Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 474


For other people, this concentrated Black Energy was a nightmare, but for Yi Tianyun, it was just another means to get a bunch of Exp!

Unfortunately for Yi Tianyun, he must move forward and complete his quest! If it was not because of that, he would rather stay here and absorb as much Black Energy as he could!

‘Get 7.800 Exp, 8.200 Exp, 9.400 Exp, …’

As he climbed the mountain, the amount of Exp kept increasing! Meaning that the more intense the Black Energy was, the higher the altitude was! Nevertheless, that was enjoyable for Yi Tianyun as he just walked to the top of the mountain without any challenge whatsoever.

Yi Tianyun walked behind Ren Liangchen as he didn’t want to leave them behind. In the beginning, Ren Liangchen and the others rushed up the mountain at a quick pace, but now their pace was considerably slower!

They have climbed around 50 meters of the rock mountain, Yi Tianyun could say that they were almost halfway there, but the summit was still covered by a dark cloud, so there was no telling where the summit would be!

Ren Liangchen and the others were covered in the Black Energy; almost their whole body turned black! But they still chose to hold on and keep climbing! Yi Tianyun frowned as he noticed that the amount of Exp that he got was around 30.000 Exp per second.

This meant that the amount of Black Energy at this altitude was difficult to resist! Yi Tianyun wondered whether Ren Liangchen and the other would give up.

“Hey, look, they are almost at the 50 meters point!” One of the cultivators on the bottom shouted to let others know about Yi Tianyun’s team.

“They are lucky! Not that many cultivators can reach that point on their first try!” Another cultivator said indifferently.

“Brothers! We must hurry up! We can’t let those guys decide our fate!” Ren Liangchen said to his party.

“Of course, brother! We’re nowhere near done yet!” Yang Zhiwen said as he clenched his teeth to climb higher.

Leng Hu, on the other hand, didn’t say anything. But the cold expression on his face says it all! With this newfound determination, their speed has become slightly faster than before, and soon, they passed the 50 meters point, surprising everyone who was observing their movement on the bottom.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head with a satisfied look on his face. The willpower that the party has shown was admirable! Yi Tianyun was more eager to invite them to join his Heavenly Clouds Mansion now!

A cultivation path wasn’t easy! For Yi Tianyun, the best thing for a cultivator to have wasn’t an Innate Ability, but an attitude to reach a higher level!

The cultivators on the bottom were still talking about Ren Liangchen’s party as they were surprised that the newcomers passed the 50 meters point on their first try! Everyone started to look at Ren Liangchen’s party in the new light, as they knew that they were not a second-rate party!

But, at the same time, Yang Zhiwen, who had the lowest cultivation base among the others, began to tremble as the Black Energy has invaded his body more than he could take! His grip became weak, and he started to fall as he no longer had the strength to hold on.

“Brother Yang!” Ren Liangchen shouted as he noticed Yang Zhiwen has fallen. But fortunately, a rope was immediately thrown toward Yang Zhiwen, and that saved his life.

The person who threw the rope was none other than Yi Tianyun himself! He then pulled Yang Zhiwen up as he wanted to reach Ghost World together!

But at the same time, the amount of Exp that he got from absorbing Black Energy has doubled! Yi Tianyun immediately noticed that this was because of the sudden increase of Black Energy around him after he tied himself with Yang Zhiwen!

“Little brother Yi! Put him down! You will increase your own burden by doing that. The Black Energy will be doubled on you!” Ren Liangchen said hurriedly.

The other cultivator below was also mocking Yi Tianyun for trying to be heroic in this kind of place, but for Yi Tianyun this was perfect! He could earn more Exp while helping Yang Zhiwen reach the Ghost World!

“Please continue! I know what I am doing!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

Ren Liangchen looked at Yi Tianyun weirdly. He knew that no matter what he had to say, Yi Tianyun wouldn’t change his mind. So, they nodded to Yi Tianyun and immediately rushed towards the top!

At the same time, Yi Tianyun casually climbed at his own pace to look after the others if they also met the same fate as Yang Zhiwen. If so, he could save them like he saved Yang Zhiwen!

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