Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 477


Yi Tianyun continued to climb up, beyond any cultivator on the bottom could see! Lu Feng, at the bottom, looked at Yi Tianyun’s disappearing figure with excitement.

“It seems that we are a frog in a well this whole time! There are too many things in this world that don’t make any sense! I still have a lot to learn!” Lu Feng said while laughing excitedly.

He then began to climb the Netherworld Gate with a newfound determination. He wants to catch up with Yi Tianyun as it was too exciting!

Meanwhile, Yi Tianyun’s vision was blocked by thick Black Clouds, making it hard to advance further! This place was too difficult!

No wonder most cultivators would rather avoid this place, and even most who decided to come here were stuck at the bottom of the Netherworld Gate!


‘Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully breakthrough to 5th Layer Void Spirit Stage!’

The absorption has born fruits! He successfully broke through to the 5th Layer Void Spirit Stage in a relatively short amount of time!

This notification made him really fond of this place. He really wanted to stay so he could level up quickly and hope to be able to breakthrough to the Spirit King stage!

Yi Tianyun sure was satisfied with this place. He hadn’t found any place that could enhance his Exp gain this much before!

Ren Liangchen, who finally recovered a little bit, saw Yi Tianyun was climbing all alone and that the rest of the party were being carried by him alone!

“Little Brother Yi, let me down! I think I can climb up from here on out!” Ren Liangchen said confidently! But the truth is, he hasn’t recovered that much yet, and he didn’t know whether he could hold out the Black Energy long enough to reach the summit or not.

“No! just stay there and focus on expelling the Black Energy from your body! If you all died when I reach our goal, my effort so far would be wasted!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

He didn’t say that to discourage Ren Liangchen or something, but that was the truth! Yi Tianyun knew that the amount of Black Energy that Ren Liangchen had to endure as soon as he tried to climb on his own would be too much!

The rest of the party were forced to remain silent as they knew that Yi Tianyun’s words were true! They wouldn’t be able to hold out the Black Energy on their current state!

So, they quietly meditated to recover back their stamina and Spiritual Energy so that they wouldn’t burden Yi Tianyun later!

Yi Tianyun climbed up the mountain at a constant pace, and soon enough, he reached the end of the Black Clouds! After that, he finally could see the summit!

He has already climbed about 150 meters before he could finally reach the top!

“We have arrived!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly. He immediately let Ren Liangchen and the other down as he knew that they had to recover quickly. He could see that there was a huge teleportation array on the summit. He guessed that was the only way to reach the Ghost World!

“Just stay here for a while and recover your strength back! I will check out things on the bottom a little bit!” Yi Tianyun said to the rest of his party as he walked towards the edge of the mountain.

Ren Liangchen and the other were a little bit surprised by Yi Tianyun’s words. Usually, no one would want to go back down after reaching the summit, but apparently, Yi Tianyun was an exception!

Since they still had to recover their energy back, they nodded and let Yi Tianyun do what he wanted to do.

Yi Tianyun immediately went down, but he wasn’t aiming to go to the bottom! He stopped at the Black Clouds and immediately absorbed it with his Heavens Devouring Divine Secret Art!

Yi Tianyun knew that he must unequip the [Transcendence] Title first so that the Black Clouds could surround him like it was supposed to do!

Sure enough, the Black Clouds immediately gathered towards Yi Tianyun, trying to invade his body! But the Netherworld’s Fire inside Yi Tianyun’s body began to react and swallow the Black Clouds quickly!

Instead of getting Exp as his reward, Yi Tianyun got the Netherworld’s fire Mastery in bulk!

‘Gets 2.200 Netherworld’s Fire Mastery Point, 3.100 Netherworld’s Fire Mastery Point, …’

After absorbing the Black Clouds for Netherworld’s Fire Mastery for a while, finally, Yi Tianyun heard the notification sound that he wanted to hear for quite some time!


‘Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully upgraded the Netherworld’s Fire to High-Grade Earth Level Fire!’

‘Next Level up requires 10.000.000 Mastery Point!’

Netherworld ‘s Fire finally leveled up! The amount of Black Clouds that gathered around Yi Tianyun kept increasing as the Netherworld’s Fire absorbed the clouds at a much faster pace than before!

‘Gets 11.200 Netherworld’s Fire Mastery Point, 12.300 Netherworld’s Fire Mastery Point, …’

The Black Cloud that was originally very thick became thinner by each second Yi Tianyun absorbed it! Other cultivators couldn’t stand this Black Clouds as it had the same property with the Black Energy from the wall, but for Yi Tianyun, this was all a wasted Mastery Point!

After all, Yi Tianyun strived to strengthen himself for the fight that would come against a Divine Nation army! Even if he could cultivate up to the Spirit King Stage, it may not be enough!

However, people on the bottom were surprised that the Black Clouds were becoming thinner by the second. They looked at it, expecting that it would disappear, as that was the hardest part on the Netherworld’s Gate to pass!

But no one knew that it was all Yi Tianyun’s doing!

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