Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 478


As the Black Clouds became as thin as air, the cultivators below could finally see that there was a figure on the Black Clouds supposed to be! They were shocked immensely as they saw that the figure was the one who absorbed the Black Cloud, and that figure was none other than Yi Tianyun!

They all looked dumbfounded as they were bravely challenging Yi Tianyun earlier! But now they saw that Yi Tianyun was more powerful than they thought, for Yi Tianyun could even absorb the Black Cloud easily that has become a bane for them all this time!

Yi Tianyun ignored everyone’s curious glare and kept absorbing the Black Cloud-like he did a moment ago. He didn’t care about any of these cultivators, so there was no need to acknowledge their existence too!

Lu Feng, who has climbed the mountain quite high, was the one that was shocked the most! But he didn’t slow down to admire Yi Tianyun.

He picked his pace to catch up with Yi Tianyun. After all, his path has become so much easier after Yi Tianyun has absorbed the Black Cloud!

At the same time, the cultivator on the bottom immediately encouraged all of them to follow Lu Feng and reached the Ghost World!

They then immediately started climbing up the mountain; this was probably the first time that the Netherworld Gate had this many challenges at the same time!

After all, they didn’t know whether the Black Clouds would regenerate again after this!

At the same time, Yi Tianyun frowned after he sensed that the amount of Black Clouds on the mountain itself has depleted.

In fact, he noticed that the surrounding Black Energy on the mountain was depleted! But fortunately, his Netherworld’s Fire Mastery has increased by hundreds of thousands!

“What is this? Is the Black Energy inside the Netherworld Gate related to these Black Clouds? Why is the Black Energy depleting?” Yi Tianyun said to himself rather annoyedly.

Meanwhile, the cultivators who rushed upward after seeing the Black Clouds disappeared was ecstatic!

They no longer felt the Black Energy that was supposed to be enveloping the mountain anymore. They didn’t feel any Black Energy trying to their body!

All of them were surprised by this strange occurrence, but they didn’t mind! Besides the constant pressure from the dangerous area itself, there was nothing else that would hinder their path toward the Ghost World!

Yi Tianyun sighed as he thought that he could gain several levels here, but it turned out he only gained one and a half! Yi Tianyun felt sudden helplessness as there was nothing else he could do there now!

So, he returned to the top where Ren Liangchen and the other were supposed to meditate to recover their lost Spiritual Energy without even glancing at the rest of the cultivators who were trying hard to climb the mountain.

Yi Tianyun knew that Ren Liangchen and the other were supposed to be done meditating at this time. But as he arrived at the top again, Ren Liangchen was surprised and immediately asked him a question, “Little Brother Yi! What is happening down there? Did you absorb the Black Energy just now?” Ren Liangchen asked curiously.

Apparently, they noticed the amount of Black Energy was disappearing from the place and curiously looked at the bottom and saw Yi Tianyun was absorbing all the Black Clouds earlier.

“Yeah, well, I don’t have anything to do except wait for you guys to recuperate, so I thought I might as well do what I can.” Yi Tianyun said casually.

Although Yi Tianyun felt somewhat disappointed that the amount of Black Energy on this place diminished too fast, the amount of Exp and Netherworld’s Fire Mastery point that he got wasn’t a small amount at all!

Not long after that, Lu Feng also arrived at the top, looking pale after trying his best to climb the Netherworld Gate!

“Little Brother Yi! What have you done just now? What Cultivation Technique is that?” Lu Feng asked in between his heavy breathing.

“What did you think? You basically saw it yourself, didn’t you?” Yi Tianyun said as he shrugged his shoulder.

“Well, whatever it is, I personally thank you for clearing the Black Clouds! This way, many cultivators would be able to reach the top quickly!” Lu Feng said as he smiled towards Yi Tianyun.

“Well, good for them! But there is no need to thank me, really! I did it out of my own volition!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

But soon, the rest of the cultivators reached the top and started to thank Yi Tianyun with a guilty look all over their faces.

They have been badmouthing Yi Tianyun all day, and now, they were benefitting of Yi Tianyun’s action. Some of them was even apologizing to Yi Tianyun for their bad behavior earlier.

Yi Tianyun felt awkward as he didn’t know what to do.

“You don’t need to thank me. I am just doing my own thing here! You may go now or stay here to meditate some more. which is fine, I don’t really need this kind of attention.” Yi Tianyun said lazily. He didn’t care about them either way.

These cultivators immediately walked towards the Teleportation device, and after they expressed their final gratitude to Yi Tianyun, they left towards the Ghost World!

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