Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 475


Ren Liangchen and Leng Hu were struggling to keep advancing forward, but they knew that they must reach the top no matter what! At the same time, Yang Zhiwen finally woke up, and he immediately saw that he was being carried by Yi Tianyun.

“Little Brother Yi! Let me down. I will drag you down with me if you continue to carry me like this!” Yang Zhiwen said as he was surprised that he was being carried instead of already at the bottom of the mountain.

“It’s okay, brother Yang! We couldn’t afford to climb the mountain for the second time, so I must carry you like this, don’t worry! Black Energy has no effect on me!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

Yang Zhiwen was surprised to hear Yi Tianyun’s word. The same could be said to the rest of the cultivators below. They heard Yi Tianyun’s words, and they were surprised to hear that a cultivator who could resist the Black Energy actually existed!

They never saw anything like this before. Not even a cultivator with high cultivation could completely resist the Black Energy!

The cultivator on the bottom began to mock Yi Tianyun once more as they thought that Yi Tianyun was just bullshitting around!

Ren Liangchen, Leng Hu, and Yang Zhiwen just frowned as they heard Yi Tianyun being mocked by the cultivators on the bottom, but they knew that Yi Tianyun’s words were true! They became much more confident than before and continued to climb the mountain determinedly.

The next moment, it was Leng Hu’s turn to fall from the mountain as he was out of strength, and his grip slipped. But once more, Yi Tianyun’s rope caught him before he could fall to the bottom. The same as Yang Zhiwen, Yi Tianyun pulled Leng hu up once more and carried him along.

The Exp that he got from absorbing the Black Energy increased once more! It has already reached 100.000 Exp per second without the help of the Crazy Exp Mode!

But at the same time, Yi Tianyun noticed that this was the best that Heavens Swallowing Divine Secret Art could do now as the amount of Exp that he got didn’t go any higher.

Yi Tianyun immediately activated his Heavens Devouring Divine Secret Art in an attempt to stack the effect together. Yi Tianyun knew that he couldn’t stack the effect of Dark North Divine Art with the Heavenly Swallowing Divine Secret Art!

And it worked, the amount of Exp that he got was the same, but the speed of absorption was at least doubled from before!

Everyone at the bottom was shocked! This was the first time ever they saw a cultivator who could carry two people at the same time towards the top of the Netherworld Gate!

The same could be said for Ren Liangchen, Leng Hu, and Yang Zhiwen. They were surprised that Yi Tianyun was able to carry others with him towards the top!

“Little Brother Yi, I am sorry!” Leng Hu said to Yi Tianyun as he felt bad to have Yi Tianyun do all this.

“Relax, Brother Leng. Just focus on recovering your stamina back, if you’ve already recovered enough, you can continue to climb back up by yourself again.” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled at Leng Hu.

Yang Zhiwen and Leng Hu immediately did so and pulled out Recovery Pills so that they could quickly recover. Ren Liangchen looked over to Yi Tianyun and clenched his teeth as he continued to climb up. He hoped that his strength didn’t fail him this time. He wanted to reach the summit on his own!

Yi Tianyun slowly caught up to Ren Liangchen as Ren Liangchen slowed down to the point that Yi Tianyun was a little bit concerned, but he knew that it was rude to help people while they were trying hard to reach their goal on their own.

Not long after, Yang Zhiwen has recovered a little bit.

“Little Brother Yi, let me climb on my own. I think I have recovered enough for now!” Yang Zhiwen said confidently.

Yi Tianyun nodded and let Yang Zhiwen climb on his own, but as Yang Zhiwen touched the wall, the amount of Black Energy surprised him to the point that he almost fell again! But he persevered and climbed up the mountain on his own again.

Not too long after that, Leng Hu pulled the rope as the signal for Yi Tianyun that he was also ready to climb back up again. He didn’t want to talk as he wanted to preserve his energy as much as he could.

But at the same time, Ren Liangchen finally reached his limit and fell off the cliff! But fortunately, just like Leng Hu and Yang Zhiwen before him, Yi Tianyun quickly caught him with a rope and pulled him up once more.

As they continued to go up, the amount of Black Energy that tried to invade their body was increasing, Yang Zhiwen finally couldn’t hold on any longer and has to be carried up by Yi Tianyun once more. The same thing happened to Leng Hu not too long after Yang Zhiwen fell.

This time, Yi Tianyun finally carried three people up the Netherworld Gate! Everyone at the bottom was shocked, as this scene never happened before! The amount of Black Energy that tried to invade Yi Tianyun’s body must have been insane right now!

Lu Feng was the most shocked of them all as he thought that Yi Tianyun was reckless because he was still too young, but it was clear now that Yi Tianyun did have the strength to back up his own words!

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  1. Bob says:

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    I’m guessing it’s some kind of magical rope (or 3) or technique that automatically tied around the other 3 and he’s just pulling that rope along.

    And thanks for the chapter.

    1. Karus says:

      I tried to picture it myself, and ended up thinking the three guys were getting hit in the head with some rocks while the MC was climbing peacefully without even noticing.

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