Attacks become Long-Ranged Attacks / Burn Enhancement / +20% Critical)🔒
    Sword Saint Suit (Control 10,000 High Grade Sacred Tool in 10km)🔒

    Absolute Loyal General (Shared EXP, SP, CP) :>
    Xu Fei (Xu Family Young Master / Danger Instinct) [Spirit Core 1] [Qin Xue💗Wife]

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